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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/22/95
CBGB's Gallery, New York, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums shn.md5 , wav.md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary unknown mics > ? @32kHz; Conversion: Panasonic 3700 > Zefiro ZA2 spdif w/ 32-44.1 resampling > CDWav > shn; via Pete Rocco and colleague 
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11/22/95 CBGB's Gallery - New York City, NY

Source: unknown mics > ? @32kHz
Conversion: Panasonic 3700 > Zefiro ZA2 spdif w/ 32-44.1 resampling > CDWav > shn

Set 1:

1) Chinoiserie
2) Jam >
3) Lifeblood
4) Sequel
6) Think
7) Jelly Belly >
9) Henduck
10) Lonely Avenue
11) Crosstown Traffic (*snip*)

12) same show???
Show Checksums
fba386e7cbf03f475ec673245c17db9d *mmw95-11-22t01.shn
1c063a6fa484e8382d6a920d28dbec65 *mmw95-11-22t02.shn
27336d73e9076546b80c9b65350517c3 *mmw95-11-22t03.shn
87f054c9b8d09d8e1c958a6083c58ead *mmw95-11-22t04.shn
7d04ab22996ce16afe69128313b646a0 *mmw95-11-22t05.shn
fbc1a41a612daf4bc206270122610add *mmw95-11-22t06.shn
268994b5b99023ede9511c093ac91dde *mmw95-11-22t07.shn
bde6fbfd6bbecbd2a4387bdfb6af1c24 *mmw95-11-22t08.shn
9d36723b196f9b702f1efed0e5e54363 *mmw95-11-22t09.shn
c06e7f080c3790254bf189325d36026f *mmw95-11-22t10.shn
9a2a77e1d4a39ce85968b2b215017456 *mmw95-11-22t11.shn
7cacda6171e38a559433a2c9ecc39ed0 *mmw95-11-22t12.shn
7944b15a22c2ed166624f10bc3a04112 *mmw95-11-22t01.wav
c16f266e448673217d575c041077c1ce *mmw95-11-22t02.wav
01d6fc0d4dc2e74ca744b1946d9f4454 *mmw95-11-22t03.wav
26ed9944ab67e143cd9d869e469c8b0c *mmw95-11-22t04.wav
91dfe84eea13ac4816b702a8f3a731ec *mmw95-11-22t05.wav
fb59c24ad664453325ae9d5140d33498 *mmw95-11-22t06.wav
7e12cfc0478f41df50438d488d995e87 *mmw95-11-22t07.wav
70e07a3c71a489f714f9f8942fc27d71 *mmw95-11-22t08.wav
0e7d8a3c505909f7d25ffb77f4286e8c *mmw95-11-22t09.wav
412d56130e52091e7690b229e5c37f80 *mmw95-11-22t10.wav
61a5150c0352628b10064c4ee47f18ad *mmw95-11-22t11.wav
05c73f149fe7cdab3c7a6bf7cd6b82aa *mmw95-11-22t12.wav

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Date User Comment
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Diana I found the md5s shown here with a shn set having its main dir labeled "fixed." I don't know what is fixed about the shns or whether there's also an "unfixed" version going around. Knowledgeable comments welcome, thanks!
09/21/2001 Pete Rocco I gave this show to a friend to retrack since my card won't do a 32k sampling rate. On the inital transfer there was a small spot of diginoise that was not on the DAT. The re-transfer is the 'fixed' version which is completely flawless, beside the fact it's sampled at 32k... damn fine show, tho.
11/19/2004 Diana t12 could be some kind of filler. This fileset also circulates without it.