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Disco Biscuits 07/05/01
Mishawaka Ampitheater, Bellvue, CO
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM4Vs>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD1000 Transfer: Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO>CDWav>SHN Recorded & Transferred by Kevin Hughes 
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The Disco Biscuits
Mishawaka Amphitheater
Bellevue, CO
July 5, 2001

Source:  Schoeps CCM4Vs>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD1000
Transfer:  Sony PCM-R500>Delta DIO>CDWav>SHN
Recorded by Kevin Hughes

Disc 1

1.  Morph Dusseldorf>
2.  Spacebirdmatingcall>
3.  Morph Dusseldorf
4.  The Very Moon>
5.  Shelby Rose>
6.  The Overture>
7.  Shelby Rose

Disc 2

1.  News From Nowhere
2.  Bring Your Ass To The Party>
3.  Crickets>
4.  Basis For A Day>
5.  Crickets>
6.  Basis For A Day

Disc 3

1.  Three Days
2.  Magellan>
3.  Floes>
4.  Magellan>
5.  Pygmy Twylyte>
6.  Sly

Disc 4

1.  Home Again
2.  Banter
3.  (e)Mulberry's Dream
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2c731beac2d8e423bab502f062172a34 *db01-7-5d303.shn
8e5463e23757858dd8c297ae242aedb7 *db01-7-5d304.shn
d1a617658e5936de4d5bd5bcace2ab66 *db01-7-5d305.shn
dcb9af2abb08908e11f0aae7d6f54bbe *db01-7-5d306.shn
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48283f0736dbe448237520b4c75f396c *db01-7-5d401.shn
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dbe5a8f6577326f23f8d64e88790a550 *db01-7-5d302.shn

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