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Grateful Dead 07/02/94
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Source # 3988 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary sbd > dat > cdr > eac > shnv3; via C. Ladner 
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Grateful Dead
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA

source:  sbd > dat > cdr > eac > shnv3

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 The Music Never Stopped >
02 Sugaree >
03 The Music Never Stopped
04 Friend Of The Devil
05 Desolation Row
06 Tennessee Jed
07 Eternity

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Help On The Way >
02 Slipknot! >
03 Franklin's Tower
04 If The Shoe Fits
05 Truckin' >
06 Smokestack Lightnin' >
07 He's Gone >
08 Drums >
09 Space >

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01 > Space
02 Stella Blue >
03 Throwing Stones >
04 One More Saturday Night

DAE (EAC: high secure, correctly offset). cdwave for tracking, shnv3 for
compression, and shntool for confirming sector boundaries by c. ladner.  
this is one of my personal favorites at my favorite venue... shoreline :)  
:)  :)
uploaded to etree 5/2001.
Show Checksums
b6e49b0188bd5b1238c217a4ab41e993 *gd1994-07-02d1t05.shn
bba189f21dfb76a09256ac9fa5d95010 *gd1994-07-02d1t02.shn
963617942b46cb6f909ddb61cde256b9 *gd1994-07-02d1t03.shn
3e51af40bbe30c353cc409f96c1a158e *gd1994-07-02d1t04.shn
36004d7436f62fa0c3cb93a7dd9e62de *gd1994-07-02d1t01.shn
bcdcdde662e3cb1b9e2bc81ea9ad91d5 *gd1994-07-02d1t06.shn
23cd443ac48d6d255233091877d194dc *gd1994-07-02d1t07.shn
8ab54d3445661300333b00c79d8c726e *gd1994-07-02d2t04.shn
e5ea345bac1b3818f85f5ccdc5363f04 *gd1994-07-02d2t02.shn
b539c4a96f9c3a3ce46eccffc1aa4a7a *gd1994-07-02d2t03.shn
e3f0b602112dc8b47a4ec66ab2137b07 *gd1994-07-02d2t01.shn
17792f479e3591b33c6680b8945833de *gd1994-07-02d2t05.shn
6d430510a147b53eb1ffbf7d773d57fc *gd1994-07-02d2t06.shn
24ee78ac734c827694e1d9f52a0bbcac *gd1994-07-02d2t07.shn
73997968419ff0ac7c6137dcbb0e7e01 *gd1994-07-02d2t08.shn
3a49898a006ab4e8baee34e9f1efdd85 *gd1994-07-02d2t09.shn
b2e4952adcf3ed79cd0ac22e9e6c23c2 *gd1994-07-02d3t03.shn
fc6b3eab1565910060d770debfebafc4 *gd1994-07-02d3t02.shn
3243b8ab072a1cba26b934ab6c004856 *gd1994-07-02d3t01.shn
05509700ddf7babaa0d7e9c01d3c7378 *gd1994-07-02d3t04.shn
bb6579acccb40e1608f537942346d660 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t01.shn
acda7ae0dc42b449154fab0e09e27d8a [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t02.shn
939a7dc312034845b966892ffff41bce [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t03.shn
d7c6e58cfd56410d0d094e64f9694fdf [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t04.shn
3aa6816539070c6764ed2ffe86e23748 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t05.shn
94a8d483e11f9e71e76b0e275463d812 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t06.shn
6541782150275545fec7f2f29809c563 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d1t07.shn
dc25d7e28cbc0ab27372dce5cce5a608 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t01.shn
94601acf0c711907591208ea4bfabaa8 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t02.shn
8c11d726e1895b751ccc73c6d911be85 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t03.shn
f90c1457d184007e91dc3d63f1785439 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t04.shn
624988392c5e918fc767b6d02cb5d998 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t05.shn
51ad5a36f33e0d349591b638dd271e8b [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t06.shn
a5550e368868e690f696e30886227dfa [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t07.shn
b9780780d225198688c2d35591dccf12 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t08.shn
d65c067a6b44cb4042d82e56494f888a [shntool] gd1994-07-02d2t09.shn
c2d8e6ccf4ceb48659fca508348be4d3 [shntool] gd1994-07-02d3t01.shn
fd0debe8a8a2d31b7c9116b40a2c04ac [shntool] gd1994-07-02d3t02.shn
7c0e12fb5eebde60b6d291871eb5140d [shntool] gd1994-07-02d3t03.shn
38a289e089c53b0b1e156212485e433a [shntool] gd1994-07-02d3t04.shn

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