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Medeski Martin & Wood 09/07/01
Lincoln Theater, Univ. Hartford, West Hartford, CT
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary (fob/dfc) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)-> Lunatec 316-> SBM-1(Oade Mod.)-> DA-P1 @44.1kHz; Recorded by Eric McRoberts & Andrew Jones. Mics on 7' stand dfc in the 2nd row of the seated section (no tapers any closer), about 30' from the stage. Lunatec 316 set @ 5.8 for set 1, set 2 at 6.2 (adjusted between songs). SBM-1 line in at 2.7. DA-P1 out of SBM-1 via Oade 7-pin Active Cable->Canare Coax. Audio Magic Excaliber II XLR-> RCA's from Lunatec-> SBM-1. Master from DA-P1 used in transfer: Transfer: Sony 59ES-> Audio Magic Presto II-> Zefiro ZA2-> Soundforge 4.5-> CDWav->.shn; Transfer by Eric McRoberts  
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Medeski, Martin, & Wood
9-7-2001 (Friday)
Linoln Theatre, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT

Source: (fob/dfc) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)->Lunatec 316->SBM-1(Oade Mod.)->DA-P1 @44.1kHz
Recorded by Eric McRoberts & Andrew Jones.  Mics on 7' stand dfc in the 2nd
row of the seated section(no tapers any closer), about 30' from the stage.
Lunatec 316 set @ 5.8 for set 1, set 2 at 6.2(adjusted between songs).  SBM-1
line in at 2.7.  DA-P1 out of SBM-1 via Oade 7-pin Active Cable->Canare Coax.
Audio Magic Excaliber II XLR->RCA's from Lunatec->SBM-1.
Master from DA-P1 used in below transfer.

Transfer: Sony 59ES->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn
Transfer by Eric McRoberts

Disk 1 <68:19>
Set I:
1.   Introduction        00:52
2.   Drums/Jam->               04:17
3.   The Dropper-> 09:42
4.   Jam 02:54
5.   ITAHTLMJ 06:08
6.   Drums/Jam-> 04:49
7.   Partido Alto-> 09:42
8.   Africa-> 10:15
9.   Dracula 10:46
10.  Big Time 07:14
11.  Band Introductions                 01:36

Disk 2 <69:51>
Set II:
1.   Crowd Noise                     00:30
2.   Think-> 10:21
3.   Philly Cheese Blunt-> 06:12
4.   Brigas Nunca Mais->   04:26
5.   Bone Digger-> 07:14
6.   Hey-Hee-Ho-Ho 05:02
7.   Bass Solo-> 02:48
8.   Shacklyn Knights-> 09:24
9.   Night Marchers 05:00
10.  Blue Pepper 06:04
11.  Band Introductions/Ovation          02:14
12.  Swamp Road 09:03
13.  Crowd Noise                   01:27

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0a3aa54ca9c6f56f0f03308b327996c6 *mmw01-09-07d1t07.shn
3e77263ac3d6e3644a26a227b9d8c2ed *mmw01-09-07d1t02.shn
d7c993e9d761b51097ab5ec6e74bf4fc *mmw01-09-07d1t03.shn
d23afa3355809d3187df081a1adc013c *mmw01-09-07d1t04.shn
e3f30e10912463a513b4e91055b6fdd4 *mmw01-09-07d1t05.shn
38ec18cbd5fe66c411d9cc9d70a25408 *mmw01-09-07d1t06.shn
2cd0e611692bee0d2fd8bfedbc26e6a5 *mmw01-09-07d1t01.shn
968cfb2dbf920b3ff1d81ebab7c2c655 *mmw01-09-07d1t08.shn
2c1e0ddc51e6bd3143bc673b31bb9feb *mmw01-09-07d1t09.shn
d9cf2d7c794530d88a851362cf42100b *mmw01-09-07d1t10.shn
abc579a81c406429a636032d90801333 *mmw01-09-07d1t11.shn

a64d7bfea5f8c207e25e011ab27f438d *mmw01-09-07d1t09.wav
6cab0f9d447c4d1a55d27102ba335c9a *mmw01-09-07d1t02.wav
a5e157ba61506fc802451b5bf0378c29 *mmw01-09-07d1t03.wav
4e4d35a7391bb872be8009a4eb228d77 *mmw01-09-07d1t04.wav
c0a503c8507c95cc740a668caeaef779 *mmw01-09-07d1t05.wav
87a81c4100b13f1f57ceda4dc27c6267 *mmw01-09-07d1t06.wav
661b471340ee1358c8235eae5f483654 *mmw01-09-07d1t07.wav
2c63386f243d0c852b4588127c01961f *mmw01-09-07d1t08.wav
7090e8778ed3ecb7e02ee4fa21e21e35 *mmw01-09-07d1t01.wav
64d5a1f3b2f149acb7f88f6385b4b6e7 *mmw01-09-07d1t10.wav
b7b373249b3d3120a7842856254b8f5b *mmw01-09-07d1t11.wav

6806d960e40b11c2efae577b86324d91 *mmw01-09-07d2t01.shn
5e8490dd4483c4796d518797d2bce3e4 *mmw01-09-07d2t02.shn
7c611931d60e7ee9384419c7dbeb41cf *mmw01-09-07d2t03.shn
d7782cf0acda9c478a66583bc7eb0274 *mmw01-09-07d2t04.shn
9b42287f42f4c30d2ef5abf508720448 *mmw01-09-07d2t05.shn
54a2addba29e84d1de8876c042820dcb *mmw01-09-07d2t06.shn
9a75f8b70688a150bbf504ab4959f91c *mmw01-09-07d2t07.shn
f970f563cdb4b7a7d0e568f168ca7ee7 *mmw01-09-07d2t08.shn
5abde96bff8cd41fd138b7458e0666b8 *mmw01-09-07d2t09.shn
ecdd509ebfe5c8df826034a8977cb4aa *mmw01-09-07d2t10.shn
9f045d32e7a4be4e0b5c3a1413f45f4d *mmw01-09-07d2t11.shn
9b0d43bdb115509401953aafc3d65300 *mmw01-09-07d2t12.shn
7b0d36d741367f67bc7421f6f40403fe *mmw01-09-07d2t13.shn

df2efe6a5d1fde32a3d583e8fc3069f1 *mmw01-09-07d2t10.wav
7a48a07057bfa797016462ccc793a21a *mmw01-09-07d2t02.wav
54d3bf09ea2324978e2897fa8ec2160e *mmw01-09-07d2t03.wav
272ce9311ecc3a661b28c5f8ca1aca1f *mmw01-09-07d2t04.wav
81ee601a05f841c63833f8409713092e *mmw01-09-07d2t05.wav
b309c1c56b5e4572e814f67e9015ded9 *mmw01-09-07d2t06.wav
8941527988f786ceb90a0a9bac5784a9 *mmw01-09-07d2t07.wav
d24e2f4e3c7ecf35366801067ab2f8ab *mmw01-09-07d2t08.wav
9c4a2858e65f1080763290821538087e *mmw01-09-07d2t09.wav
1aa30285859024d321dd666e2656d51e *mmw01-09-07d2t01.wav
e77d099b0a195cf966d4664456e00e44 *mmw01-09-07d2t11.wav
38dc04ee7b15136d5547066f1686e732 *mmw01-09-07d2t12.wav
e9bc552ec0571057a828ef9c65f14d24 *mmw01-09-07d2t13.wav

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