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Disco Biscuits 05/08/01
The Liz Wilde Show, Portland, OR
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Source Summary The Liz Wilde Show - Portland, OR; radio show interview; PreFM -> DAT; Transfer: D8 > Delta Dio 2496 > Samplitude > CDWav by Eric Hamburger 
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The Disco Biscuits
May 8, 2001a
The Liz Wilde Show - Portland, OR

Source: PreFM -> DAT
Transfer: D8 > Delta Dio 2496 > Samplitude > CDWav by Eric Hamburger

Disc 1: all  1 x  74min

01. The Liz Wilde Show Intro
02. Highwire fakeout, Interview  (Home Again in the background)
03. BSing with the band and introductions (haleakala, spacebird in the background)
04. Caller 1: Patrick
05. Caller 2: Evan, the newbie
06. Caller 3: "Radder"*
07. Caller 4: Randy LaCharnettz & toothpaste story by Barber
08. Radio station intern talks about his DB experiences in 1997
09. Caller 5: "George"
10. Caller 6: Wendi
11. "The Disco Biscuits are sexy"
12. Caller 7: Joe Valeri
13. Caller 8: Rob & More Interview
14. Caller 9: Joe Valeri talking about girls & Marc on band/fan relationship
15. Ducks and Geese

* = Craig Beezly
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36e6751cbb50e5e419b7fbc05f7c8a94 *db01-05-08a05.shn
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ce2e81192a60a746cee98105521ec740 *db01-05-08a12.shn
7f46bf826b834a83400952b24e7ab9fe *db01-05-08a13.shn
5f2d7820447e074f808d1cb43bb534b9 *db01-05-08a14.shn
6aea1cf469f49da9555a3cfa12d95261 *db01-05-08a15.shn

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