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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/01/01
Gathering of the Vibes, Red Hook, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1fix
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Source Summary MBHO603/KA200N> Sound Devices MP2> Graham Patten ADC20(48kHz)> dap1; Transfer: Aardvark LX6 (S/PDIF)> downsampled and tracked with Cool Edit Pro; taped by Ian Stone; transferred by Nick Zuccaro; etreed by Graig Diamond; note there were sector boundary errors, fixed via shntool next day (fixed md5s listed here) 
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Medeski, Martin and Wood
July 1, 2001 Gathering of the Vibes - Red Hook, NY

Source: MBHO603/KA200N>Sound Devices MP2>Graham Patten ADC20(48kHz)>dap1
Transfer: Aardvark LX6 (S/PDIF)> downsampled and tracked with Cool Edit Pro

taped by Ian Stone ([email protected])
transferred by Nick Zuccaro ([email protected])

*w/ Bruce Hornsby, DJ Logic, John Scofield and Buddy Miles

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e7f81e6f838f8a6284b51efb3827a200 mmw07-01-01d1t1-fixed.shn
1f79f77b60976a4d87ea6e03633e6ba4 mmw07-01-01d1t2-fixed.shn
3fc040afc46c52c4b3466088dd4b77b3 mmw07-01-01d1t3-fixed.shn
dfa362577a62e39d36b3a640ad181ed3 mmw07-01-01d1t4-fixed.shn
ef24f15f3d7e19e340053cb2c6fdf8ce mmw07-01-01d1t5-fixed.shn
df9becfbc1f79f5d39a00baa35723002 mmw07-01-01d1t6-fixed.shn
865adb172938e1f4c0e43a0efce22221 mmw07-01-01d1t7-fixed.shn

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(fob/dfc @35ft) Schoeps... (3) Neumann u89i... (0) flac16 AT822 > Sony... (0)
Date User Comment
07/27/2001 Jim Heine Just from a brief listen to this seed, it seems that this source is heavy on the right side. Also the drums seem to be more on the left side and the keys and bass are on the right. They sit opposite on the stage. It might be that the mix is right-heavy too. Another problem I found is the soundstage moves a couple times. Could this be due to the wind, moving the stand, or dancing? :P Otherwise, a decent sounding seed.
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Diana Listener Jeff Ishaq noticed, "some dropouts in it which sound like transfer-related problems (d1t2 01:22, d1t3 03:01). It
sounds almost identical to [a separately circulating FOB Schoeps] recording in terms of sound quality..."
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Diana BTW there is a well-filmed stream of the set at dcn.
07/16/2002 Randy
I've got the "Fixed" version. No errors, nice clean recording.