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Ween 08/30/00
The Paradisio, Amsterdam, Holland
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
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Source Summary Schoeps MK/41 > VMS > DAP-1 > ? > CDWAV > SHN taped by Peter. DAT clone/conversion by Jake Et?s CDWAV > SHN uploaded to 05/01 
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The Paradisio - Amsterdam

Schoeps MK/41 > VMS > DAP-1 >
taped by Peter. DAT clone/conversion by Jake Et?s
uploaded to 05/01

Disc 1
01. She Wanted to Leave
02. The Grobe
03. H.I.V. Song
04. Spinal Meningitis
05. Stay Forever
06. Don't Get 2 Close
07. Take Me Away
08. Dr. Rock
09. What Deaner Was Talking about
10. Roses Are Free
11. Mutilated Lips
12. Bananas & Blow
13. Mr., Would You Please Help My Pony?
14. Ocean Man
15. Tick
16. Stroker Ace
17. Frank
18. The Mollusk(x)

Disc 2
01. Piss Up a Rope
02. Voodoo Lady/Kiss/Voodoo Lady
03. Drifter in the Dark
04. Mr. Richard Smoker
05. Wavin' My Dick
06. Pandy Fackler
07. Buckingham Green
08. Sketches of Winkle
09. Poopship Destroyer
10. Exactly Where I'm At
11. Baby Bitch
12. Band on the Run
13. You Fucked Up
14. Intros
15. Hot for Teacher

Disc 3

Mollusk was cut on the original recording. sorry.
not recorded:
soundcheck:: She Wanted to Leave, Exactly Where I'm At, Buckinghman Green,

Show Checksums
4451eb5cdeb9021f6a7b1a72d110c064 *ween00.08.30d1t04.shn
4a0ecf7f4ed229b12358f7c7550d5d59 *ween00.08.30d1t02.shn
0ab5b131a5b3d08a4cf7e295615f8000 *ween00.08.30d1t03.shn
6ea5aaaf396ad80a37d02834b0636e5e *ween00.08.30d1t01.shn
cba103ffcb59cecb0381975fcbcd7c65 *ween00.08.30d1t05.shn
3c664257e584509be8844508cf41685c *ween00.08.30d1t06.shn
e831ffd4ff3c0b6916c56447d5cf1be5 *ween00.08.30d1t07.shn
2606f8959d17d556d9e63ca5599aa2a5 *ween00.08.30d1t08.shn
186832d1f58175859c6cd0f3f2d77e6e *ween00.08.30d1t09.shn
549a17579a802c93e755746e7ceacc10 *ween00.08.30d1t10.shn
e4a68070faf739f93010f79f4f9d91ee *ween00.08.30d1t11.shn
ff7635b741408aabdd6c8a75588d17d7 *ween00.08.30d1t12.shn
590ff73f1de2d186afcda105e5f28c13 *ween00.08.30d1t13.shn
d55628b7aa58eced85b95203466d6517 *ween00.08.30d1t14.shn
88671e04d9fbb17cb7f992dee3de8408 *ween00.08.30d1t15.shn
88dd5adfbaca9b7cc42fc0a2b5b43761 *ween00.08.30d1t16.shn
6a652d42f65d750631194946567a017d *ween00.08.30d1t17.shn
76c0337b1bd5027b3db267c38a8ce200 *ween00.08.30d1t18.shn
567bd4cac8b6606b5765cab64f4896f0 *ween00.08.30d2t12.shn
c4e941416b216c83a556a40eb5e70187 *ween00.08.30d2t02.shn
6a55a07f6e0c051cec8dedf4513e08fe *ween00.08.30d2t03.shn
05e2b8d3da7d388ad9a411ddf89bba26 *ween00.08.30d2t04.shn
38c93d78e4fe2a6ea877f725bea77fdd *ween00.08.30d2t05.shn
5e92e888bf81d221f26fb35f1bfe86a8 *ween00.08.30d2t06.shn
9ca835cd84f42842a9aa8259421621ef *ween00.08.30d2t07.shn
fa1cdfc43e02406178d87c7b7b5228db *ween00.08.30d2t08.shn
e0dd2b43738f6bb11f499ef560522d33 *ween00.08.30d2t09.shn
d6eed93aaa2123cb013813ce910e658c *ween00.08.30d2t10.shn
a6748e3f2d9b948e143049fa75797667 *ween00.08.30d2t11.shn
a3abb35d4b95051436d40a836311c4f9 *ween00.08.30d2t01.shn
04bf2b115a74a1be139cf6c5b2fb0681 *ween00.08.30d2t13.shn
5a2b5193fadaa1b0cfa5e92e34b6e61c *ween00.08.30d2t14.shn
52a3a530d8b3a471c86bde667680e321 *ween00.08.30d2t15.shn
5754527290d520eec142002e829b45d3 *ween00.08.30d3t01.shn

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