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Disco Biscuits 10/02/99
Cafe Tomo, Arcata, CA
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Source # 4739 Other Sources
Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d2 , d3 , d1
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Digital Soundboard; Transfer: Unknown-> CDWav-> SHN; Encoded by Mark Avy  
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Disco Biscuits
Caf? Tomo - Arcata, California

Source: Digital Soundboard
Transfer: Unknown-> CDWav-> SHN
Encoded by Mark Avy ([email protected])

Disc 1/ set I
1  The Overture
2  Spaga ->
3  M.E.M.P.H.I.S ->
4  Plan B (small skip at 1:46)
5  Hot Air Balloon
6  Mulbery's Dream

Disc 2/ set II
1  House Dawg Party Favor
2  The Very Moon
3  Above the Waves
4  Spaga

Disc 3
1  intro
2  Mindless Dribble
3  Morph Dusseldorf
4  intro
5  E: Rainbow Song

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f87125f90c8f44724b433aca652f92d6 *db99-10-02d2t3.shn
16955c48d5b77d1ad98c06bd1edefdce *db99-10-02d2t4.shn
4284c2f69acbd22f26fba54d073496c5 *db99-10-02d2t1.shn
c33b38c9d88f9de1456b00e9d351e7ca *db99-10-02d2t2.shn
23c07313edf726610c47359b0b838c3b *db99-10-02d3t3.shn
d393623bae7b63c73c97b913314ef7fb *db99-10-02d3t4.shn
def34131c445c2031d747975432ac29f *db99-10-02d3t1.shn
2f7c73508be6821c8b86407d3b411052 *db99-10-02d3t2.shn
cd2014b0473089ceea95ba0bf933948a *db99-10-02d3t5.shn
291872d1b5c0dc94301dd9e35437615a *db99-10-02d1t2.shn
0c9b8eb67646a2dd4d648562f8cb1b47 *db99-10-02d1t5.shn
dc43536db7ea52e9065cc9f028c941f8 *db99-10-02d1t6.shn
324ee1ed8e23a5d9d3d5f970e5864415 *db99-10-02d1t3.shn
a66b92aa51405ab7d2416a7c7f88f0b0 *bd99-10-02d1t1.shn
976582fc1ab06f7c9eab92de8d4771d0 *db99-10-02d1t4.shn

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