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Garcia 01/28/89
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums All , fixed-all
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band:set 2 only; MSC > 1V (Hi-Fi) > DATs > Digi001 > SHN; via Ryan Shriver and D. Metz 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Orpheum Theatre
San Fran. CA

MSC -> 1V (Hi-Fi) -> DATs -> Digi001 -> SHN

Set 2
Disc 1:

1.  Let's Spend The Night Together  (08:39)
2.  Waiting For A Miracle  (06:29)
3.  Like A Road  (08:27)
4.  Don't Let Go  (18:42)
5.  I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always  (05:25)
6.  Tangled Up In Blue  (10:31)
(Total - 58:04)

-  No known flaws

Sony [email protected] -> Optical S/PDIF -> Digidedesign 001 -> HD as Sound
Designer 2 @48kHz -> Pro Tools LE (Tracked,  downsampled to 44.1kHz, and
converted to Wave) -> SHN

Jerry Garcia (Guitar, Vocals)
John Kahn (Bass)
Melvin Seals (Keyboards)
Gloria Jones (Vocals)
Jaclyn LaBranch (Vocals)
David Kemper (Drums)

A special thanks to Ryan Shriver of the Jerry Site for providing the DAT.

Transfer by D. Metz
[email protected]

Show Checksums
63fec3b9e0ae1665ee5b464a5e790fac *jgb89-01-28d1t01.shn
fcb05c09002d54595aafc4b630b2b000 *jgb89-01-28d1t02.shn
a4d169a04798da3bc5cccef34a58c48e *jgb89-01-28d1t03.shn
09b945217f821b530c7409e294cbcd25 *jgb89-01-28d1t04.shn
74593ffcafab9929d574f8b22165417a *jgb89-01-28d1t05.shn
87c32abb0c453c3e5816e8d74d4753de *jgb89-01-28d1t06.shn

375293dc19d333b5a83078825d60d252 *JGB89-01-28D1T01-fixed.shn
421f3c73590a3cad0998b424e24d6dd3 *JGB89-01-28D1T02-fixed.shn
63f5aa9dc9c016fd2863c0ea0a0c1c3a *JGB89-01-28D1T03-fixed.shn
6bc749b78cbfcf22922b59508903cbf0 *JGB89-01-28D1T04-fixed.shn
1897b7cf7dd6776176439b7216e31c9b *JGB89-01-28D1T05-fixed.shn
d904a50a597ae73796aeeea0d9ba1d05 *JGB89-01-28D1T06-fixed.shn

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Jerry Garcia Band:... (1)
Date User Comment
04/13/2004 Tim Wright This show, as I downloaded it, has a -38db/1.3% DC offset, but is normalized at 100%. I'm tempted to correct the DC offset but am afraid this would introduce clipping. Any thoughts?
10/09/2004 Joe Jupille Good question. I would have thought that the 100% peaks would be on the side to which the wavs are skewed, so that correcting them, i.e., pulling them away from that side, wouldn't be likely to cause clipping. You might want to try it and see.

BTW, this set also has SBEs on every track. Running 'shntool fix -o shn *.SHN' on the set produces the mds now included above as "fixed-all".
10/12/2004 neo_levo i would apply a small (1.5 - 2 dB) attenuation and then correct the dc offset.
02/04/2005 Rob Goetz Has anyone heard of the first set for this show circulating?
02/05/2005 Joe Jupille I haven't, but would love to see it emerge.