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Grateful Dead 07/09/89
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary AKG 414TL's fob; via lemon2, with thanks to wellaw; note appears similar to other shn set, but md5s differ; also note files are all mislabeled as "9/7/89", except inside info file (md5 tracks have been renamed at this site) 
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Gratful Dead
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ

Source: AKG 414TL's fob

Notes: This show should be feer'd by all. Any questions email [email protected]. Thanks to wellaw for the seed.


2.Shakedown Street [13:01]
3.Jack Straw [5:39]
4.West L.A. Fadeaway[7:31]
5.Victim or the Crime [7:12]
6.Brown Eyed Women [5:24]
7.Queen Jane Approximately [5:45]
8.Bird Song [11:17]



2.China Cat Sunflower [6:04] >
3.I Know You Rider [6:21]
4.Samson and Delilah [7:20]
5.Built to Last [5:20]
6.Truckin' [7:54] > Jam [2:57] >
7.Drums [7:26] >

Disk 3
1.Space [10:#26] >
2.Gimme Some Lovin' [5:09] >
3.Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad [6:35] >
4.Throwing Stones [10:12] >
5.Not Fade Away [9:56]
6.Brokedown Palace [5:21]

Show Checksums
5a0f7b1e7522d418d8534c9dbbea64c6 *gd89-07-09d1t01.shn
7015e5d82e7ad35923d9657130e72067 *gd89-07-09d1t02.shn
8c396ea9142ad28004ebc8b723c74f31 *gd89-07-09d1t03.shn
694c31b69569e976468b58584f855730 *gd89-07-09d1t04.shn
100bed141a8bf0089d65097277dc1590 *gd89-07-09d1t05.shn
d7860176d3860080b9a84d5cfc6290da *gd89-07-09d1t06.shn
61bbcdcd771f5259c30224afa4337ca1 *gd89-07-09d1t07.shn
a4a99eb40cc5e119f464fbf81e0b795f *gd89-07-09d1t08.shn
57fe22107bfc79413c196f1d2e61518a *gd89-07-09d2t01.shn
f6a3d47c6a5fd4f02c610a2a79b48e39 *gd89-07-09d2t02.shn
e8b73be28687796915d3c6058990b871 *gd89-07-09d2t03.shn
4a2b5287de897ed8bd801cbedf1dd92e *gd89-07-09d2t04.shn
14025447b9c1b7aab8b7c1c8327f3cc6 *gd89-07-09d2t05.shn
0fbf9df1fda3187061abbf33d0e459d5 *gd89-07-09d2t06.shn
7a9d2e4d02e459e49779277886b94b48 *gd89-07-09d2t07.shn
e2da181e2378efe4ec9ac49d56bf21c5 *gd89-07-09d3t01.shn
f6145e5eea00032eda24ba589684e0f2 *gd89-07-09d3t02.shn
dc3280347e7e8477af74f28326d88139 *gd89-07-09d3t03.shn
dcd32609daefe371044b5097e41a994b *gd89-07-09d3t04.shn
b52d461b44429c4ffcf40370fca13d4c *gd89-07-09d3t05.shn
6940903e0539986b03238db4b765d584 *gd89-07-09d3t06.shn
57b7e890057521fa8148a420e62c1a36 [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t01.shn
02d367a898c63117ddeff9e6ff46c0e6 [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t02.shn
559938584df5d7f72eadab30fdedf49e [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t03.shn
227e770dc42711a01e3de123ff49e4e9 [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t04.shn
1846fa8b388458669f9daccd6bac9858 [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t05.shn
ee936dcb570b56690867c8b42cc15c1d [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t06.shn
7537675a8b4ab1803fb1bba37ea853cf [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t07.shn
c2783bcc09e12dfd9fbe3f0b75510bb0 [shntool] gd89-07-09d1t08.shn
00d286e30dab56e8c9d652f2afae38b4 [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t01.shn
acb685dde5d49bd54bb45ffcda5bc979 [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t02.shn
87539cf566bdf0efc20d92bda1127c3f [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t03.shn
9150362b1674da8c04574c6d11acd417 [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t04.shn
a0e4cb7386c5b9714d91b31a2eb36a9f [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t05.shn
9b634c9024be2a9ba373398f12a96762 [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t06.shn
21448571a4d6cbef8be4cdc005ce3953 [shntool] gd89-07-09d2t07.shn
5d2abaffdcc943cb4fcbe36314617637 [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t01.shn
e5bdfcc5064b04227bcf2345d6f6eb1d [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t02.shn
5f4c1b204c5d52ecd02915a9769a006f [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t03.shn
0ff4599c3c0ae44dff21b2d5c9017247 [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t04.shn
252c0d3eee989b030806b0e6a3f71c2e [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t05.shn
7bb1881a1fab4c704d4333d110ac3846 [shntool] gd89-07-09d3t06.shn

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AUD (FOB/ AKG414TL)>> ???>>... (0) flac16; AKG 414s >... (0) flac24; SRC: AKG... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) Source: AKG 414TL (FOB) >... (0) flac16; Master: FOB... (0) flac16; 2 Source... (0) flac24; Master... (0) flac16; Master... (0) flac16; Source: AKG... (2) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16/48kHz; Source... (0) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16; Matrix 2... (0) DTS-Audio-CD 5.1... (0) flac16/48kHz; 5.1... (0) flac16; Recording... (0)
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