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Ween 07/17/00
The Chili Pepper, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 3 / 3
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Source Summary SOURCE UPDATE: 21Jan2001 AKG460b + ck61 (card) > Beyer MV-100 > D7 DAT-M notes: with 6' micstand ~20' from right PA seeded 01/01 by  
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The Chili Pepper
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

thanks to that fucker Jake Et?s for a copy of this show.
i'd have to guess that this was recorded using his MBHO rig, but he has not confirmed this yet.

seeded 01/01 by

disc 1
1. take me away
2. nan
3. don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy
4. even if you don't
5. buckingham green
6. spinal meningitis
7. stallion pt. 3
8. bannanas & blow
9. voodoo lady
10. piss up a rope
11. mutilated lips
12. mister would you please help my pony
13. pumpin' for the man
14. wavin' my dick in the wind
15. fat lenny
16. dr. rock

disc 2
1. mr. richard smoker
2. pandy fackler
3. idiot wind (Dylan cover, gener solo)
4. roses are free
5. frank
6. baby bitch
(some dude shows his "white pepper")
7. ice castles
8. mollusk
9. touch my tooter
10. puerto rican power
11. stroker ace
12. you fucked up
13. hot 4 teacher

disc 3
1. booze me up and get me high
2. band on the run
3. exactly where i'm at
4. dancing in the show
5. poopship destroyer ->
6. poopship jam

7/17  the Chili Pepper: Ft. Lauderdale FL-aaron got too drunk to.....walk...but
somehow managed to channel it all into something gloriously horrible for our
"concert". i'd apologize for the 50 minute "poopship destroyer" but somehow i  think
you deserve it for living in ft. lauderdale.

"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great,
i'm all for getting the music to as many people as possible..." - micky
Show Checksums
9b6e690a2105c1e75c7daf9f5e38 *Track 03.shn
dcadd7ec5c966477ae25e56e90145697 *Track 04.shn
a6c293b0f532cf1f5ed289315c880cad *Track 05.shn
d09dee0a0c16712948225f2aa47ba42b *Track 06.shn
65ee7ce83da4325ddc34d186b8ce105c *Track 07.shn
83de828a13e806efaec98b97c6f89494 *Track 08.shn
ef679215debb8b458326dead15f20dcd *Track 09.shn
2fcaee40072962d5c497964258d491fb *Track 10.shn
23a60bbe5a39597508eed262c83db469 *Track 11.shn
2c2e862f8f816c3c008e26ff53598f27 *Track 12.shn
e4957d1e16d7b20badf9e47a9d9f30df *Track 13.shn
3d9bf3d29c5714b88b99e6686a257a13 *Track 14.shn
c9f4920484edcacdab09b2dd55730045 *Track 15.shn
18f53a853f75e80d8db05d43be486eb8 *Track 16.shn
d5d939df59343d700c79a92a952de32c *Track 01.shn
496ca34264680d961bff2b9312cc5160 *Track 02.shn
66830fd88c4fe5e41ca075aaf29f5452 *Track 03.shn
7992560ed58b021533576029c04dd0b9 *Track 04.shn
eeaec1e1086c9ab2e6ab726bfdbab631 *Track 05.shn
33bd26fe3cfff3ce8367f448e6d79ad0 *Track 06.shn
1149819a92c652b36305814e5e5601ae *Track 07.shn
e1ac2e0166a636b2981c4dd425b3b683 *Track 08.shn
5b6aec4cec89df606754ecc107a53a62 *Track 09.shn
8ac338c6e2093606695760763600a123 *Track 10.shn
57453b6c099478728b6cd3696a33005e *Track 11.shn
df05fccfaf1fb2816b6ebfe81181a1ae *Track 12.shn
4cee40e694a6064dcab54cfe44e0cd83 *Track 13.shn
152bd9fbf593d4f55a15429374143740 *Track 01.shn
84c80787a12d0678fb2a9c6c00711324 *Track 02.shn
75e909fb4afd0b5a1db93ed1546c2a08 *Track 03.shn
758f720371b3f15de22ddc5d93a18220 *Track 04.shn
832bd66cb116b4a5d63931ac410801d1 *Track 05.shn
4d3275d62d687c7f2513d5137e0e687e *Track 06.shn

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