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Phish 08/13/93
Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary set II; SBD -> Cass -> DAT -> CD; reported channel imbalances not on original DAT?; channel swap at end of Gin (not on original) 
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Phish 8/13/93 Set II
SBD -> Cass -> DAT -> CD.
Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN

Set 2:
1) Buried Alive->
2) Rift
3) Bathtub Gin->
4) Ya Mar
5) Mike's Song->
6) Lifeboy
7) Oh Kee Pa Ceremony->
8) Suzy Greenberg

9) Filler: Phish 4-14-93
Aud? -> cheap 16 bit sound card ->
CoolEdit Digital NR (to remove tape hiss) -> shn

Sound is ok, but the performance rocks..  From the hills....

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47ec2307faabcf9777d1964e4329d8eb *ph4-14-93-stash-kung-stash.shn
f1a487d45c09fcb48e2d9579d2898dc4 *ph8-13-93IIt01.shn
f3bb6a87ec4b0b146694d6e7acfa63f3 *ph8-13-93IIt02.shn
815f2a22ff92250c9414026000f3cada *ph8-13-93IIt03.shn
5177f75ac8363b1cb0202951c3a198c7 *ph8-13-93IIt04.shn
c4b1120c7c505692bd0b1804019a7f29 *ph8-13-93IIt05.shn
9a9f6d2b91d5dfebf0d72075f20a6995 *ph8-13-93IIt06.shn
85351d1ebbebdf43f9330ac2af836459 *ph8-13-93IIt07.shn
74e8130faf569048763bec891880496f *ph8-13-93IIt08.shn

978a07b2d6ac217ac8ffc4356ec6d499 [shntool] ph4-14-93-stash-kung-stash.shn
d586d4e6fbdb95034b2a58d0a5b9c7ce [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt01.shn
9404fc0cb95c2339ad464039df61ba7f [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt02.shn
402211064c3e6f46873228da2d381859 [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt03.shn
badbf14c30a87fe6a6b8b978e679467e [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt04.shn
fc3c3da9f8b91753272afffba0b30f9a [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt05.shn
3a5dfad4594a8649c20b949495de4526 [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt06.shn
1d28e2b39438a62a1c49f8e0a8dfb571 [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt07.shn
e6c6fc61ef9090704188aa7b4549447b [shntool] ph8-13-93IIt08.shn

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set II (most); SBD->... (1) Nakamichi CM-300's (TS, at... (3) Set 2p only; SBD > Cass/x >... (0)
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