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Medeski Martin & Wood 09/29/01
Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary retracking of original shn set by Scott Young; original info: Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec V2(@10 db)> modSBM-1>D8; Transfer: Sony A7> Echo MIA> Soundforge> MKW; Taper: Brett Saul 
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Medeski, Martin and Wood
Riviera Theater
Chicago, IL
September 29, 2001

Source: Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec V2(@10 db)>modSBM-1>D8
Transfer: Sony A7> Echo MIA> Soundforge> MKW
Taper: Brett Saul ([email protected])

The encores on disc 3 will easily fit with set 1 on disc 1.

Disc 1
Set 1
1. Open Jam->
2. Jam->
3. Toy Dancing
4. Partido Alto
5. Think->
6. Night Marchers

Disc 2
Set 2
1. Shacklyn Knights->
2. Fire->
3. New Slow Song->
4. The Dropper
5. Philly Cheese Blunt
6. Just Like I Pictured It
7. Acht O'Clock Rock
8. Big Time->
9. Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself
10. Bubblehouse

Disc 3
1. Intro
2. Gonzo

Show Checksums
28876983807d4dd48dedb6bd25d3979b *mmw2001-09-29d1t01.shn
c47ce2963d46b198ed4a9a39b1b78e2d *mmw2001-09-29d1t02.shn
a77b68cb067481f475d9af5ebe6114d2 *mmw2001-09-29d1t03.shn
eb5a51cafd69ae088be67c6971662df4 *mmw2001-09-29d1t04.shn
0c8f8a8ef1b3a189cb4f74f9eff900ca *mmw2001-09-29d1t05.shn
d3afee372328011c999e21e6ff567d12 *mmw2001-09-29d1t06.shn
1e60604bc1de355f26e46a025f0fbf56 *mmw2001-09-29d3t02.shn
4fc8ce72e74f7e66b431003e2a554935 *mmw2001-09-29d2t02.shn
cbbe880746f74d64a1972fa946df2adc *mmw2001-09-29d2t03.shn
609642ef14aee33390e6db2514a10a3a *mmw2001-09-29d2t04.shn
dd571f4babd3fd8cf11f5d05b2a01f72 *mmw2001-09-29d2t05.shn
19a3de14bab03891e3adacefae13c6f8 *mmw2001-09-29d2t06.shn
49861916eaabaec3d28a4c759b2b243f *mmw2001-09-29d2t07.shn
707aeee0554a29889b5d7e1f3c51377f *mmw2001-09-29d2t08.shn
7165f0d2f3e8f7114a2f8430cefab8be *mmw2001-09-29d2t09.shn
fa6b65726b6447ad68b9194232d9d33f *mmw2001-09-29d2t10.shn
614f1f3e7670cb033f16fb7e010ef285 *mmw2001-09-29d3t01.shn
aa8c2f77bda0679e7fd05d56e7e38593 *mmw2001-09-29d2t01.shn

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Neumann KM-184 > Lunatec... (0)
Date User Comment
11/12/2001 Hamilton, Diana Scott adds that there may be a third version of this shn set eventually: "I am sending track splits for 9/29, as well as my md5's, to Brett the taper.
He is going to resplit his original wav at the times I give him, so it is possible that if he reseeds the show, new md5's for 9/29/01 will follow."