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Grateful Dead 11/19/66
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5 , orig-alt-shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary SBD; liberated bootleg source; extraction/SHN by Jon Seff 
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Grateful Dead
November 19, 1966
Fillmore West, San Francisco

Extracted and SHNed by [email protected]

Set I:
01 High Healed Sneakers
02 Pain in My Heart
03 Cold Rain and Snow
05 Cream Puff War
06 The Same Thing
07 He Was a Friend of Mine

Set II:
08 Smokestack Lightning
09 King Bee
10 Midnight Hour

Notes: This is a liberated bootleg that sounds pretty damn good for how old the
show is. According to Deadbase, this is the complete show except for Dancin from
the end of the first set. If you want to hear some old Dead, I highly recommend
this disc.
Show Checksums
c86f94d5869d055a13d87c1b8aa242c8 *gd66-11-19t01.shn
5ad42a973c945437b00bdbdb8f0d7202 *gd66-11-19t02.shn
3885b46dd07a0ed471897f8005249050 *gd66-11-19t03.shn
89ef66ce19259280790a94553a9c175e *gd66-11-19t04.shn
f454f3c18eccd29533939bd8fe6c6f49 *gd66-11-19t05.shn
ee88df2d71b4617713ce33e6a3b45859 *gd66-11-19t06.shn
d782cb939bb67b4535224b5860661813 *gd66-11-19t07.shn
a0d20454660fb9622b703ac86462575a *gd66-11-19t08.shn
6035eadd1a35d6865a23c176f7512313 *gd66-11-19t09.shn
634a73512e28890b58eda5c910f0e8c9 *gd66-11-19t10.shn
4463d7531a6154a1b0eb43fe7c06c0f7 [shntool] gd66-11-19t01.shn
e5604aac9d72578e6c98b88b591db4dc [shntool] gd66-11-19t02.shn
2d55e6231c22a32c6cbe65e7b6f78857 [shntool] gd66-11-19t03.shn
1e055d09965ac337086acbedfcd90c0f [shntool] gd66-11-19t04.shn
e3504c836638ee0837430ee9997f4ad9 [shntool] gd66-11-19t05.shn
bcf9ba1e7dfa76da0e33bf3a93b5103e [shntool] gd66-11-19t06.shn
fcdd8216ab2b69a2a08287ec16e406d8 [shntool] gd66-11-19t07.shn
7002ae91a5172f72c69b9fd1e1ef6497 [shntool] gd66-11-19t08.shn
78d882785a9d3698a4500f64a2e35e52 [shntool] gd66-11-19t09.shn
50fad1517c3ddae0e326a450e594d361 [shntool] gd66-11-19t10.shn
d082f8b4c07de458c4c45d52db997f20 *gd66-11-19t01.shn
735d7aa23ecdd680882e0fbe02b86b59 *gd66-11-19t02.shn
dfcad35a2140995b5ef4052e70740cb9 *gd66-11-19t03.shn
7ce58a510707cf9d761d9a95561b95fe *gd66-11-19t04.shn
f5874c00b2507a9e353ee71ca65a322c *gd66-11-19t05.shn
5b100ac38553e329927d68ee98808727 *gd66-11-19t06.shn
c83af69042c756f6f88be3e516a30164 *gd66-11-19t07.shn
9cac0a8c9f5e54c716494891d7b1b2d4 *gd66-11-19t08.shn
043b1e68e554397381c1985f99180bfb *gd66-11-19t09.shn
714dcff57a46f4abbfa948759363496c *gd66-11-19t10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
11/17/2000 Chuck Pocher indicates Cold Rain and Snow opens the first set before Hi Heeled Sneakers.
10/01/2002 GDLIVE
11/09/2002 Marc Evans The correct venue is Fillmore Auditorium, not Fillmore West.