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Ween 05/15/00
Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 3 / 3
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Source Summary stereo Sm-57>?tv mixing board?>D8>Coax>CDR-870>EAC>SHN Recorded and uploaded by: justin weiss 
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Mon. May 15, 2000
Mississippi Nights
St.Louis, MO

stereo Sm-57>?tv mixing board?>D8>Coax>CDR-870>EAC>SHN

Recorded and uploaded by:
justin weiss

Disc 1
1.  What Deaner Was Talking About
2.  The Golden Eel
3.  The Grobe
4.  Baby Bitch
5.  Mr. Richard Smoker
6.  Waving My Dick In The Wind
7.  Don't Get Too Close
8.  Even If You Don't
9.  Buckingham Green
10. The Roses Are Free
11. Back To Basum
12. Spinal Meningitis
13. Bannanas and Blow
14. Voodoo Lady
15. Mutilated Lips

Disc 2
1.  Push The Lil Daisys
2.  Mr.,Would You Please Help My Pony?
3.  Tooter
4.  Dr. Rock
5.  Frank
6.  The Mollusk
7.  She Wanted To Leave
8.  Piss Up A Rope
9.  HIV Song
10. Big Jim
11. Reggae Junky Jew
12. Buenas Tardes, Amigo

Disc 3
Encore 1:
1.  Ocean Man
2.  Johnny On The Spot
3.  Stroker Ace
4 . You Fucked Up
5 . The Blarney Stone

Encore 2:
6.  Final Alarm
7.  Hot For Teacher

Encore 3:
8.  Like The Palm For Guava
9.  Mushroom Festival In Hell
10. Poopship Destroyer

after "deaner" they do a line from "angel of death" ...slayer
"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great, i'm all for getting the music
to as many people as possible..." - mickey    
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59f28925d0ec0511c0054e4cca446ac1 *d1t1.shn
ce5daa1c3a630d70ae26936759986b5a *d1t2.shn
8cd1c141d928294ce0abe59f5766ae30 *d1t3.shn
cb0e2030c2dad685f945265f2d0a750f *d1t4.shn
2afde0b298d4c1ed01bc15fb642824f9 *d1t5.shn
73c3d42512954ab6e9393a1234e097ae *d1t6.shn
bb3ae4f176033b9f9b0060af0e47f535 *d1t7.shn
f998790c7b338e7dfd4e740bb2c7a18b *d1t8.shn
b383155fcb4019916af64453d5aed614 *d1t9.shn
651490ab751affd717d4026bfad555bf *d1t10.shn
834663f971657373332b7c781a36b135 *d1t11.shn
ea452d7f39d88b6d180426941649d419 *d1t12.shn
917906066633e33f406742ae5579b78a *d1t13.shn
b6ac523c3afe05c9e23f9aa05a8f1506 *d1t14.shn
54148ea8390b0d7a0c038b0445349cf9 *d1t15.shn
c9d2af358c1c48a4b085460327e3a6e1 *d2t12.shn
8d23962868aaa23bf7695bcd4c0e5658 *d2t11.shn
ab1afa40102277d570e273679ed0b48a *d2t10.shn
5d93fb2d20339eb6bec060d0136b5123 *d2t9.shn
c9c5535ed34263b42c2872b682695147 *d2t8.shn
403ae436346264097704f66cb6803764 *d2t2.shn
087165effcf550803c27e8262a31eef3 *d2t3.shn
cf57535177d5d4e832228a6a4ccf1731 *d2t4.shn
1dede7ff51c955b8dd46d5d7f5b61f41 *d2t5.shn
98cc5e99f2ea3d9d97bfafcf45b04ac4 *d2t6.shn
c5d38ba5ed43d1833c45f067da9b897b *d2t7.shn
8bb8947e5d4c262865bff84e89c0cbab *d2t1.shn
1e7cfd4ecac33817ac811a70dd722106 *d3t3.shn
58514e473c89b27069886fab806e65a5 *d3t2.shn
2ea6d020cc270f00a2580b9895839a18 *d3t1.shn
65b288dfdc594df1aef7a9eba0e62dc8 *d3t4.shn
add651b59944d268b87ebd812fd2bf7c *d3t5.shn
6c8eaa1a705c9dacff8ce8167b1dad18 *d3t6.shn
f567320f1cba4d4226da70b6b5a5fdc7 *d3t7.shn
f8cfea7bf313078d47eb4574522e691d *d3t8.shn
a133ed1dc088aad93fa6b1898406f633 *d3t10.shn
eef2030be43484c734044abad7978ac6 *d3t9.shn

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11/01/2003 etreeUser(Jay) I have a copy of this source, and on d2t10 the beginning of Big Jilm is cut off. Other than that, this is a solid performance, great set list, and decent-sounding recording.