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Ween 07/07/00
Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary No confirmed source info yet. I am pretty sure that this came from a patch out of Jake Et?s' MBHO rig. shns and md5 renamed to standard 06/01  
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Stubbs Austin TX

No confirmed source info yet.
I am pretty sure that this came from a patch out of
Jake Et?s' MBHO rig. shns and md5 renamed to standard 06/01   

Disc 1
01. Buckingham Green
02. Spinal Meningitis
03. Stallion pt 3
04. Bananas & Blow
05. Waving My Dick
06. Take Me Away
07. Dont Get 2 Close
08. Even If You Dont
09. Voodoo Lady
10. HIV
11. Piss Up A Rope
12. Marble Tulip
13. Back To Basom
14. Help My Pony

Disc 2
01. Sketches of Winkle
02. Dr. Rock
03. Fat Lenny
04. Richard Smoker
05. Ocean Man
06. Exactly Where I'm At
07. Roses Are Free
08. Push The Daisies
09. Homo Rainbow
10. Squelch The Weasel
11. She Fucks Me
12. Sorry Charlie
13. Fluffy

Disc 3 - encore
01. Band On The Run
02. Booze Me Up
03. Stroker Ace
04. You Fucked Up
05. Wayne's Pet Youngin'
06. Hot For Teacher
07. Buenas Tardes
"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great,
i'm all for getting the music to as many people as possible..."
Show Checksums
cac2d05e10cefe16c23b3727134e219a *ween00.07.07d1t01.shn
95afe9b86237de0bb0027fb51cfd34d0 *ween00.07.07d1t02.shn
80d7ae7aaa087668320ad77504811165 *ween00.07.07d1t03.shn
14738ad80afb939b56ef86b887af4424 *ween00.07.07d1t04.shn
0eff5523f1b7ffd6474c76eb96014485 *ween00.07.07d1t05.shn
9bf1184e5975c00136b24de9cccdfa65 *ween00.07.07d1t06.shn
38e4a6ee34c23364220f0c726851eec6 *ween00.07.07d1t07.shn
498a3ae44ad48bcb38e3c67d7fc9493d *ween00.07.07d1t08.shn
d6f17e39dac817aa9c00002cd356c4fe *ween00.07.07d1t09.shn
f43f30a1f85e8a55767c6ca2d62d0524 *ween00.07.07d1t10.shn
deca498b712588e3303b97f2398310a3 *ween00.07.07d1t11.shn
e69c292f99cc902eb41967a9816b0664 *ween00.07.07d1t12.shn
298f526e0b27193a06e7a90443ecc937 *ween00.07.07d1t13.shn
a6bd6f44399e7285d0ea7ce82c4396ed *ween00.07.07d1t14.shn
b3620f72bec356caa3c15521c08412a4 *ween00.07.07d2t01.shn
d149c7e795e652cc5a61eaa3b6e61d7a *ween00.07.07d2t02.shn
27a6e8e806fc637e5b3bce4c49f67c15 *ween00.07.07d2t03.shn
3ccb01b3306e7f5918d62d3b756b19ea *ween00.07.07d2t04.shn
4ab89c856c87114719c40eb9a68593bc *ween00.07.07d2t05.shn
c5d2d6f9c0d2680c804e252f5ea06ccf *ween00.07.07d2t06.shn
23f7d26dd724f16423168a3489743bc8 *ween00.07.07d2t07.shn
948ac65fb33f59c3b4232bf2ce372b5e *ween00.07.07d2t08.shn
62f27797a80a44e27c236880e5dc725e *ween00.07.07d2t09.shn
a9cba60d2fbefd910ecbbfc6e95d6a2d *ween00.07.07d2t10.shn
f2ffb3aeac57d745aa08f2b899d92131 *ween00.07.07d2t11.shn
f68a9b38989b346861163a79f03e33f0 *ween00.07.07d2t12.shn
d9cec7a4bb01c848fc5778bc82751ecf *ween00.07.07d2t13.shn
6f0c0ff156d73f716ef3b5c385641c2f *ween00.07.07d3t01.shn
2ee84ab69d1ddf2fe464a6eb9511a40c *ween00.07.07d3t02.shn
f6ebcb789fc8a3c186f48cb168cd6869 *ween00.07.07d3t03.shn
2fe51c708f5d4160f3179cd5b11954b8 *ween00.07.07d3t04.shn
e0f05371d3b8bede801c8a208e10f5d5 *ween00.07.07d3t05.shn
28e65c407ba52f73eb17c63ebbcd62cf *ween00.07.07d3t06.shn
544b86d310b6e646bdc38838998fa5d3 *ween00.07.07d3t07.shn

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