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Phish 05/08/93
UNH Fieldhouse, Durham, NH
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC5/MK4s > SBM-1 > DAT > CDR; CDR > EAC > SHN; transfer by Gareth Peters; minor flaw at the track break between "It's Ice" (d2t7) and "Squirming Coil" (d2t8); to PCP offer 
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University of New Hampshire Fieldhouse
Durham, NH

Source: Schoeps CMC5/MK4s > SBM-1 > DAT > CDR
(CDR > EAC > SHN via G. Peters)

01 Chalk Dust Torture
02 Guelah Papyrus
03 Rift
04 Mound
05 Stash >
06 Kung > Stash
07 Glide
08 My Friend, My Friend
09 Reba

SET I (continued)
01 Trey Speech*
02 Satin Doll
03 Cavern
04 David Bowie > Jessica Jam > David Bowie >
05 Have Mercy > David Bowie
06 The Horse > Silent in the Morning
07 It's Ice >
08 The Squirming Coil > Jam >
09 Big Ball Jam >

SET II (continued)
01 Mike's Song >
02 Crossroads** > Mike's Song >
03 I am Hydrogen >
04 Weekapaug Groove
05 Amazing Grace >
06 Amazing Grace Jam
07 AC/DC Bag

* with introductions and thanks to the crew
** debut performance

Show Notes:
The intro to Bowie included Simpsons and Random Note Signals, and an Amazing Grace tease from Mike.
Subsequently, Mike's and Weekapaug both included Amazing Grace teases.
The Amazing Grace Jam was played to a Weekapaug-esque drum beat.
The breakdown in It's Ice included a tease of one of the guitar lines from Discipline (King Crimson) and a Manteca tease.

Seeder Notes:
Minor flaw at the track break between "It's Ice" (d2t07) and "Squirming Coil" (d2t08)
Show Checksums
149856b07d000a925ece2d4beb7260db *ph93-05-08d1t2.shn
b8f0b303901923fcdfd25553523ef016 *ph93-05-08d1t3.shn
04df2a7ae24417ccde737c316b1f36cc *ph93-05-08d1t4.shn
339a3ee59fc88a18941ca7e0f7d096a2 *ph93-05-08d1t1.shn
1d2cb3e94f5af3513bae13b23ef389a1 *ph93-05-08d1t6.shn
7088c5d6dc5051d32bdb5c3791161e9e *ph93-05-08d1t7.shn
43c5d086dc33c267558b68add420cb4b *ph93-05-08d1t8.shn
1fa84436f77afe29efce967852c5ca50 *ph93-05-08d1t9.shn
d7c089c589e74bd258658840ea8756b9 *ph93-05-08d1t5.shn
6af3e8a3eccbe363c450658a359353f6 *ph93-05-08d2t2.shn
a1409314e401ecb98e405d88d0890af0 *ph93-05-08d2t3.shn
b041fb0078b3ecc908f6da0f1bdabcec *ph93-05-08d2t4.shn
7315c2530c697e4bd634e9aa22840fb2 *ph93-05-08d2t5.shn
da99716f6ad8749dbabd3336843c6342 *ph93-05-08d2t1.shn
d6b2944d70e3c0fe6553793a7d9d24e4 *ph93-05-08d2t7.shn
03fc7a09c4c9cd227584bcbafdfb8a2f *ph93-05-08d2t8.shn
e11afbfa8a2334f324231e57be74ecd5 *ph93-05-08d2t9.shn
3f33b2e01401258bdf696e8df6158ad8 *ph93-05-08d2t6.shn
a02e3ba7a8cc3273bab71e6840fd6f95 *ph93-05-08d3t2.shn
eb28997ea813cde6ec72b103adcef845 *ph93-05-08d3t1.shn
93b0c09669620e4d97e5b7738d2891f2 *ph93-05-08d3t4.shn
767e60cf106c77d28710f3be7501bb8f *ph93-05-08d3t5.shn
62f3e136fab7554d73ff2cd11de6e9da *ph93-05-08d3t6.shn
0fe011d834f126417571cac1369fe602 *ph93-05-08d3t7.shn
aa932f53543d8dda2799ed41e1f11f0a *ph93-05-08d3t3.shn
62ccf3193aa3172137339374a445b1e0 [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t1.shn
f761d52b4cc4e13f244665b0ec4c8cbb [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t2.shn
2035571ddcd03957563b4f0c5b6aaaa9 [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t3.shn
c3af756baa9e4236a063a5bc56b4cfbc [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t4.shn
7628036c5fa447af0dbf7d59b64c90c9 [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t5.shn
e59a8ce7ff1f8670441bca72ccf120ee [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t6.shn
c4bc8f590bac8437015b369a74086d0e [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t7.shn
7e4fff7341f6baca267edc9967ba5278 [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t8.shn
924049a285d5f3ed59be02e79f6436a7 [shntool] ph93-05-08d1t9.shn
15ac34d8f5a3eb291301665ccefda653 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t1.shn
2ce20a7c7ba02215fcf551abd588d046 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t2.shn
1f4c1f684b828d88c095728f75097970 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t3.shn
31163b4e3eb73f8947d3b67de70be9fd [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t4.shn
0423ce9d770b31aa8b7e23ebb6597e00 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t5.shn
9f43da745648a2684de99ce85f62189a [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t6.shn
6a9336f01e7bcf87ca660ac791f300d5 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t7.shn
c91b813892fd9ed270cd012f85d5caf4 [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t8.shn
dc68e37b20633d7ea5ae14f21ceac13d [shntool] ph93-05-08d2t9.shn
6205c5b851fe8d7dea2e3f00a34efb46 [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t1.shn
728fc23f84701ebd8463d12dd7b52cd3 [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t2.shn
61f1aac1b1bebeac132a91ff8e083a90 [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t3.shn
4075d97e4e12f8db4288aa2d0bfce5cc [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t4.shn
ae44d9d4b7a5d36b56a6fe88824d9e27 [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t5.shn
6e7d752573f87e8fa716eb7a6f22f41a [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t6.shn
b8281090e0515782f147816edfe55b99 [shntool] ph93-05-08d3t7.shn

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Date User Comment
03/08/2005 Hokker This is a really nice sounding recording of a fun show. The stuff from rift in the first set are all really tightly played, then they cut loose in the second set with a jaw dropping david bowie. This show is very enjoyable.