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Phish 10/20/94
Mahaffey Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL
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Source # 3885 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary AKG 460; D8 > Coresound > Prodif Plus > Sampiltude > CDwav > MKW > SHN; Transfer by Mike Fischer; NOTE: not same source also circulating 
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Mahaffey Theatre
St. Petersburg, FL

Source: AKG 460
Transfer: D8 > coresound > Prodif Plus > Sampiltude > CDwav > MKW > SHN
Transfer and Encoding: Mike Fischer ([email protected])

Disk I
Set I:
01. Runaway Jim
02. Golden Lady#
03. Poor Heart
04. Guelah Papyrus
05. Split Open and Melt->
06. Kung->
07. Split Open and Melt
08. Esther
09. Julius
10. Guyute
11. Golgi Apparatus

Disk II (80 minute CD, or a 58 sec overburn on a 74 min)
Set II:
01. Lengthwise->
02. Maze
03. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters
04. Rift
05. Harry Hood
06. Nellie Cane*
07. Foreplay*->
08. Long Time*
09. Chalk Dust Torture
10. Crowd
11. Sample

#First time played.

There are a few drop outs in this show.
Show Checksums
b2dd183d3b056165968139358b859264 *ph94-10-20460set106.shn
38627676c0c6d4a4e502ac6d6c7dc1b6 *ph94-10-20460set102.shn
94e93adce165d6e70415119a37bb110c *ph94-10-20460set103.shn
11637f2d3f61b1b241be7c83abbf24cd *ph94-10-20460set104.shn
931a239b4994980d5bb72264fecbce4a *ph94-10-20460set105.shn
e416ce94444c1307df5f2c775db0b347 *ph94-10-20460set101.shn
a12358aaeb8f51e80a30c48e77bb1264 *ph94-10-20460set107.shn
1a4f04d036eb05453d3853458657397f *ph94-10-20460set108.shn
1b823aff51dbdc2aef4f706bc5037681 *ph94-10-20460set109.shn
e8d7ec045adc60fa65bcc8c1371db57b *ph94-10-20460set110.shn
b4b688837a6cd61da9da4396ee703b46 *ph94-10-20460set111.shn
f5addba4e66a2c2669e13d40fbe72fec *ph94-10-20set246001.shn
53439fbd0b8e88016effe82b6e225520 *ph94-10-20set246002.shn
fe60235367874d5543e94a88321687c8 *ph94-10-20set246003.shn
8717d413c3231d00fb044ad7fa18cdbe *ph94-10-20set246004.shn
5586be2177283f4c1992a601477f0fe3 *ph94-10-20set246005.shn
fd06074275792a6e7d0b64ce21f6483f *ph94-10-20set246006.shn
364b8d65b4a737fbb7a24d631c0941b8 *ph94-10-20set246007.shn
7765761891688cdf9a74aefecd9671a0 *ph94-10-20set246008.shn
fc9db973e668ded35441eed5d74d5e95 *ph94-10-20set246009.shn
92a8da34390bb36097f5d5266854e1f3 *ph94-10-20set246010.shn
017847bf11d3fc74ba8dd7f082f8b861 *ph94-10-20set246011.shn

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