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Phish 12/31/93
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA
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Source # 566 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary FM > DAT 48.1 > PC via Event Gina SP/DIF > 44.1 (CEP at maximum quality) > CDR; CDR>SHN via EAC on Plextor Ultraplex, no suspicious positions noted;? Glitch in Tweezer, believed to be from the FM source, corrected with CEP; transfer by Jamie Treworgy, upload by Hersch Gelman 
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Phish 12/31/93
Source info: FM > DAT 48.1 > PC via Event Gina SP/DIF > 44.1 (CEP at
maximum quality) > CDR
CDR>SHN via EAC on Plextor Ultraplex, no suspicious positions noted.

Glitch in Tweezer, believed to be from the FM source, corrected with Cool
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Setlist: Set 1 (Disc 1)

1. Llama
2. Guelah Papyrus
3. Stash
4. Intro >
5. Ginseng Sullivan
6. Reba >
7. Peaches en Regalia
8. I Didn't Know
9. Run Like an Antelope

Set 2 (Disc 2)

1. Tweezer
2. Halley's Comet
3. Poor Heart
4. It's Ice
5. Fee
6. Possum
7. Lawn Boy
8. You Enjoy Myself

Set 3 (Disc 3)

1. Countdown >
2. Auld Lang Syne >
3. Down With Disease Jam
4. Lizards
5. Sparkle
6. Suzy Greenberg
7. Henrietta Intro >
8. Cracklin' Rosie
9. Harry Hood
10. Tweezer Reprise

11. Intro >
12. Golgi Apparatus
13. Amazing Grace

Show Checksums
f6d032bdefde64998609ee0ff8b02540 *ph12-31-93d1t01.shn
47c897cb544f66e6a55ce5861709d21f *ph12-31-93d1t02.shn
95ca652b8cc7d235e1e2c75d7f9e8265 *ph12-31-93d1t03.shn
8411701239be860bb95d899b548f4080 *ph12-31-93d1t04.shn
dd40ae8da5c1fce06ca77801638a9cef *ph12-31-93d1t05.shn
4d0d08cc9c36df8cebdcdf98696e8612 *ph12-31-93d1t06.shn
b6603b588127ae81df0c230ddf5063c5 *ph12-31-93d1t07.shn
ba5e1db9b505cf3b88ecf6038b759017 *ph12-31-93d1t08.shn
4c1d72fe20e94e01352925278ed8065b *ph12-31-93d1t09.shn
2883fa0d6b465ba0ac365535a76f3a9f *ph12-31-93d2t01.shn
dad30ce433bb8b6e11fbb8588cd50ae6 *ph12-31-93d2t02.shn
2a357b595b4d1c40c7deac718db86a03 *ph12-31-93d2t03.shn
90271b9c433e6db0284c758550fcf10f *ph12-31-93d2t04.shn
08780b8061bc67eac5a8afaf77cbccb5 *ph12-31-93d2t05.shn
dcba9f385d3ddde9aa7151de1a9229bc *ph12-31-93d2t06.shn
f05d83479941158a6a5cf6a4673d2200 *ph12-31-93d2t07.shn
f8f71672e931f6a9ae648c42b8e90262 *ph12-31-93d2t08.shn
7616f8c4181cb71b919d00ca1637bd4d *ph12-31-93d3t01.shn
d34f08da5bc0c3cf78a5f87bce6e4fb5 *ph12-31-93d3t02.shn
36c53e011cde2fd5d44301a43b7de5de *ph12-31-93d3t03.shn
2e0f84837e71b9d85770957f0b469912 *ph12-31-93d3t04.shn
7ace9f211347afacad165a97c26a4011 *ph12-31-93d3t05.shn
d6de298411c9f49af90d16d6daf98b42 *ph12-31-93d3t06.shn
a03ad9852b53ca2072896320f648c8cc *ph12-31-93d3t07.shn
52df1ebf38ceae175f9061e281b375b0 *ph12-31-93d3t08.shn
afdd184a6402fa76300dfe57bc252c04 *ph12-31-93d3t09.shn
a60e2a3be72caa3e9546e8921c669ca4 *ph12-31-93d3t10.shn
feb074dacbc8138c7f3aac25abae24d0 *ph12-31-93d3t11.shn
04d81b327a54ff08def1236cb29c71f7 *ph12-31-93d3t12.shn
313e866485fc36d5af7a19cab27db5f3 *ph12-31-93d3t13.shn
3a448ce4d0e03eef4e3fc28ba3f1199a [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t01.shn
bb9052f0cc8707ddacfe67a45e7647aa [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t02.shn
c62d127c8b6e445596d9547f6a34424e [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t03.shn
fbe8552fbe75cb48254b268a293acb74 [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t04.shn
e57521f241f0a1595ac9ac22615aa60a [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t05.shn
70d40267fbe3bc66c7b9c360686aed54 [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t06.shn
3b5c55a0ff1f7818c06439b4e7f6ffca [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t07.shn
fa943e9bf8fbe7ce92b8334cb208a74e [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t08.shn
4ec2b99a72354ec1caccc17fd32e6530 [shntool] ph12-31-93d1t09.shn
a661ec6c221e9b3c1e0bb880f6096aeb [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t01.shn
72349467c116c85441de50a84e763786 [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t02.shn
6c8ba8d4abb586af74eb5825681c0392 [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t03.shn
4a1644b17b65ebda72d9984aacfddc36 [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t04.shn
61af0eba78d2865fc6bfd1d85aa10d92 [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t05.shn
25f7dad0253f219a51d0401d9e7ecf3b [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t06.shn
261fae3d2748017f3f90c16cc39851ca [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t07.shn
e34abbc6395dd4240f7fd7940d790d3e [shntool] ph12-31-93d2t08.shn
0d6ea02b276f2cb7d17644f3e7693248 [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t01.shn
49a51e3d1efa7c66f80281e48835b5bc [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t02.shn
a9d644b762af373b60bbf07b3638e71d [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t03.shn
215d76d2c9da6241d9be058c9f0ad82b [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t04.shn
08342636aa1cfda5ad00f7a639582b0c [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t05.shn
bde50b3e356843c83ff05f57a941dd7f [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t06.shn
28e25e5a4e55728d53996699f9ff58d1 [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t07.shn
9b8f61ac3c7a32049b7453ba49999f3d [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t08.shn
cb4245da01153972f3eeb4114c7f4ab5 [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t09.shn
8a6d1c71d584c6ee61c5fa64b47ef280 [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t10.shn
74914449e7f718541bf41df9a750d16b [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t11.shn
5c2b3beca504b267af3db320d72f62fc [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t12.shn
7514e64eebb024956de33357a770d3f9 [shntool] ph12-31-93d3t13.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16, 44kHz; (OTS)... (3) flac16, 44kHz; AKG... (0) flac16, 44kHz; FM >... (4) flac16, 44kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
08/23/2000 Herschel Gelman

A comment on the "upload via H. Gelman (poss from
J. Treworgy?)":

Yes, if this is the version I uploaded to a couple
of servers, then it was the version transferred
by Jamie Treworgy.

08/23/2000 Diana Hamilton The credits have now been updated- thanks Hersch! :)
02/09/2003 Sigmund BoPs split open and melt isn't listed in the info, but IS included, track 4 is split, and there is no "intro" as track 11, so to fix the info, just move everything down and take out intro :-) im in a lil purple haze right now, hope i didn't confuse anyone.
12/08/2004 whyweigh recently got this one, is there also a glitch in the beginning of itc ice??

cause i have one
06/27/2006 Micah it sounds like there is an CASS generation on this show, no?