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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/09/98
Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5 , flac-ffp , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary shn (& t-flac); Source: Schoeps CMC 34's (13th Row); via Michael Corcoran? 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC
October 9/1998

Source: Schoeps CMC 34's (13th Row)

Taper Unknown
Decoded, sbe's checked, setlist correction and FLACed by Blane Harvey, Aug. 2005

CD One:
01.  [07:39] - Open/Improv >
02.  [20:53] - Africa (w/ Bass Solo) > Open Improv/Intro [@18:47] >
03.  [09:20] - Lifeblood >
04.  [06:41] - Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho ['Crowd' @5:13]
05.  [12:58] - Gonzo*

CD Two:
01.  [20:25] - Open Improv > Improv [@5:18] > Improv [@9:58] > Open Improv/Drums'n'Bass [@14:41] > Intro to [@19:21] >
02.  [05:35] - Worms >
03.  [10:03] - Improv Intro > Hypnotized [@1:47] >
04.  [06:05] - Sugar Craft >
05.  [08:10] - Friday Afternoon In The Universe >
06.  [14:05] - Moti Mo+


CD Three:
01.  [08:13] - Coconut Boogaloo >
02.  [09:37] - Just Like I Pictured It
03.  [13:42] - Bubblehouse^

most of 2nd set w/ DJ Logic
* w/ acoustic outro
+ 'Billy Speaks/Crowd' @12:31; silence @13:55
^ 'Billy Speaks/Crowd/PA Music' @9:17; silence @13:27

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564680e9d97e70c83bfe6733f8cad973 *mmw98-10-09D105.shn
8e579f41aed364001f892f436ca9557f *mmw98-10-09D102.shn
909a466383b0b4540a2a45350741f4b1 *mmw98-10-09D103.shn
81eeed2bbc4994b9b892a66f91abe788 *mmw98-10-09D104.shn
203c43d0f52f94bafba8f371e72d7843 *mmw98-10-09D101.shn
502f7ea83a50e42d0f00da5dcdbda19f *mmw98-10-09D206.shn
9f540f460a0b2044922822c863539f3e *mmw98-10-09D202.shn
c3fc881ecfdb1048b8829a1aa319594c *mmw98-10-09D203.shn
bb889e04d4c1cdff81ab72d22e0305f6 *mmw98-10-09D204.shn
c26026704940281bb5e3015a6f6b5ef5 *mmw98-10-09D205.shn
de6a9bd97f0c2c29b23f2d1e61686e93 *mmw98-10-09D201.shn
9aad38aa64b5912259e45416fb4cdc82 *mmw98-10-09D303.shn
c2d4580cc5a7e19680825b5a1f2a3790 *mmw98-10-09D302.shn
df449342fb507ea356580f25a1132a33 *mmw98-10-09D301.shn
69373bbbe2bd03f47d8d8e7b466cd9b7 *mmw1998-10-09D101.flac
cc8c92d7f52488f3b56225e1cce5ab93 *mmw1998-10-09D102.flac
bcb94112f73f9c16409fc28353575cde *mmw1998-10-09D103.flac
2c67193552dd3ba26fcb5ef3b570f8ab *mmw1998-10-09D104.flac
6d62ce62f86d0a582f29df6daf53633b *mmw1998-10-09D105.flac
b3e940153cfcd53b3139d9a787fba64a *mmw1998-10-09D201.flac
3d7f82650de3d4946bf498afdcb65767 *mmw1998-10-09D202.flac
63a8c91eb51f8fe24bdcc7d80e797e83 *mmw1998-10-09D203.flac
8fb34e0ad97f2dec3954bcaf05309450 *mmw1998-10-09D204.flac
2a23967ecc50c4abbaef08a33ad8e5c2 *mmw1998-10-09D205.flac
18c4e8d19ac47c4739c334ff0dfc1e54 *mmw1998-10-09D206.flac
c31dbed15bbf825bb8ecf6fc309eae91 *mmw1998-10-09D301.flac
70c1e56423a32e181d387cee99df1757 *mmw1998-10-09D302.flac
7b28c4c6eb804285bcaded347f205716 *mmw1998-10-09D303.flac
mmw1998-10-09D101.flac: 261ad7b8bd975d5a48863b58c2b9cb01
mmw1998-10-09D102.flac: 8ef9ab9bb2d7085de937dd6c0da21154
mmw1998-10-09D103.flac: a392939230a1e5caadc008f70c46a54f
mmw1998-10-09D104.flac: b850d478879e2c137442eb5e08f2eba5
mmw1998-10-09D105.flac: e0b4d9badec2bdbddb4518a14a29ad37
mmw1998-10-09D201.flac: 9410050a20325b0bdbde1453737c0031
mmw1998-10-09D202.flac: b9d4990b450cdcb04f534ea515d37265
mmw1998-10-09D203.flac: 9b0ee6ef340ecc15acfd14f63f91e7b7
mmw1998-10-09D204.flac: 002983b963b308654c393f3fdbd2326c
mmw1998-10-09D205.flac: 546f83f3bf7c570f72b53364375a97f3
mmw1998-10-09D206.flac: 47f86248c43c04a3a48555205ef1e3dc
mmw1998-10-09D301.flac: 83720ee0f583f5ff3bd3c483b4d3f5b2
mmw1998-10-09D302.flac: e822b8b64ad7a6a775c3cab0581cb136
mmw1998-10-09D303.flac: c62772fc4e1f9da54503aef96a3d9651
261ad7b8bd975d5a48863b58c2b9cb01 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D101.flac
8ef9ab9bb2d7085de937dd6c0da21154 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D102.flac
a392939230a1e5caadc008f70c46a54f [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D103.flac
b850d478879e2c137442eb5e08f2eba5 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D104.flac
e0b4d9badec2bdbddb4518a14a29ad37 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D105.flac
9410050a20325b0bdbde1453737c0031 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D201.flac
b9d4990b450cdcb04f534ea515d37265 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D202.flac
9b0ee6ef340ecc15acfd14f63f91e7b7 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D203.flac
002983b963b308654c393f3fdbd2326c [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D204.flac
546f83f3bf7c570f72b53364375a97f3 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D205.flac
47f86248c43c04a3a48555205ef1e3dc [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D206.flac
83720ee0f583f5ff3bd3c483b4d3f5b2 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D301.flac
e822b8b64ad7a6a775c3cab0581cb136 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D302.flac
c62772fc4e1f9da54503aef96a3d9651 [shntool] mmw1998-10-09D303.flac
9125a91412e2ab35846c232a2548e91b *mmw1998-10-09D101.flac
4639580e1aa80b270f4cb84035fdb6d5 *mmw1998-10-09D102.flac
3c0b07f728a367f45f62c12a74c61edb *mmw1998-10-09D103.flac
46c3ddf898de951058812fdfb21ef142 *mmw1998-10-09D104.flac
f85760a00ae968ea9749d6f39d12eea0 *mmw1998-10-09D105.flac
ddeb3e41ed818f3907271ca7dd5122cb *mmw1998-10-09D201.flac
7883f2963d224c7740fd525b8d49543b *mmw1998-10-09D202.flac
64c11eaaef504ffdcef1254c811ebb72 *mmw1998-10-09D203.flac
1aebe8d3342d16b82bd04b838681a8f5 *mmw1998-10-09D204.flac
498eb2f006f00b13545706bbb971bcdd *mmw1998-10-09D205.flac
08dc68d44ea33dbde7057153e9af53d1 *mmw1998-10-09D206.flac
eaa563fd28dcf5fba41b7151162a8bca *mmw1998-10-09D301.flac
67cb7cee160cc823238d489d46b05db1 *mmw1998-10-09D302.flac
7abb72a8c6fed1ebf58268e431b394dc *mmw1998-10-09D303.flac

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Date User Comment
08/10/2005 Tom Luhrs Show was just reseeded as flac16 files. I verified that this is the same source by expanding the .flac files to .wav, compressing them to .shn, and creating an md5 file which matches. Added the reseed's flac fingerprint.
09/19/2008 duggy Made some significant updates to the setlist. This is indeed a HUGE performance of Africa -- no signs of "Chris & Tam" in the mix...
01/01/2013 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Using the FLACs Blane made in 2005, an ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.
05/19/2020 Pisces FYI, I was at this show and Bubblehouse is actually the last song of set II--there was no encore. You can hear it on the tape; there's no gap between Just Like I Pictured It and Bubblehouse, and the few seconds in between the songs isn't nearly enough time for the band to leave the stage and come back.