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Phish 12/10/88
The Red Barn at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary previously-shned copy fixed in CEP by normalizing, altering pitch, retracking (see info file for details); via M. Wren; May also circulate as 10-12-88 but this is the correct date as found in the Phish Companion 
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12-10-88 - Set 1
Red Barn - Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

SBD > cass? > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN

Seeded by Ben Mohr ([email protected])

Fixed by Mike Wren ([email protected])
See Notes Below

Disc 1 (49:55)
Set 1:
1. I Didn't Know
2. Golgi Apparatus
3. David Bowie
4. Lizards
5. Foam
6. Fee (tape flip)

Disc 2 (42:53)
1. Mike's Song ->
2. I Am Hydrogen ->
3. Weekapaug Groove*
4. Wilson
5. Colonel Forbin's Ascent -> Famous Mockingbird

*fades in at very beginning


The following fixes were performed with Cool Edit Pro v1.2
using the highest possible quality setting by Mike Wren:

* Normalized each disc to 98%
* Fixed the pitch (increased exactly one-half step)

* Retracked both discs using CD-WAV to put the beginning of
  each song at the beginning of each track
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90e8a50e6b3d7f5073d74bf4a5a1eb4c *ph88-10-12d1t02.shn
4c929585094d8269efc643f4614c760d *ph88-10-12d1t03.shn
d7287fcadb0598f4d7efc740af79c7dc *ph88-10-12d1t04.shn
69c4bd6e5728a4df956245d9211d5d2f *ph88-10-12d1t05.shn
5bf2f80b1a6bffe34753bdf5d000e7a7 *ph88-10-12d1t06.shn
3bca95ec4f48c60395f2aab01ce7c4e7 *ph88-10-12d1t01.shn
a2acaa69346ad3314dedb22d1e906757 *ph88-10-12d2t04.shn
1b314900c0323f2273b394a1a9456c72 *ph88-10-12d2t02.shn
149501965ec4285eda1b17645c34073b *ph88-10-12d2t03.shn
8da26bed0ed94140e849c87a4208c21c *ph88-10-12d2t01.shn
b7017993b5bbed2593e13a0a8429c105 *ph88-10-12d2t05.shn
18a0bc3928250adea46cc28bd875318e [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t01.shn
15aa13a480efc98590ab50653814805d [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t02.shn
f9f31e418855ca8965abec882d02c5c0 [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t03.shn
298c5df5f8b219a4d39eefb39963f5f0 [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t04.shn
c3b2c016f4f9f9b367cd6a13ed233c80 [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t05.shn
cac88f676fbe541ddcb1de09fbcf4e89 [shntool] ph88-10-12d1t06.shn
0231128f4852ac1f1586585f57dbe934 [shntool] ph88-10-12d2t01.shn
139bd49c8738eb851c8a70cd88ace2f2 [shntool] ph88-10-12d2t02.shn
a4c0e2f5666fbc4c22321fd15079f515 [shntool] ph88-10-12d2t03.shn
3a57a0bfc0ddb4f8efbb8b8f9f949a96 [shntool] ph88-10-12d2t04.shn
f53a8830cf202dd79a4aa871d75d7baf [shntool] ph88-10-12d2t05.shn

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