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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/05/01
State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5 , shn-st5 , t-flac-md5 , t-flac-ffp , t-flac-st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 789.32 MB (827657613 bytes)
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Source Summary shn; Source: FOB 40ft DFC > Neumann AK40 > LC3KA > Apogee AD1000; Transfer: TDC-D8 > Delta DiO 2496 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWAVE > SHNv3; Taped, Transferred and Seeded by TEAM FOB, John D'Auria and Jeff Patton 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA
May 5/2001

Source:  FOB 40ft DFC > Neumann AK40 > LC3KA > Apogee AD1000
Transfer: TDC-D8 > Delta DiO 2496 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWAVE > SHNv3

Taped, Transferred and Seeded by TEAM FOB
John D'Auria and Jeff Patton

- One Set -
disc 1
01.  [08:47] - Big Time > Intro Improv >
02.  [06:26] - The Dropper >
03.  [13:49] - Bone Digger > Felic [@10:23] >
04.  [05:46] - Felic cont'd# > Intro to [@4:45] >
05.  [07:37] - Note Bleu > Intro to [@6:16] >
06.  [06:11] - We Are Rolling cont'd >
07.  [19:10] - Drum Solo > Shacklyn Knights [@6:23] > Bass Solo [@12:53]
08.  [10:03] - Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself*
disc 2
01.  [08:02] - Wiggly's Way*
02.  [08:00] - Where's Sly?* >
03.  [13:22] - Third Stone From The Sun* > I Wanna Be Like You Improv* [@8:57]
04.  [13:03] - Moti Mo*
05.  [12:57] - Blue Pepper*
encore #1
06.  [09:05] - Bubblehouse*
encore #2
07.  [09:36] - Swamp Road^

# with Dominick Placco (trumpet)
* with Michael Ray (trumpet), Mark McGrain (trombone), Roger Lewis (baritone sax), Clarence Johnson III (tenor Sax) + spills onto succeeding track
^ w/acoustic outro

Seeded by John
[email protected]

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5e60763f1603a65d0af244447fe4f87a *mmw01-05-05d1t04.shn
9b9c446405e6572295e94aa3242a84f7 *mmw01-05-05d1t02.shn
1bc6125ef928768a77c7b06efa9ecc2f *mmw01-05-05d1t03.shn
13f464e37136a69aa1075f7df7c6dc41 *mmw01-05-05d1t01.shn
196ac3bf428dabc8ceb23269cdc6490b *mmw01-05-05d1t05.shn
08c29f5155c7f3a52c9951362a201e7f *mmw01-05-05d1t06.shn
cbd02543f06717fde1bad95f984a1507 *mmw01-05-05d1t07.shn
812030bce8907b300d63ded554e13219 *mmw01-05-05d1t08.shn
05200a01900c040e9ad47fa30cf768af *mmw01-05-05d2t05.shn
e701ff65e4ed16375c3c0026b7f628e3 *mmw01-05-05d2t03.shn
309bf4c3edf4bd33ba635b0782cca8af *mmw01-05-05d2t01.shn
eb882ef5937d0d634ab80610e9b19bfc *mmw01-05-05d2t04.shn
7f5c20b0667c09b763d2b843ea06de96 *mmw01-05-05d2t02.shn
4e73cc44161bd0a117ad3e2cdb991951 *mmw01-05-05d2t06.shn
3bb66402cbb4ee12767bf0d01dd194a2 *mmw01-05-05d2t07.shn
13f464e37136a69aa1075f7df7c6dc41 *mmw2001-05-05d1t01.shn
9b9c446405e6572295e94aa3242a84f7 *mmw2001-05-05d1t02.shn
1bc6125ef928768a77c7b06efa9ecc2f *mmw2001-05-05d1t03.shn
5e60763f1603a65d0af244447fe4f87a *mmw2001-05-05d1t04.shn
196ac3bf428dabc8ceb23269cdc6490b *mmw2001-05-05d1t05.shn
08c29f5155c7f3a52c9951362a201e7f *mmw2001-05-05d1t06.shn
cbd02543f06717fde1bad95f984a1507 *mmw2001-05-05d1t07.shn
812030bce8907b300d63ded554e13219 *mmw2001-05-05d1t08.shn
309bf4c3edf4bd33ba635b0782cca8af *mmw2001-05-05d2t01.shn
7f5c20b0667c09b763d2b843ea06de96 *mmw2001-05-05d2t02.shn
e701ff65e4ed16375c3c0026b7f628e3 *mmw2001-05-05d2t03.shn
eb882ef5937d0d634ab80610e9b19bfc *mmw2001-05-05d2t04.shn
05200a01900c040e9ad47fa30cf768af *mmw2001-05-05d2t05.shn
4e73cc44161bd0a117ad3e2cdb991951 *mmw2001-05-05d2t06.shn
3bb66402cbb4ee12767bf0d01dd194a2 *mmw2001-05-05d2t07.shn
e8cd4792c7e2e707ea6d27eb45ee2cfd [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t01.shn
dde51c8b0ac22678b5f047224cc6a534 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t02.shn
b8632919bcd2917e0c294f852bc972d8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t03.shn
5455d813eb23222dcfb462b6085dcee8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t04.shn
f784d53916e069703e80f52ea50e5ca4 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t05.shn
ba24666bdb862e1f0a8fc36579fff77b [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t06.shn
3075319bb3031bdba1a11de3446d71f8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t07.shn
b9fbdfbb82e8bf14770536cdbcda464e [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t08.shn
e847346a1b62745cf34f97f61bdb5c66 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t01.shn
ec2d55e7368a6f41846b4f6893183e5e [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t02.shn
fd2f7fb025c83320a20af14aa742e113 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t03.shn
083646731db397654e3d1bcd61c9f522 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t04.shn
c0ab597197426d6e01f6e19716e4adf3 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t05.shn
466da2e2f1031d0f2b0088f07648e4e1 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t06.shn
c28d7f2b75e8e11780c6f8d7e8aec77f [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t07.shn
f560704b66b2f79a18dc7dc5e010ebcf *mmw2001-05-05d1t01.flac
b03991ccb69a4fd2d3d3825035c18525 *mmw2001-05-05d1t02.flac
374bf26e33b43a8f8af22e625a794237 *mmw2001-05-05d1t03.flac
53a6c5a1da054afcdbe5b872cca31fad *mmw2001-05-05d1t04.flac
e4773fccdc5840ba9db2948ce4c69349 *mmw2001-05-05d1t05.flac
822ed3311ad4ff915db86794e050e033 *mmw2001-05-05d1t06.flac
91b443e167aed18c0821fc892f753df6 *mmw2001-05-05d1t07.flac
2adce6199412f5b667a4279aa30fd1c2 *mmw2001-05-05d1t08.flac
49d98e1907528f42f799d18d14ac49cb *mmw2001-05-05d2t01.flac
5f5aeddb7dd5ef008c7ee770dce227e5 *mmw2001-05-05d2t02.flac
ce8f912afffdcc125917f95fb10895e3 *mmw2001-05-05d2t03.flac
b1fa846e3781598c5ab4d53ff5bd00b8 *mmw2001-05-05d2t04.flac
a00c9f26cbac8bbf3c895137c2e50122 *mmw2001-05-05d2t05.flac
6314ab64c75006d168d441e206767cf2 *mmw2001-05-05d2t06.flac
1ea2ac531e29d1331c577b57f7428251 *mmw2001-05-05d2t07.flac
e8cd4792c7e2e707ea6d27eb45ee2cfd [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t01.flac
dde51c8b0ac22678b5f047224cc6a534 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t02.flac
b8632919bcd2917e0c294f852bc972d8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t03.flac
5455d813eb23222dcfb462b6085dcee8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t04.flac
f784d53916e069703e80f52ea50e5ca4 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t05.flac
ba24666bdb862e1f0a8fc36579fff77b [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t06.flac
3075319bb3031bdba1a11de3446d71f8 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t07.flac
b9fbdfbb82e8bf14770536cdbcda464e [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d1t08.flac
e847346a1b62745cf34f97f61bdb5c66 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t01.flac
ec2d55e7368a6f41846b4f6893183e5e [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t02.flac
fd2f7fb025c83320a20af14aa742e113 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t03.flac
083646731db397654e3d1bcd61c9f522 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t04.flac
c0ab597197426d6e01f6e19716e4adf3 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t05.flac
466da2e2f1031d0f2b0088f07648e4e1 [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t06.flac
c28d7f2b75e8e11780c6f8d7e8aec77f [shntool] mmw2001-05-05d2t07.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
shn; Source: Neumann... (2)
Date User Comment
07/10/2001 Caleb Epstein This show sounds ridiculously good. Another find job by team FOB. Combine the stellar sound with the horns and a Bemsha/Lively and you'll be smiling for days.
05/13/2002 Paul Hofferkamp Disc I requires and 80 minute disc.
05/13/2002 Magic Lou a definite must have MMW show, it has it all. space, "it's a jungle..." material, some of the tastier new school stuff, blazin' '96-style Shack-funk and HORNS!!! some of the best playing I've ever seen or heard from them in my 6 plus years of knowing they existed. Critters Buggin' opened and freaked everyone out(their set is worth owning too). The anticipation between sets was intoxicating . They came out and got right down to business with Big Time. The tapes capture a little bit of a vibe that was completely off the hook. If you hear these guys,you need a copy of this.
03/26/2004 BoPs i agree.. if you have access to this source get it! :) sounds awesome and the playing is great.... as always ;)
11/11/2012 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

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