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Disco Biscuits 09/30/01
Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM4V->Lunatec V2->Apogee AD1000->D8; Transfer: Tascam DA-30mkII->RME Digi96-PST->Samplitude Project V5.5->CDWave->SHN; All editing done in SoundForge 5.0; Taped by Kevin Hughes 
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The Disco Biscuits
Ventura Theater
Ventura, CA
September 29, 2001

Source (Kevin Hughes): Schoeps CCM4V->Lunatec V2->Apogee AD1000->D8

Transfer: Tascam DA-30mkII->RME Digi96-PST->Samplitude Project V5.5->CDWave->SHN

All editing done in SoundForge 5.0.

Disc 1
1.  Banter
2.  Overture
3.  Little Lai->
4.  Little Shimmy In A Conga Line(1)
5.  Voices Insane
6.  And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night
7.  Little Shimmy In A Conga Line(1)->
8.  Little Lai

Disc 2 (set 2)
1.  Banter
2.  Shem-Rah Boo
3.  Magellan

Disc 3:
1.  applause
2.  Above The Waves->
3.  M.E.M.P.H.I.S.(2)->
4.  Above The Waves
5.  Spectacle

(1) Dyslexic
(2) w/ 7-11 vocal tease
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c043e9a9bab53ea99a68f0d54abb8c18 *db01-09-29d1t08.shn
6f328992172f68632db50d187a0d4093 *db01-09-29d1t02.shn
b880c9bdd91a3e3eb87a5b441f4fc8a6 *db01-09-29d1t03.shn
6624a4340830732a12aabed0ba2901c2 *db01-09-29d1t04.shn
43b97cf1eb6d06b396c16701eaba2162 *db01-09-29d1t05.shn
37f55bf1c8e7dbdd398148a256094d36 *db01-09-29d1t06.shn
e93b89c94e0cc1310667677f7c212897 *db01-09-29d1t07.shn
040b380d19f6b46449a5362811a61736 *db01-09-29d1t01.shn
366cd36d9bcc9c2e98e6efcc9d3378a5 *db01-09-29d2t01.shn
554b16026ccf81577a6b8ef586d9127d *db01-09-29d2t02.shn
ea2bb8ac5e51decbfa8e56a446b53068 *db01-09-29d2t03.shn
fa8f70edaf95695678579900dbf30f12 *db01-09-29d3t01.shn
7b11b2ad181788e1ae9d750ed3d4a680 *db01-09-29d3t02.shn
d9c3094f618f713050273ac3e54589fb *db01-09-29d3t03.shn
bc8c8de42ccd9c55b1b62119a601099f *db01-09-29d3t04.shn
117c3bcf34d97536cad0d1aab93b440a *db01-09-29d3t05.shn

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