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Grateful Dead 06/20/83
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary set 2; Sen. 441 -> D5 -> Dat Recorded by J. Silberman; Mastering: Pan SV3700 -> Za2 -> .shn by SWS  
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Grateful Dead  6/20/83 II Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, MD

Location Recording: Sen. 441 -> D5 -> Dat  Recorded by J. Silberman
Mastering: Pan SV3700 -> Za2 -> .shn  by SWS

Notes: Just before the start of the set, listen for the
thunder in the background. At several points during the show
the power goes outand back on, creating a big pop.

Distortion in Wharf Rat is on the master.
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36eb720423cf5341701c37b0f54f3101 *gd83-06-20IId1t04.shn
8b542e617d74ec861211c329493d4ab6 *gd83-06-20IId1t02.shn
c273e186bbc2d15dbcd2814df63cffda *gd83-06-20IId1t03.shn
9a6ad9811386fd54b31ea9cf0006eb0b *gd83-06-20IId1t01.shn
b5eef3aa8a02d1384240d0df2492a3a1 *gd83-06-20IId1t05.shn
4581f0673e48bacd87128a4ee7ca01a3 *gd83-06-20IId1t06.shn
c8454c4cb0ac7cd67c01c988e29c6daf *gd83-06-20IId2t0105.shn
893e9ee50af552d8bd51d4c2395a27f6 *gd83-06-20IId2t0102.shn
b867889f03169a96d04541327ea6d554 *gd83-06-20IId2t0103.shn
f63f71ba2547e9552dab68002e8b3c2a *gd83-06-20IId2t0104.shn
cc2d5ef9564e9fceb00d56a210f7d168 *gd83-06-20IId2t01.shn
88ae989165d6e2c3a9b68d5d969c7b07 *gd83-06-20IId2t0106.shn
c00bba70f7ea29c0fe5c76658cb2b7e9 *gd83-06-20IId2t0107.shn
2199ecbffa610fc1fc4ceaf1354686c9 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t01.shn
71a4fcff79d7beca4ee825dd52721689 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t02.shn
4c712b6f0f0e3b42eca564d24a179d76 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t03.shn
2772bcc4a6c06840d240d3af72c12f56 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t04.shn
279542eddc3a4ff10f9563bf58ec475f [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t05.shn
866c16afe68cdeb13780f6b7003f5e6b [shntool] gd83-06-20IId1t06.shn
74ad6689c8b6d03f7f7603f91a8ac88d [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t01.shn
182fbb9ffab387ac47c2e796c07d14da [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0102.shn
a827a4dc4af4c89835875d6c24203b07 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0103.shn
f04c65881b4b6dc9a9465ab83d7c4cd3 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0104.shn
632a29419a5f5e1d23d7cf99dd782659 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0105.shn
cf53f91df26f0275fc2151c02ea28547 [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0106.shn
9bbeac70150441edf45435bcdec4b3df [shntool] gd83-06-20IId2t0107.shn

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