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Ween 08/18/00
Flughafen Nederrhein; Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany
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Entered by Justin Weiss
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Source Summary sattelite feed > dat cdr > eac > shn uploaded to 12/00 by Jake Et?s  
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8/18/00  Bizarre Festival:
Dutch Border-Germany
(Main Stage)

sattelite feed > dat
cdr > eac > shn
uploaded to 12/00 by Jake Et?s

1 Disc

1. Take Me Away
2. Don't Get 2 Close
3. Even If You Don't
4. Wavin My Disck In The Wind
5. Mr. Richard Smoker
6. Spinal Meningitis
7. Roses Are Free
8. Back To Basom
9. Bananas & Blow
10. Voodoo Lady
11. Buckingham Green
12. Tho Mollusk
13. Dr. Rock
14. You Fucked Up

Enjoy fuckers,
Jake Et?s

Mickey's comment: "A pretty good festival featuring Beck, Foo Fighters,
and others. It was  professionally filmed for German t.v. and we actually
played really well."
"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great,
i'm all for getting the music to as many people as possible..." -                                               mickey
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e4e87c012c1eb031332d5e346c074d9c *Track 12.shn
4f1d8323a9653a028653490e256c00ea *Track 02.shn
37eb1ce129e04426649bcc97f4608dca *Track 03.shn
5651225d982fa17e1b9568554fe02144 *Track 04.shn
cac745a29a67a4828bb73d0f7ed46332 *Track 05.shn
086749baf5c4390e9ba9aff4cd6c9244 *Track 06.shn
26a4fdf7b7c3b3b1d1c45918857dc5ed *Track 07.shn
7f963a53c13bbd210675a2a2b15f61aa *Track 08.shn
d3cf5d1cf7ae24f7b7b9363b6cd09ac8 *Track 09.shn
c0ac6533b110294db149a5c8535455b0 *Track 10.shn
d36c15fb6bb03884a61641565203d2fd *Track 11.shn
eb853a74811cd429845a1891d262394b *Track 01.shn
125b8571e6013d16d0028e977f739478 *Track 14.shn
8022bdc2c9dced6e9f7ff70d2b519800 *Track 13.shn

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05/23/2001 Lucas Unfortunately, there is some skipping/stuttering in track 7 (Roses Are Free) from about 1:19 to 1:23. Otherwise, this is a very good soundboard.
10/13/2002 IMO as far as SBDs go, this is poor.