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Ween 06/16/00
City Market, Kansas City, MO
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Disc Counts 3 / 3
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Source Summary MBHO 603's > sound device mp-2 > graham patten adc-20 > oade > d8 thanks to JKeats for the patch from his fine rig. recorded and shn'd by  
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city market
kansas city, mo

MBHO 603's > sound device mp-2 > graham patten adc-20 > oade > d8

thanks to JKeats for the patch from his fine rig.
additional thanks to will petty for use of his d8

recorded and shn'd by justin weiss

known flaws:
i had to cut the last 3 min. of LMLYP due to drop outs in the dat.
JKeates' dat cuts in the same place my drop outs start.(around 2:59:00)
there were 2 other d8's but they were both recording on LP (WTF!?)
this makes the chance of a replacement track very slim.
(one or two MD copies do exist)
sorry. -jweiss

1. freedom of '76
2. nan
3. take me away
4. even if you don't
5. grobe
6. spinal meningitis
7. roses are free
8. what deaner was talking about
9. bananas & blow
10. voodoo lady
11. the mollusk
12. back to basum
13. up on the hill
14. dr. rock
15. stroker ace
16. tear for eddie

1. the stallion pt 3
2. piss up a rope
3. mr. richard smoker
4. waving my dick in the wind
5. puerto rican power
6. fat lenny (suspisious noise @00:06 is short on stage)
7. oceanman
8. pandy flackler
9. buckingham green
10. HIV song
11. reggae junkie jew
12. birthday
13. buenas tardes amigo

1. polkadot tail*
2. mr., would you please help my pony?
3. johnny on the spot
4. you fucked up
5. hot for teacher

* sent out to my bro johnny
  3rd time played according to soundman
"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great, i'm all for getting the music
to as many people as possible..." - mickey    

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12/18/2002 No md5s = POINTLESS
12/18/2002 twatts How was this show transferred from DAT??? Where are the MD5s?
12/24/2003 Matt These are the md5s I have, hopefully one day the original seeder can post the "real" ones... it's been several years at this point.

330ebabd8d467dea5bfae203a34e3e00 *ween00-06-16d1t09.shn
58f35f3e1983d1044964dd636779d93b *ween00-06-16d1t02.shn
4f0a8f8a3f5e2d56847c7679c5db9c82 *ween00-06-16d1t03.shn
b599c41816840843da12cd8c1a88c8ac *ween00-06-16d1t04.shn
7a3d784cc4861893d779ce8a5fa8d790 *ween00-06-16d1t05.shn
9998e5a2296944d62e68c76b46a2e528 *ween00-06-16d1t06.shn
f3b8206f53010124493616129a14f7d8 *ween00-06-16d1t07.shn
587e9b99592bc53fdb6928062334ceb3 *ween00-06-16d1t08.shn
bfd618fbef4391324b0fd303ad2da23b *ween00-06-16d1t01.shn
1476b02304712d2845d4023540b5c40e *ween00-06-16d1t10.shn
1b9a2ab2237e58cba4313227cca8b602 *ween00-06-16d1t11.shn
d974b0a998e0880b631115ad633baae1 *ween00-06-16d1t12.shn
23cc33dcd9811c9db8ca96e7c63893d7 *ween00-06-16d1t13.shn
5a37b80a44fafe96cac9647efeb6258f *ween00-06-16d1t14.shn
c087c71eb0f919343ebc1a96887aaab1 *ween00-06-16d1t15.shn
932cc952a0c300eee4ae18f63a9f0037 *ween00-06-16d1t16.shn

11945846e7ee27393553a0eec53dc64c *ween00-06-16d2t07.shn
05ee5c95dd86ea1be5adb9dcbb5c94be *ween00-06-16d2t02.shn
35794c57764ae6087b306629a60cf8d2 *ween00-06-16d2t03.shn
0c48c819905af0c77dc8168add846f55 *ween00-06-16d2t04.shn
54f6b164bab3c593d827b800580045c6 *ween00-06-16d2t05.shn
f0e96585915eca5c3b59db9369eff255 *ween00-06-16d2t06.shn
958d6e92b9469c6d2a136f78a4ccdb68 *ween00-06-16d2t01.shn
d41c7cedcbcea9cddad54b70ddec977a *ween00-06-16d2t08.shn
c835f1a7d93253d224dc1c814c86aaa0 *ween00-06-16d2t09.shn
b11268dae627184965440b5ef077a71b *ween00-06-16d2t10.shn
25ff893bce9177a80039609a4b4ddcd8 *ween00-06-16d2t11.shn
8f49b84ed91891364d50d35dfeda0ba2 *ween00-06-16d2t12.shn
3635bf935a90784bdb89db6a30091bf1 *ween00-06-16d2t13.shn

b71f897f63acf32d40cd24de60379e0b *ween00-06-16d3t03.shn
c4dac2844b1bb51418a3e51c8af3634f *ween00-06-16d3t02.shn
bf0870d13f3e17dc00367610fd7a1c12 *ween00-06-16d3t04.shn
48a4e3c4b746a643c72065adda644ae0 *ween00-06-16d3t05.shn
9a76d6135b0afb4451437adbe5657ac9 *ween00-06-16d3t06.shn
ceddfbb740c7170c85d83915736fd140 *ween00-06-16d3t01.shn

9a76d6135b0afb4451437adbe5657ac9 *ween00-06-16d3t06.shn.shn
03/28/2004 WDT2000 I have the MD5's, now what do you want me to do with them?Created: Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 7:03:50 PM