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Grateful Dead 03/24/95
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG 460s > Technics 260 > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN; via jtjames 
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BAND    Grateful Dead
VENUE   Charlotte Coliseum
CITY    Charlotte
DATE    03/24/95
SET1    Feel Like A Stranger ; Stagger Lee ; New Minglewood Blues ; High Time ;
If The Shoe Fits ; Black Throated Wind ; Bird Song ; The Promised Land
SET2    Here Comes Sunshine ; Samba In The Rain ; Man Smart, Woman Smarter ;
Eyes Of The World > Drums > Space > The Last Time > Black Peter > Around And
ENCORE  Liberty

AKG 460s > Technics 260 > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN

please report any flaws to [email protected]
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adf2fd442ea242010bb5e698bcdc8e1b *gd95.03.24d1t1.shn
832782fdce90e9bb9f4a126001fc34c0 *gd95.03.24d1t2.shn
2034f4720d7f75858aeed2940e87ef3a *gd95.03.24d1t3.shn
bc61a2a857bd9233fa08f07ad4a1738c *gd95.03.24d1t4.shn
b21b1fbe3b9ac28c6ebbd6dce4a58442 *gd95.03.24d1t5.shn
0c305002b1bed3dd2e085f70945c30d0 *gd95.03.24d1t6.shn
970e1552b2cdad41c20bb5bf96a4508d *gd95.03.24d1t7.shn
6beee38d049111506926cbb60e1377e4 *gd95.03.24d1t8.shn
a090699a2e7ddd24143c457d476fb535 *gd95.03.24d2t1.shn
7d86f6eb790105836c35e1b1c463963b *gd95.03.24d2t2.shn
731d9f7f51ab04cfde32cb1a3c56dd15 *gd95.03.24d2t3.shn
3b2a8bec772bb87d56c0df5ce4489845 *gd95.03.24d2t4.shn
2bd2e9cc6509097a11a445c21108f265 *gd95.03.24d2t5.shn
9737772adbfb66558f3ff1b17fe637de *gd95.03.24d3t1.shn
5890eb82b5c8a49ad643f5e1f122ac19 *gd95.03.24d3t2.shn
8d92ed7a33c61cfd50e836b0f6b1b4a0 *gd95.03.24d3t3.shn
97d05429a3514d68f72d67d076a78dda *gd95.03.24d3t4.shn
acd1d0a777769b4432ab5bed8348aef2 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t1.shn
fdcebf6bfe66a39f9841967ca3f07521 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t2.shn
ed79813fe97a1e7937289127c5a3ac27 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t3.shn
740a1ef47ef8c9a63dfe61a4e6a1380e [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t4.shn
4e58f03a76e22cd979bca0ec7b5d7686 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t5.shn
555ab07e06e36b11464e58d93fa1ac3e [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t6.shn
77fda645d22650674bdeb55c7b3a68d1 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t7.shn
3657154b55f2ab7decd7ca1af27af209 [shntool] gd95.03.24d1t8.shn
7e16254c463eaa7d031a4b9eab7f6d61 [shntool] gd95.03.24d2t1.shn
983cda5b377719d64797977924497532 [shntool] gd95.03.24d2t2.shn
d5decfc65bf2353944311902c43d1749 [shntool] gd95.03.24d2t3.shn
717db1c12d231e05a48414baf9377dff [shntool] gd95.03.24d2t4.shn
2420eee08aa778637b67882a3a9214cc [shntool] gd95.03.24d2t5.shn
ff73a299a3cf46a1d424b34d41e2aa77 [shntool] gd95.03.24d3t1.shn
09c6e19d744372cb7857f65049cce30a [shntool] gd95.03.24d3t2.shn
d39ba0325ceec57bdc4eec78c06d0315 [shntool] gd95.03.24d3t3.shn
2cd5ac9e739c7a0054e9c248b81aa493 [shntool] gd95.03.24d3t4.shn

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