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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/01/01
Gathering of the Vibes, Red Hook, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary (fob/dfc @35ft) Schoeps cmc64> Lunatec 316> SBM-1 (Oade Mod.)> M1 @44.1kHz by Eric McRoberts, 100 degrees on 6'4" pole; Lunatec 316 +28dB, SBM-1 line in at 2.9; Audio Magic Apprentice xlr-rca's from Lunatec 316> SBM-1; Transfer, Master from M1: R500> Audio Magic Presto II> Zefiro ZA2> Soundforge 4.5> CDWav> .shn; taped, transferred and seeded by Eric McRoberts; No normalizing, resampling, or DAE; Minor Edits: 5 second start and end set fades; QC courtesy dankseeds 
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Medeski Martin & Wood 07-01-2001 Gathering Of The Vibes, Red Hook, NY

Source: (fob/dfc @35') Schoeps cmc64->Lunatec 316->SBM-1(Oade Mod.)->M1 @44.1kHz
by Eric McRoberts.  Master from M1 used in below transfer. 100 degrees
on 6'4" pole.  Lunatec 316 +28dB, SBM-1 line in at 2.9.  Audio Magic
Apprentice xlr-rca's from Lunatec 316->SBM-1

Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn
by Eric McRoberts.  No normalizing, resampling, or DAE.

Minor Edits: 5 second start and end set fades.

----- Jeff Ishaq's Notes
* This source is flawless

* Other Source: MBHO603/KA200N > Sound Devices MP2 > Graham Patten ADC20(48kHz) > dap1 has
  some dropouts in it which sound like transfer-related problems (d1t2 01:22, d1t3 03:01).
  It sounds almost identical to this recording in terms of sound quality, though apparently
  this FOB Schoeps source was 20' closer to the stage than any other mics.

1.   Introduction 00:32
2.   The Lover-> 08:55
3.   Big Time-> 08:35
4.   The Dropper 06:20
5.   We Are Rolling-> 05:53
6.   Wiggly's Way*-> 07:20
7.   Grandma's Hands* 08:25
8.   Hottentot ** 11:43
9.   Buddy Miles Speach 02:20
10.  Blues Jam *** 11:14
11.  Outro 05:49

*    w/ Bruce Hornsby and DJ Logic
**   w/ John Scofield and DJ Logic
***  w/ John Scofield and Buddy Miles

We were about 35' in front of the sbd, center between the stacks.  
All other tapers were no less than 20' behind us.  


*Dankseed Certification received 2001-08-21*
and posted at
Listening test performed by *5* danksters

positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK

negative criteria met:
Resampled- NO
Diginoise- NO
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72a45e5ac068826c761a0882dc43b206 *mmw01-07-01t01.shn
14f058d84f18354a95e2e39e5545283b *mmw01-07-01t02.shn
95af2242b21c9dffde13f8b07d1497d9 *mmw01-07-01t03.shn
528fbfe28e12cb096af5411edea441db *mmw01-07-01t04.shn
aeffcedfb2dcba325f1fcdb2b5e0bcbe *mmw01-07-01t05.shn
b2651653148bdb19c3bb2e6bf5b82cd7 *mmw01-07-01t06.shn
3a7df7e05e8bd1ba96580bf2d5ecb963 *mmw01-07-01t07.shn
230e73846bdf215dd3b4da65738d30a2 *mmw01-07-01t08.shn
15f8e2267389d60730b643f99da8c2b8 *mmw01-07-01t09.shn
4251f265941873886b51688f6c90f53c *mmw01-07-01t10.shn
b41428ca3efc3b22f6ec397d5cbe079a *mmw01-07-01t11.shn
6e6a9ba8afcf1452d089d240d1c4fc9e *mmw01-07-01t08.wav
0ba5116cdad47a5471e3c34ea5434b1a *mmw01-07-01t02.wav
b745151464e23cba7c62a97bc4f82f6c *mmw01-07-01t03.wav
b542385150f5b21b9671c09f2c799627 *mmw01-07-01t04.wav
25243c8fa27c63892c092f02516a2aa2 *mmw01-07-01t05.wav
94f8968c391ebb8cd02f228099ea80aa *mmw01-07-01t06.wav
a7c9b33997e0e5593c5ba3355d23fda5 *mmw01-07-01t07.wav
89253cd2c12e52ded8441d3309633d62 *mmw01-07-01t01.wav
d88f2bc7ba0153f8faff7de47584a58b *mmw01-07-01t09.wav
be84a51efaadb7d81c31c57d5742f65c *mmw01-07-01t10.wav
07cc4eddf52297c05c1ba66cf448f5ae *mmw01-07-01t11.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
MBHO603/KA200N> Sound... (4) Neumann u89i... (0) flac16 AT822 > Sony... (0)
Date User Comment
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Diana This is under dankseeds review, and if approved as is (seems likely) I will replace the txt file here with their file. Meanwhile it's apparently going around anyway.
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Greg & Diana BTW there is a well-filmed stream of the set at dcn.
09/04/2001 Hamilton, Diana This is "certified dank" now. :)