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Medeski Martin & Wood 12/15/00
The Odeon, Clevelend, OH
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1a-shn-md5 , d1b-shn-md5 , d2shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary shn; FOB Schoeps ccm4 > Sonosax > tascam da-p1; via Andy Hopkins; d1 tracked for 80 min; note md5s a and b were both submitted for this version, with different d1 checksums and tracking (d2's were identical except for track names)- presumably one is a retracking? 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
The Odeon - Cleveland, OH

source: schoeps ccm4 > Sonosax > tascam da-p1 (fob)

- disc 1 requires a 80min disc.

Disc 1
We Are Rolling
Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho > Open Improv >
Shacklyn Knights > Bass Solo >
Nostalgia in Times Square/Angel Race (I'll Wait For You)
Big Time >
Just Like I Pictured It

Disc 2
Open Improv* > Felic* >
Partido Alto* >
Note Bleu
Dracula >
Blue Pepper >
Third Stone From the Sun ** > Bass Solo
Chubb Sub

* with Jon Fishman on percussion. (Fish sat in a folding chair next to Billy Martin and played a variety of his instuments.)
** unfinished

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424becf732cd35a1e92a67aac5b78a99 mmw00-12-15d1t01.shn
87acc56398d001d48a36e82f3bf18ab9 mmw00-12-15d1t02.shn
68d0d6fd31b99a73398589d58736eb13 mmw00-12-15d1t03.shn
c605b512285cfff6b0f365265a4df77b mmw00-12-15d1t04.shn
8d6d56d6250861400c3f4766a4c69dd1 mmw00-12-15d1t05.shn
ecbc3d78de5b019927e586805d4228dc mmw00-12-15d1t06.shn
411e368ba06b6344616a23d69f38227c *mmw2000-12-15d1t01.shn
f4a981b5fc7b9ab20473ad4c6b2fa106 *mmw2000-12-15d1t02.shn
7b7f10a54acf47f619f45f4de9e1b770 *mmw2000-12-15d1t03.shn
dbc7c864c23dd66c3ba8370ec4924f58 *mmw2000-12-15d1t04.shn
4e7caf4f19fffc19dd2076a44c7059db *mmw2000-12-15d1t05.shn
9cce4083b1ce1de058270e1d1abe197e *mmw2000-12-15d1t06.shn
8d2bf3beadecdba0a29e6138fe5f088a *mmw2000-12-15d1t07.shn
bc65e0aef169ed778df40f5115278885 *mmw2000-12-15d1t08.shn
e05400a8efe35824b7c683fac8d70451 *mmw2000-12-15d1t09.shn
f891c9388e2f202c190375aca8e35750 *mmw2000-12-15d2t01.shn
d7911756a2dedc2f4c7a76904c5fa991 *mmw2000-12-15d2t02.shn
e2234834e70e5826d4cf458860a8a386 *mmw2000-12-15d2t03.shn
1859e1d5a752fdf5ac49e10a463f4b8f *mmw2000-12-15d2t04.shn
0dd77cac96ad09625aa3d539f9e69ab7 *mmw2000-12-15d2t05.shn
1a6293d8518d1d800a713529caee3bd4 *mmw2000-12-15d2t06.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shn; Source: Schoeps... (1) flac16; FOB B&K 4022... (1)
Date User Comment
02/17/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.) based on other source.

I couldn't guess how the first disc might be tracked out since there are two possible md5s attached to this source for disc 1 and one of them has 6 tracks while the other has 9 tracks.