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Allman Brothers Band 06/11/92
Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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The Allman Brothers Band
All acoustic
Radio & Record Convention, Los Angeles, CA
International Rett Syndrome Association Benefit

Come On In My Kitchen
Seven Turns
Midnight Rider
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Midnight Blues

You may still be able to buy this CD from the Rett Syndrome folks.  They didn't make many of them, so when they're gone, they're gone.  Please try to purchase this, however.  It is well worth the $$ and you will feel much better about yourself!

[email protected] or call em at(301) 856-3334
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81abe4df350ef5aa46ba2935d92fed1a *abb92-06-11t01.shn
529c12373c261e8ba5f1baf80199112d *abb92-06-11t02.shn
7705570bf0ef7fab0dc49499cf119103 *abb92-06-11t03.shn
f465f5ac8a13c617128e62f1a3505588 *abb92-06-11t04.shn
a82c17709a04b484f846dd17fa3e3177 *abb92-06-11t05.shn
21bb6a7ab05cd7e2333e7fc1de1167a5 *abb92-06-11t06.shn
32885c5b5954f7b76b500e1c419711dd *abb92-06-11t07.shn
841fe9c06168d4deee70b8172f9a7194 *abb92-06-11t08.shn
8c1a846a0d7ced6d79e010f0bedd560f *abb1992-06-11t01.Come On In My Kitchen.shn
af8eccbe9239dba8093e87dc72fd3276 *abb1992-06-11t02.Seven Turns.shn
4378db53e46640d5c70b7f7dfd7154fc *abb1992-06-11t03.Midnight Rider.shn
aad25f2e745a6b940d17e36fc5dc798f *abb1992-06-11t04.South Bound.shn
06e12b53390187ab12745e3521df107b *abb1992-06-11t05.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.shn
a24959149c1cd65a864da39075728520 *abb1992-06-11t06.Goin' Down The Road.shn
b69510bcd1ce00a615a9eb84c71ecbe7 *abb1992-06-11t07.Melissa.shn
34864183fa56a257142d52d92722527b *abb1992-06-11t08.Midnight Blues.shn
abb1992-06-11t01.Come On In My Kitchen.flac:a450c2e7c7633e903af5f2c5abc15924
abb1992-06-11t02.Seven Turns.flac:46369959fd2bafe7f695caf7f5073c97
abb1992-06-11t03.Midnight Rider.flac:7cdad30e9cc399c44a8699afdd08c215
abb1992-06-11t04.South Bound.flac:9e6470680eedfb34564cdf5d572a2d21
abb1992-06-11t05.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac:266ce85acbc797fb15a34fe043f35e9b
abb1992-06-11t06.Goin' Down The Road.flac:4284f649cb9b5c9b0c681151de84219f
abb1992-06-11t08.Midnight Blues.flac:cf64755be93736dfad3fe16bf8947cc5

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