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Grateful Dead 10/12/89
Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Sbd> Cas(m)> Dat> ZA2/PC> SF> CD Architect> CDR?s; via Dave Koehler 
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Grateful Dead
Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Sbd>Cas(m)>Dat>ZA2/PC>SF>CD Architect>CDR?s

Disc One
Set 1
1. Hell in a Bucket
2. Sugaree
3. Blow Away
4. Tennessee Jed
5. Queen Jane Approximately
6. Bird Song
7. Jack Straw

Disc Two
Set 2 (start)
1. Hey Pocky Way
2. Cumberland Blues
3. Looks Like Rain
4. He's Gone>
5. Drums

Disc Three
Set 2 (end)
1. Space>
2. The Other One
3. Wharf Rat
4. Sugar Magnolia
5. Encore : Brokedown Palace

dave koehler
[email protected]
[email protected]
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ca7ddacfc1d3090d7fbbdd58d584ed49 *gd891012d1t2.shn
a8aaa77c1cd5ea13a239232598cf0960 *gd891012d1t1.shn
1d83b1a3195581cb0855a0a16c604592 *gd891012d1t3.shn
0b558e4a8914ab27987010e9b994c1e5 *gd891012d1t4.shn
ce769128d174ef4b68a7bc950910203e *gd891012d1t5.shn
b27d35ca535d5afa1bf2ced8aa2cb3ce *gd891012d1t6.shn
fb515a12ad22c62a23b8f1513760cb67 *gd891012d1t7.shn
6401242a2f275af6b8c3f4484dedef1e *gd891012d2t2.shn
a770fa21b996b48c74e21b4ed254648f *gd891012d2t1.shn
773bd3019c0805ae95203de264c970b5 *gd891012d2t3.shn
53e07b690b62f92ccf5d7ed678ebb23c *gd891012d2t4.shn
95145730524b96e8f35a02e1f6c54fc1 *gd891012d2t5.shn
578f2caf861e708a6af3e2d3b14adc29 *gd891012d3t1.shn
770793c323a424f66976e41d6de69410 *gd891012d3t2.shn
c1b03d1cfbf996cf09d0d1e353df0163 *gd891012d3t3.shn
13eed95328231d98d39edbfe2d15e6b2 *gd891012d3t4.shn
a48b8a2e6686d53b217a2a822253f3e6 *gd891012d3t5.shn
7070253071eb5c8f1c6d2138ffc7783c [shntool] gd891012d1t1.shn
ceddce32166cf6339807be9ce95191f5 [shntool] gd891012d1t2.shn
aa57cbfaefc1fa5aed037b993d3f07c4 [shntool] gd891012d1t3.shn
a0ab91fc6c68ba44baa499f25c9cfdb9 [shntool] gd891012d1t4.shn
53cb6a1ac4ceffe92fe3a129ebe36b6e [shntool] gd891012d1t5.shn
75704886b9a7a4227960f375937cdbad [shntool] gd891012d1t6.shn
0bd5c22ff49a999354539a6c7e92d807 [shntool] gd891012d1t7.shn
889a9df26be31572b26274bfc030282e [shntool] gd891012d2t1.shn
0cd6cbc08a248bd76f8db1278babade0 [shntool] gd891012d2t2.shn
b471e005537dd738bc2d89409925cc5a [shntool] gd891012d2t3.shn
91bc691136c34a879eda29f479115ef1 [shntool] gd891012d2t4.shn
13124f2b12bcccf9e3b5eaf4f265e75e [shntool] gd891012d2t5.shn
21fed7a7141bb5f5f95c6038db6e3eeb [shntool] gd891012d3t1.shn
d648a7ac08041caa379e1054e2a79a99 [shntool] gd891012d3t2.shn
8a46d31806cad88bec0948dc71cd129b [shntool] gd891012d3t3.shn
10d36630cf8ff3296beafb00aee29393 [shntool] gd891012d3t4.shn
5b67aea2dc10b39d8b931fb21f9f6ac9 [shntool] gd891012d3t5.shn

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