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Disco Biscuits 09/01/01
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Entered by SailorSaint
Checksums orig-sbe , fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary B + K 4011 -> Lunatec V2 -> AD1K -> D8 Recorded by: Nick Michels; Transfer: Tascam DA20 MK2 -> Canarie Cable -> Digidesign AudioMedia III -> Bias PEAK; Transfer by: Max Dawson 
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The Disco Biscuits
September 1, 2001
Wetlands Preserve - New York, NY

Source: B + K 4011 -> Lunatec V2 -> AD1K -> D8
Recorded by: Nick Michels
Transfer: Tascam DA20 MK2 -> Canarie Cable -> Digidesign AudioMedia III -> Bias PEAK
Transfer by: Max Dawson at the PLAN C Sonic Laboratories, Portland, OR

Disc 1 (74 minutes)
Set I
1.  Banter
2.  Story of the World
3.  Triumph ->
4.  Haleakala Crater
5.  Kamaole Sands
6.  Home Again

Disc 2 (80 minutes)
Set II
1.  Once The Fiddler Paid
2.  Mindless Dribble ->
3.  Above the Waves ->
4.  Mindless Dribble ->

Disc 3 (80 minutes)
Set II continued
1.  Floes ->
2.  House Dawg, Party Favor
3.  Banter
4.  Pygmy Twylyte ->
5.  Run Like Hell
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3211f6879a4d3409b5c16fd85c96bf5a *db01-09-01d1t1.shn
7b743ac38ce04b98ac3cd8f9e06f0fa3 *db01-09-01d1t2.shn
b60cdade5ab7522e3e961eeb71df9451 *db01-09-01d1t3.shn
a28ff414a97c9c49ae4760dd06824f33 *db01-09-01d1t4.shn
ae9b2ad63fe1a70741e90d99811e15d4 *db01-09-01d1t5.shn
70276c898064d945b181921b1b115d38 *db01-09-01d1t6.shn

c40e455a3738296594eef3698be83eb7 *db01-09-01d2t1.shn
5742cff021ffb094b23e01b99c81c1c2 *db01-09-01d2t2.shn
32acef492ad3470280d27f384aa27034 *db01-09-01d2t3.shn
e47040f7cd7a8c7b2548b8498855fc1a *db01-09-01d2t4.shn

467246d61114c13d72b619331d0bb8bf *db01-09-01d3t1.shn
0830259f8523cf0ab4a9ee57d25d77f9 *db01-09-01d3t2.shn
b301125290c75b2c38ffee8d7a21bca0 *db01-09-01d3t3.shn
800b2d4979548bbdccc67cc1c728b606 *db01-09-01d3t4.shn
57e0b82f80b28420114b9d2e06874519 *db01-09-01d3t5.shn
14b31b2d4d42de03b59434f1548c6d9d *db2001-09-01d1t1.shn
a5cafd4bdb4b130fc2eab97af36e929a *db2001-09-01d1t2.shn
a98186f17f25f74b530f9fde9bd10999 *db2001-09-01d1t3.shn
e35ceaae8092ada2ddd503a3d4d24324 *db2001-09-01d1t4.shn
6dbb4284c5a3c88be655621f97987fab *db2001-09-01d1t5.shn
93567521344006db7442512626f5cada *db2001-09-01d1t6.shn

74f1148c45b2a3de80836712e788fa21 *db2001-09-01d2t1.shn
807df42c865c969cbea8fe33796d4261 *db2001-09-01d2t2.shn
29333c388fec8ec61ede757770d70592 *db2001-09-01d2t3.shn
8dd3be4dd6851ca244ae5d1cc17ccdbb *db2001-09-01d2t4.shn

ec9c2035a90f86e5d1644256a648e529 *db2001-09-01d3t1.shn
bee453ee9b0b893bc324b66134866464 *db2001-09-01d3t2.shn
54b6984ceb74f834be9813e1631834e8 *db2001-09-01d3t3.shn
e4a879a0b2e66b650b576cc85e0ec395 *db2001-09-01d3t4.shn
99bc860f8f7618d407d2ef884b30efe0 *db2001-09-01d3t5.shn
9ec9461dced591161980d46395e30911 *db2001-09-01d3t6.shn
9e083251a613c6d34379d3396a1cb294 *db2001-09-01d3t7.shn
5210c3a92705d92957acc0070a1830f2 *db2001-09-01d3t8.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
11/13/2002 Roadrunner Outstanding Jams and great sound quality! (the mindless dribble is the best I've heard!)
05/27/2004 Mike Pederson Originally circulated source contained sector boundary errors. These were fixed and set fades added for uploading to the LlaMA.