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Garcia 06/22/79
Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Reconstruction: SBD> Master Reel> PCM> DAT> ZA2> Soundforge 4.0> CDWAV> SHNv3 (no DAE); via J. Lutch 
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6/22/79 (often labeled as 4/8/79)
Keystone Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA  

Source: SBD>Master Reel>PCM>DAT>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CDWAV>SHNv3 (no DAE)
Seek tables are appended to the end of each .shn

DAT>SHN Conversion by Jamie Lutch

1. Fast Tone
2. Its No Use
3. Tellin My Friends
4. The Jealous Kind
5. Long Train Running Instrumental ('Reel cut' edited out by Soundforge)
6. Strugglin' Man
7. Make It Better
8. Dear Prudence

I received this tape years ago labeled as 4/8/79 Cabaret Cotati.

The reel cut in Long Train Running actually is not there, the song restarts after the cut. This was an easy fix with Soundforge.

Ryan's Jerrysite ( lists it as 6/22/79, so to be consistent, thats what it is now.  

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e172deef6611042ae7eea4442ac6761c *Recon79-06-22_t01.shn
94808597c5cc4bf0070000927e040072 *Recon79-06-22_t02.shn
8fced0b86f0447ea96b4a148514dabd4 *Recon79-06-22_t03.shn
3d0cdc682cbcfb361c7928763c1d24e5 *Recon79-06-22_t04.shn
4538fd67d4201294a5bd77cf01d4c97b *Recon79-06-22_t05.shn
b7f0b07fcab64a8f9ff2b738c934299d *Recon79-06-22_t06.shn
425877d9388b2cf3402acdc4fc5cb9e5 *Recon79-06-22_t07.shn
1dffadea6ca78ec7b6a7417d21d85e99 *Recon79-06-22_t08.shn

3f2fe34efb1ddb196d91d9523bb7dd50 *Recon79-06-22_t01.wav
1eff11a50c3d199dc6f0cd1892e3efd8 *Recon79-06-22_t02.wav
85ff252a549473e5831bd5b6e9385ee6 *Recon79-06-22_t03.wav
2230be2420f75daa1e50258dd67ee7a3 *Recon79-06-22_t04.wav
fcb75f5c7ff823461e76a7f20d101d76 *Recon79-06-22_t05.wav
1db301bb33c807417638e8c68c737390 *Recon79-06-22_t06.wav
207f33dc85cafe6503770153ec5d4272 *Recon79-06-22_t07.wav
027debb8783546fcc33b23411b96325f *Recon79-06-22_t08.wav

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