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Ween 07/08/00
Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
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Source Summary No confirmed source info yet. I am pretty sure that this came from a patch out of Jake Et?s' MBHO rig. shns and md5 renamed to standard 06/01  
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Stubbs Austin TX
No confirmed source info yet.
I am pretty sure that this came from a patch out of
Jake Et?s' MBHO rig. shns and md5 renamed to standard 06/01   

01. don't shit...
02. captain fantasy
03. nan
04. common bitch
05. take me away
06. golden eel
07. beacon light
08. baby bitch
09. voodoo lady
10. mutilated lips
11. bananas & blow
12. el camino
13. touch my tooter
14. pandy fackler
15. dr rock

01. buckingham green
02. tear for eddie
03. she wanted to leave
04. mollusk
05. roses are free
06. big jilm
07. drifter in the dark
08. little birdy
09. pumpin 4 da man
10. pr power
11. tick
12. u fucked up
13. cpmfoi intro >
14. cpmfoi
15. blarney stone

01. ice castle
02. grobe
03. spinal
04. put the coke on my dick
05. lmlyp
"...etree and ftp serving shns sounds great,
i'm all for getting the music to as many people as possible..."

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4eccbf1c56e0d60dfbe32dc71e2cacc1 *ween00.07.08d1t01.shn
261a93cf3c50e7dd4385ee4c30dc275d *ween00.07.08d1t02.shn
4d3cc2c3b2cd7b21f3f5e185e0ca9327 *ween00.07.08d1t03.shn
cc5ad796e113f3a2347e926a4edcec55 *ween00.07.08d1t04.shn
aad679d1c4fc9da9f9207d867fda7327 *ween00.07.08d1t05.shn
0b0e650c93776bc6fe030eeff8a05ec9 *ween00.07.08d1t06.shn
d0822c2546fb7d7f97e391e5cb845c4a *ween00.07.08d1t07.shn
27a60e08ff5f23454917aa704cbb5a79 *ween00.07.08d1t08.shn
e1f0d59e2ee836962151d6a1933d3957 *ween00.07.08d1t09.shn
bbc1db7f18a969841815493e92e5b94c *ween00.07.08d1t10.shn
42c66e1dc7284f60f4950b1f3edb4271 *ween00.07.08d1t11.shn
0439050bdfa3c8ed1f01b487f4bdb238 *ween00.07.08d1t12.shn
bd3fbfc78b024b74e3cd25dfd79de9b3 *ween00.07.08d1t13.shn
8edf206922e794a8cef261341b4a3198 *ween00.07.08d1t14.shn
0cf074c91afb6677fdd3d54a4debc9ce *ween00.07.08d1t15.shn
dd1a8ca5737d71983d11d227cc74c043 *ween00.07.08d2t01.shn
95347d5d387556fe741dbfa4c1252db4 *ween00.07.08d2t02.shn
a31e924a86ec5784b65eeef34f5bff9d *ween00.07.08d2t03.shn
6fa4d6b428d48acdab0e7d4bc2fa4409 *ween00.07.08d2t04.shn
57852a5226ce3ee327df41d08a62cbd7 *ween00.07.08d2t05.shn
f4de441391fce614de099f010400fc6d *ween00.07.08d2t06.shn
79c344f334e1194f6418079a8f355ac9 *ween00.07.08d2t07.shn
ad670bed46c1ba4b8ee309f0ded24bfe *ween00.07.08d2t08.shn
6ab4c22d62d9be11b9ae91cf0bd5ad05 *ween00.07.08d2t09.shn
3cdd9f9f5e65358c08d80aabda9f20e8 *ween00.07.08d2t10.shn
556f21e82307840b2bc6fe26cdda6354 *ween00.07.08d2t11.shn
90fb0a3c4d299c40b312d1893cad0c29 *ween00.07.08d2t12.shn
3b1670fbf785c2468c4c2f9aeab7c102 *ween00.07.08d2t13.shn
41022d16ca53c7912816b619c9266d19 *ween00.07.08d2t14.shn
f46d660f58e4f297adc00109ea659ee2 *ween00.07.08d2t15.shn
4cb8f66fe0fbc30f4529ce3fe62b6539 *ween00.07.08d3t01.shn
db529100cf8d30ab9e95050b78e371d1 *ween00.07.08d3t02.shn
ba6c29c3ea28943ae05c37c7c0917f3f *ween00.07.08d3t03.shn
a34a158d91b5486b3802d26f31ada8ac *ween00.07.08d3t04.shn
208d6af3963f3ee5497a488fd447aa70 *ween00.07.08d3t05.shn

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