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Phish 11/19/92
Ross Arena, Colchester, VT
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Source # 494 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Nakamichi CM3000; Transfer: PCM R500> AES/EBU> ZA2> Cooledit> SHN, S. McCloskey; via M. Fischer, J. Law; some digi glitches on the master DAT, but possibly better than other version(s) 
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11-19-92 St. Michael's College- Colchester VT

Source: Nakamichi CM3000
DAT>SHN Transfer: Stewart McCloskey  ([email protected])
                        PCM R500>AES/EBU>ZA2>Cooledit>SHN
Uploaded By: Mike Fischer ([email protected])
Uploaded to: ( One
1 Maze
2 Fee >
3 Foam
4 Glide
5 Split Open and Melt
6 Mound
7 The Divided Sky*
8 Esther
9 Axilla#

Disc Two
1 The Horse > Silent in the Morning
2 Run Like an Antelope**
3 2: Mike's Song >
4 I Am Hydrogen >
5 Weekapaug Groove~~
6 Bouncing Around the Room
7 It's Ice
8 I Walk the Line#
9 Tweezer## >Big Black Furry Creature From Mars## > Tweezer Reprise
10 Big Ball Jam+

Disc Three
1 Poor Heart^
2 Fast Enough for You#^
3 Llama
4 Lengthwise#^
5 Cavern
6 E: Bold as Love

^With Gordon Stone on pedal steel.
*Trey teases "Those Were the Days" ("All in the Family" theme by Adams/Strouse) during his solo.
#First time played.
**With "Those Were the Days" and
       "Lizards" teases, and
       "All Fall Down" language.
##With "I Walk the Line" teases.
+First time played; followed by explanation of how the "Big Ball Jam" works.
~~with Vocal Jam

Note:  There are some digi glitches on the master DAT.  But this is the best version
i have herd.

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8a5a1c7f679a05718374a4f5d132d733 *PH92-11-19D1T08.shn
1c86d91e381b47c6765189423fef183d *PH92-11-19D1T02.shn
3b2b29bad648c92f6bbb9aab0baf2080 *PH92-11-19D1T03.shn
d168b0c8a0c2d9a6805c34a36a2046d8 *PH92-11-19D1T04.shn
a960e1ffc0cdfcf84f7bf9dd058d0336 *PH92-11-19D1T05.shn
1a77ff1cc964c9f1a884649af5747829 *PH92-11-19D1T06.shn
abc2f71c357a96f52181f02d4df646c5 *PH92-11-19D1T07.shn
556a6a2e1c6634be50202660b6f9e472 *PH92-11-19D1T01.shn
af53cb5d4121d330efdee2583c9a1f66 *PH92-11-19D1T09.shn
2316d51905a33ad502f3d90c44f5089c *PH92-11-19D2T09.shn
13b2b7c109f0aa4e1caad509da50cee0 *PH92-11-19D2T03.shn
8b9eb481e072ac1c9a8e75dafa6a6887 *PH92-11-19D2T04.shn
9aa5e60a244bdef0bab706a8927e7995 *PH92-11-19D2T05.shn
18991d540a900b331e7fbf780e1d5a59 *PH92-11-19D2T06.shn
5c64470fd917c10776da308f80718488 *PH92-11-19D2T07.shn
d7163adfc91e0635e8eb0c92729309d2 *PH92-11-19D2T08.shn
142e773942c723bb5406aafdadcb2d02 *PH92-11-19D2T02.shn
4af13cfd9980e8618db826d4443271de *PH92-11-19D2T10.shn
78c108a3e76a04db3ba38a98c9b0eb0b *PH92-11-19D2T01.shn
5cf3d104e61e7c7e64d82d4f56d408b4 *PH92-11-19D3T06.shn
bedebb7bd3d972f19481c40474cde7ec *PH92-11-19D3T02.shn
982476de6f76ec54b55a8e30b4165b2c *PH92-11-19D3T03.shn
10cb1c2b6bf1fe60032f85bfce682d50 *PH92-11-19D3T04.shn
5229eea4b4dd92fbdbeda4f578eadab7 *PH92-11-19D3T05.shn
4c1adaffc37a50522137ca53d8698fb9 *PH92-11-19D3T01.shn
dc5bbcc8160cbc2a6a2f4959354c3dea [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T01.SHN
d6986b2e25cfa6afa84d182ca78d0cac [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T02.SHN
b8ede432b52cbeb5e4b303a4e0913db8 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T03.SHN
c16f44602efc3f4c4429f843d2611a08 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T04.SHN
36c24af6b0fbf494fbf84165ddb66546 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T05.SHN
e004ccbd1bd01417c537f216972df336 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T06.SHN
cd73e815cabc08132392af93ae51f3c8 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T07.SHN
babf9d53640bce3aa8faeb73f4c4df25 [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T08.SHN
a7dc41211e52250fccb4128316b0395f [shntool] PH92-11-19D1T09.SHN
c6015954da8d59e0e56480ae0b62e1cb [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T01.SHN
dbeedbd1cef9fe9c3766e88b05ca6702 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T02.SHN
c8d007f395e29d81cc3b485488540e61 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T03.SHN
c5688d38ae1d5d52f1a669173ef469b0 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T04.SHN
c50cb58e7b2377359a6f5d09f5fa54f0 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T05.SHN
baaaa0d9a9b6a6dbc1e8394f18b114d6 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T06.SHN
c56d55aa91f0e455c6ae2618a033e481 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T07.SHN
a10ff55e6d1516a58005f4d387e78060 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T08.SHN
dd6660f5e867130e8ef69144a8bf5f2b [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T09.SHN
d90861196c8a74b03f06c762e5f7c901 [shntool] PH92-11-19D2T10.SHN
0e63c2c8ecfc6a9bbed9c3fe89d91cfc [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T01.SHN
fe2a7cfec7625b5da29a61abe0287e22 [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T02.SHN
ef7c11c06ab6f74419eca50a0327a93f [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T03.SHN
8d604bffb8f7b8b9db120acedf1843eb [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T04.SHN
856489eb6ba12479e792629129f0fd69 [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T05.SHN
c13743d80ec7e46edd9e5842520195cb [shntool] PH92-11-19D3T06.SHN

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Other Sources (comments)
Unknown source (most likely... (1) SBD > Cass/1 > DAT; D100 >... (2) SBD > Cass/1 > DAT; Archive... (1) LivePhish FLAC download;... (0) flac16 48kHz... (0)
Date User Comment
01/26/2004 Blane I assume the source is NAK CM300, since there is no CM3000. Smoking show.