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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/01/01
Gathering of the Vibes, Red Hook, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Neumann u89i (Hypercardiod)> EAA-PSP2> Sony PCM-M1; Transfer: Sony PCM-M1> Montego II S/PDIF> Goldwave (Normalized)> CDWav> Goldwave (Fades)> mkwACT0.97Beta1; Taped and Transferred: Bryan Austin; tracked for 80 min 
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Gathering of the Vibes 2001

Medeski Martin & Wood
Main Stage - Greig Farm, Red Hook, NY

Source:   Neumann u89i(Hypercardiod)>EAA-PSP2>Sony PCM-M1
Transfer: Sony PCM-M1>Montego II S/PDIF>Goldwave(Normalized)>CDWav>Goldwave(Fades)>mkwACT0.97Beta1

Taped and Transferred: Bryan Austin ([email protected] or [email protected])

** Tracked for an 80 minute disc. **
** I know very little MMW, so this could be tracked incorrectly! **
** I did my best to put track splits where new songs were. After **
** the fact, I found another seed and came up with what mine is **
** most likely tracked as. Sorry. Also, my mics were set up next **
** to Ian Stone's MBHO rig. **

Disc 1 - 77:16

01. Intro 00:21
02. The Lover-> 09:08
03. Big Time-> 05:01
04. Jam 03:20
05. The Dropper 07:57
06. We Are Rolling-> 04:17
07. Wiggly's Way/Grandma's Hands * 15:50
08. Hottentot ** 14:03
09. Buddy Miles Blues Jam *** 11:44
10. Outro 05:35

*    w/ Bruce Hornsby and DJ Logic
**   w/ John Scofield and DJ Logic
***  w/ John Scofield and Buddy Miles

Feel free to make any corrections. Enjoy!

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7cb94619b901e9750405d11888bbf412 *mmw2001-07-01d01t01.shn
47539f26e5515ef58e346127faf88d20 *mmw2001-07-01d01t02.shn
b78b54fef8db79e0f7e3acc7cbd85d52 *mmw2001-07-01d01t03.shn
86fbc376662f1f930d8a16325f65e29b *mmw2001-07-01d01t04.shn
41ec784d5fcfa5aa578b62711f0c6217 *mmw2001-07-01d01t05.shn
da9aa4023e15391a56c6dd41ccaae98e *mmw2001-07-01d01t06.shn
4481c9d53dff4e4f8de348ed08e46bf4 *mmw2001-07-01d01t07.shn
bec33a197007bce4aa06225dbe8ac92c *mmw2001-07-01d01t08.shn
4ad47b4c439985bd5a94f3d461587f25 *mmw2001-07-01d01t09.shn
06bee03ee493d763351592392f1a759e *mmw2001-07-01d01t10.shn

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