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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/13/01
The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5 , shn-st5 , t-flac-ffp , t-flac-md5 , t-flac-st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary shn; Source: AKG c391bs (NOS) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony M-1; taper Tyler Branford; Pre-amp was (mistakenly) put into M-S Matrix mode; DAT>SHN by: Brian Walker; Conversion info: Sony M-1 > Montego II+ (48>44.1) > CD-WAV > SHN (v.3); Conversion Note: Used dynamics processing in Sound Forge 4.5 to soften the volume fluctuations. 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
April 13, 2001
The Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC

Taper: Tyler Bradford
Source: AKG c391bs (NOS) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony M-1
Taper's Note: Pre-amp was (mistakenly) put into M-S Matrix mode. Result is rather, uhh, different.

DAT>SHN by: Brian Walker
Conversion info: Sony M-1 > Montego II+ (48>44.1) > CD-WAV > SHN (v.3)
Conversion Note: Used dynamics processing in Sound Forge 4.5 to soften the volume fluctuations.

- One Set -
Disc 1:
01.  [11:30] - Big Time > Intro to [@9:39] >
02.  [07:29] - Bone Digger > Piano'n'Bass [@6:18] >
03.  [08:12] - Acht O'Clock Rock
04.  [06:29] - Macha >
05.  [15:32] - Felic > "Vinyl Unknown"* > Intro to [@12:21] >
06.  [08:01] - Third Stone From the Sun > Bass Solo [@6:26]
07.  [06:11] - Hey Joe >
08.  [07:24] - Lonely Avenue >

Disc 2:
01.  [08:46] - Dracula >
02.  [08:33] - Partido Alto >
03.  [04:01] - Acoustic Outro
04.  [05:11] - Crosstown Traffic

* debuted 7/23/2000 at Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA

[This fileset is a FLAC encoded and ID3 tagged version of]

Traders Little Helper used for FLAC encoding & creating checksums:
- SHN ST5 generated
- SHN > FLAC Level 8
- FLAC ST5 generated and matched to SHN ST5

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP shows the same checksum values.)
FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
SHN MD5 & ST5 included for reference
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2012-04-16

shn-st5 will verify pre-tagged files
shn-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
t-flac-md5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-st5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-ffp will verify post-tagged files

The st5s contain the same checksum values for both SHN & FLAC
(the only difference being the file extension of .shn or .flac)

length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    11:29.07     121556108     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t01.shn
     7:28.14      79060172     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t02.shn
     8:11.62      86758268     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t03.shn
     6:28.17      68483228     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t04.shn
    15:31.00     164228444     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t05.shn
     8:00.47      84782588     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t06.shn
     6:10.16      65305676     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t07.shn
     7:23.34      78225212     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d1t08.shn
    70:42.47        713.73 MB                     (totals for 8 files)

length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     8:45.17      92650028     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d2t01.shn
     8:32.20      90363884     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d2t02.shn
     4:00.63      42484220     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d2t03.shn
     5:10.72      54853388     ---   --    -xx    mmw2001-04-13d2t04.shn
    26:29.22        267.36 MB                     (totals for 4 files)
Show Checksums
999f93120d91f206ced1db5e9502e054 *mmw2001-04-13d1t01.shn
96a14d4552cb87587245a3bb1afb3aa9 *mmw2001-04-13d1t02.shn
293bf01e790a4131e7c09a783531542a *mmw2001-04-13d1t03.shn
0af1c08a429c02a67d05366fdc6547b6 *mmw2001-04-13d1t04.shn
dce398da454a8b42a7490ec8b77b159f *mmw2001-04-13d1t05.shn
6e8dea061d1d8095ef9da7ad6fa7dba2 *mmw2001-04-13d1t06.shn
03aab14072d8942521b93ecd11f3793e *mmw2001-04-13d1t07.shn
97e0e2725e14c67603998b2947b95b55 *mmw2001-04-13d1t08.shn
7a38c27ba6358f87aa3b6bb5a711181c *mmw2001-04-13d2t01.shn
1fe6eff1c4d06c37303a32f121030116 *mmw2001-04-13d2t02.shn
e8c07104f0eb13a9c73a464d7322d4e6 *mmw2001-04-13d2t03.shn
6f323439d33acb70925328fae53d0115 *mmw2001-04-13d2t04.shn
75b02bc7c46fbf811efd722e97915dcc [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t01.shn
b1be32950b77e27efc72f9a6d7692e46 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t02.shn
5d5ee1aa9c31be0d10d975ba2eb13746 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t03.shn
8b120ec9a0c1259424d03aff397916fe [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t04.shn
f1ad6886a723a504de96772fccad56bc [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t05.shn
2e559debc086e78562bf5ec02b865e10 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t06.shn
1ccbe6fff33aa0d7a74892abda9acf9f [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t07.shn
727bd1224bde19c9ad665459217a22ee [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t08.shn
99471d388869852f6cd2ee696a94dbfa [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t01.shn
2f22f2c2559a8acb1d68c15ce5e41a00 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t02.shn
a24a2b13146233d73d2195e35b7372bd [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t03.shn
10141785c748a7ea7719099cb5c4b67b [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t04.shn
acad290480fd9dcd6432b3051fedd2f7 *mmw2001-04-13d1t01.flac
8ed4ba715e2a209c087c63f7258519ef *mmw2001-04-13d1t02.flac
4f119d44f8fdc89bbb891ce635bfbf54 *mmw2001-04-13d1t03.flac
1c4a491d0c13081cbf8f665d31b6e08c *mmw2001-04-13d1t04.flac
63d0f0617012c71c553a7425502805f8 *mmw2001-04-13d1t05.flac
5b6404ff5a6c7f73f287e7e0ac6ecdf7 *mmw2001-04-13d1t06.flac
15a4267bf9907b653dfa0d09a34f393e *mmw2001-04-13d1t07.flac
6aca19e040da24d36465f20ff1d1f551 *mmw2001-04-13d1t08.flac
473311f0209193229c14a1371183f0ae *mmw2001-04-13d2t01.flac
55a45dd075e250c7fca7c9c4a8f8b36f *mmw2001-04-13d2t02.flac
b22a351d6a9fa9a6cfe44047f643d744 *mmw2001-04-13d2t03.flac
bcc1d1af15c162a08e87e15b18f08a7d *mmw2001-04-13d2t04.flac
75b02bc7c46fbf811efd722e97915dcc [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t01.flac
b1be32950b77e27efc72f9a6d7692e46 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t02.flac
5d5ee1aa9c31be0d10d975ba2eb13746 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t03.flac
8b120ec9a0c1259424d03aff397916fe [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t04.flac
f1ad6886a723a504de96772fccad56bc [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t05.flac
2e559debc086e78562bf5ec02b865e10 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t06.flac
1ccbe6fff33aa0d7a74892abda9acf9f [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t07.flac
727bd1224bde19c9ad665459217a22ee [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d1t08.flac
99471d388869852f6cd2ee696a94dbfa [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t01.flac
2f22f2c2559a8acb1d68c15ce5e41a00 [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t02.flac
a24a2b13146233d73d2195e35b7372bd [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t03.flac
10141785c748a7ea7719099cb5c4b67b [shntool] mmw2001-04-13d2t04.flac

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10/29/2005 Mike Vescovo i've edited d1t05 on the text file for this show as they seem to have played an unknown song in the middle of felic and then resumed felic again. the unknown song was also played on 7/23/00 and an 11/1999 show. if anyone out there ever finds the name please post here.
12/09/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

I've noted the tune after Felic as "Vinyl Unknown" -- the 7/23/2000 gig, which I thought was the only other performance and thus the first, was played at Vinyl in LA.

The band does NOT return to Felic though.

I'm also going to relisten to these tracks again ... for some reason I wasn't quite convinced they're the same! HA!

Also, I want to find that Nov '99 show Mike mentions as also having this "Vinyl Unknown" tune ...
04/16/2012 duggy A FLAC encoded ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.