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Disco Biscuits 10/31/01
WOW Hall, Eugene, OR
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary B+K 4011 -> Lunatec V2 -> Apogee AD1000 -> D8; Transfer: M1 -> Sony Cable -> EGO-SYS Waveterminal -> Cool Edit 2000; Taped by Nick Michels; Transferred by Evan Leon 
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The Disco Biscuits
Woodsmen Of the World Hall
Eugene, OR

Source: B+K 4011 -> Lunatec V2 -> Apogee AD1000 -> D8
Transfer: M1 -> Sony Cable -> EGO-SYS Waveterminal -> Cool Edit 2000
Taped by Nick Michels
Transferred by Evan Leon

Disc One: (74 min)
Set One
1. Banter
2. Funeral March Of A Marionette(1)
3. Nughuffer ->
4. Linus And Lucy(2)
5. Voices Insane
6. Banter
7. Radiator ->
8. Reactor(3) ->
9. Nughuffer

Disc Two: (74 min)
Set Two
1. Alice In Wonderland Jam(4)

Disc Three: (74 min)
1. Banter
2. And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night
3. Munchkin Invasion(5)

(1) First time played. Theme to 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'
(2) First time played.  Theme to 'Peanuts'
(3) Inverted version.  With 'Halloween' theme teases.
(4) Improvised score to Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland'
(5) With Halloween lyrics.
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ddcfe5096b0f8a91e0b078c21e072baa *db01-10-31d1t1.shn
fe420e278c7bdf247a1fae5db020de6b *db01-10-31d1t2.shn
28d43c33e902681cf657ac1d0f560125 *db01-10-31d1t3.shn
649ed438254212646c65b3f5d11f89bc *db01-10-31d1t4.shn
8e28bc8884ccdb13dd39c6589ba016ee *db01-10-31d1t5.shn
c6be092fac7f0b4d654719686ae7f7ef *db01-10-31d1t6.shn
3f14baf6fca236b88a1dafceb8f7a4c2 *db01-10-31d1t8.shn
9b01426576dca5c93813bed5828a5f69 *db01-10-31d1t7.shn
ba6c63c9b6fea781262250fc26cfbc25 *db01-10-31d1t9.shn
d8d5516d93e5d56ff7b746f0a20a794f *db01-10-31d2t1.shn
07f8a6cb4f9eeeb3fe1c389da30267d4 *db01-10-31d3t2.shn
f9d0ef727fd596679668b4e2c8c64085 *db01-10-31d3t1.shn
3dac98073cfdcb576f2c4d29aa51b4d0 *db01-10-31d3t3.shn

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