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Ween 09/27/97
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Justin Weiss
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary source: AKG 391->D7 DATs by Patrick Marshall transfer: DAP1->TB Fiji->Cool Edit->SAF 4012 
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The Warfield: San Fransisco, CA

AKG 391->D7
DATs by Patrick Marshall

DAP1->TB Fiji->Cool Edit->SAF 4012


There is significant digidistortion during the second encore; this is on the master tape.  
The taper apparently missed the PA-crank from "really loud" to "really really loud."  It's
annoying in spots, but still quite listenable, and there doesn't seem to be another
source for this excellent show, so there's not a lot that can be done...also, each disc
has been normalized rather than each set (though the amount each disc was boosted was
virtually identical). and the acoustic portions were not seperately boosted (Birthday Boy
and Sarah) at the strat of the first encore, so they're a bit on the quiet side (but the
transition to Buenos Tardes isn't so jarring)...

Disc 1

1. Buckingham Green
2. What Deaner Was Talking About
3. Spinal Meningitis
4. The Golden Eel
5. The Stallion (Part 3)
6. Waving My Dick in the Wind
7. Take Me Away
8. Piss Up a Rope
9. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
10. Freedom of '76
11. Tick
12. HIV Song
13. The Mollusk
14. Frank

Disc 2

1. Captain Fantasy
2. Can't Put My Finger on it
3. Pumpin' for the Man
4. Mr. Richard Smoker
5. Sketches of Winkle
6. Baby Bitch
7. She Wanted to Leave
8. Awesome Sound
9. Ocean Man
10. The Blarney Stone
11. Dr. Rock

Disc 3
first encore
1. Birthday Boy *
2. Sarah *
3. Buenos Tardes Amigo
4. Mister, Would you please help my pony?
5. Fat Lenny
6. You Fucked up
second encore
7. Booze me up and get me high
8. Poop Ship Destroyer

tape flip on disc two between "Pumpin" and "Mr. Richard"
Show Checksums
aadc212de116a8876d2812731bb62364 ween97-09-27d1t01.shn
944e4df2facf58b1b22f86e39eb12fd6 ween97-09-27d1t02.shn
c0fc0033d94e7c0a983979ee77b70793 ween97-09-27d1t03.shn
3c486d0a81c77bae60c28f840eec1caf ween97-09-27d1t04.shn
5aa1a9b84be090b767a57c083e65486c ween97-09-27d1t05.shn
1d319f8a84de866c3630a69d344b5a4c ween97-09-27d1t06.shn
abcba36b24bebbe872abbbd7d637d7ff ween97-09-27d1t07.shn
38b79f2737058b31db7e9b50ed427877 ween97-09-27d1t08.shn
be5235ae6bb88fb5fa7713ef732d33ff ween97-09-27d1t09.shn
00f3bbaa4c354f43f0c8012038f9e8bd ween97-09-27d1t10.shn
74954e529c30e403cbfdd7bc2e821c6a ween97-09-27d1t11.shn
4506a97a2a739a6275f6a9a39112d8c1 ween97-09-27d1t12.shn
06c1c0e6a18cd332f904f6d2da4e8868 ween97-09-27d1t13.shn
95b852ac73e28ae578b933fc43930cbb ween97-09-27d1t14.shn
4d10b0503731152465d868b6b9ea0a83 ween97-09-27d2t01.shn
09fcdd27d7823b70b96a55a9a2043ee3 ween97-09-27d2t02.shn
066e517a06dbdc50163a6b8150574a92 ween97-09-27d2t03.shn
d48f769afe75a81374a4965b4521c583 ween97-09-27d2t04.shn
9a981522689740301d3389763706e0d2 ween97-09-27d2t05.shn
fecc367ffaa27ce5c0e39f39e0aad634 ween97-09-27d2t06.shn
323ce310b6c78f7afdb28c0d7da2cd6a ween97-09-27d2t07.shn
58e8b75240c9612113e94b8199ee8179 ween97-09-27d2t08.shn
49b040ebd37c69f0cc941fe690cd13f1 ween97-09-27d2t09.shn
026c27ba328e9ebf28c126c56b1fde6f ween97-09-27d2t10.shn
ec56d0cdcd55379c3617f846108ac015 ween97-09-27d2t11.shn
0299e5fa1ff2eb0fbd13a60951887405 ween97-09-27d3t01.shn
528e77bc1da3bbe304ec2e2d13b71a6f ween97-09-27d3t02.shn
1472ac857514e1dcf53c22a23098ba33 ween97-09-27d3t03.shn
a6211032958c860097faff297e47d527 ween97-09-27d3t04.shn
bd9542486f21a395477960d08c876c44 ween97-09-27d3t05.shn
95b1fb83fa8a87895dc8fa9ff80ec51a ween97-09-27d3t06.shn
5ac1dc0dcd5a4ecfb885a5ef4c09e5f3 ween97-09-27d3t07.shn
c0dbfdbba0193ea7061bb72ef70eab11 ween97-09-27d3t08.shn
03599d5c3c15021bcab8fac729f96c03 ween97-09-27d3t09.shn

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04/05/2004 jw the taper was Darryl Snyder, i was patched out of him and his 3 hour dat literally ran out at 3'07 just as the last note rang out. beautiful thing to watch.

The location was back left corner of the Warfield's first, center tier.

There was someone running dead center on the rail, but I've yet to see that source circulate. Those were the only two tapers as far as I can tell.

This is an awesome show, to say the least.