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Grateful Dead 12/11/79
Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
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Source # 5981 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD> Cm> Cass> Dat> CD (Tascam CDRW700)> EAC> CD; Tracked with CDWav; via Charlie Miller, Ron Speer, Jim Parzych, Steve Barbella (see notes);upgrade now in circulation  
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Grateful Dead
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall
Kansas City, KS

SBD>Cm>Cass>Dat>CD (Tascam CDRW700)>
EAC (Copy and Test Tracks)>CD (Plextor 16x)
Tracked with CDWav

Disc I - Set I
1. Jack Straw [8:00]
2. Loser [9:47]
3. Me & My Uncle [3:18] >
4. Big River [8:43]
5. Althea [11:21]
6. Easy To Love You [3:40] >
7. Minglewood Blues [8:05]
8. China Cat Sunflower [5:59] >
9. I Know You Rider [8:00]

Disc II - Set II
1. Shakedown Street [12:12] >
2. Samson & Delilah [8:51]
3. Ship Of Fools [10:05]
4. Terrapin Station [12:02] >
5. Lost Sailor [7:16]
6. Saint of Circumstance Jam [1:54] >
7. Saint of Circumstance [6:00] >
8. Estimated Jam [6:51] >
9. Drumz > [0:19]

Disc III - Set II (con't)
1. Drums [6:52] >
2. Not Fade Away [8:11] >
3. Black Peter [9:52] >
4. Sugar Magnolia [9:14]

5. Alabama Getaway [4:10] >
6. The Promised Land [4:05]

Charlie Miller did the dat transfer and cd mastering.
Ron Speer got the show, and copied it for Jim Parzych.
Jim EAC'd and converted it to shn, and upped it to me.
I am is the proud host for Jim's vine, and all I needed
to do to get this thing running was rename the shn files
from "track01, track02, etc" to standard shn name
formatting.   Jim's EAC was secure, and he reported no errors.  
steve barbella

some things I noticed:
d1t01 closed gap on tape 1:24
d2t02 drop out 5:18

charlie's notes:
The Jam that is done between Sailor and Saint is awesome and it is also the
only time they did a Jam between those 2 songs (11/1/85 doesn't count).
Also, the Estimated Jam out of Saint is killer. The Shakedown is, as we say,
"off the hook".

Ready, Set, Go!

Show Checksums
925edd5888c524c4a7dd8b4726567444 *gd79-12-11d1t01.shn
fb852ec7754b089a4ff066c67522f18d *gd79-12-11d1t02.shn
98d3e9e31c688caa8a5441e26049fbaa *gd79-12-11d1t03.shn
ce162e45f6f0a21f53bc1a58dcc19e37 *gd79-12-11d1t04.shn
2d4fc21272566e9d8b01f2df47a4333b *gd79-12-11d1t05.shn
bcb5250f5b0e95c13595b1285989a85b *gd79-12-11d1t06.shn
2c53cfa44d3f7d8d4874a2395d5351b7 *gd79-12-11d1t07.shn
5d8008e2fb3824ba0dff373e2b09e5c9 *gd79-12-11d1t08.shn
ee796a51a3aa4e678467d4d3542c6b82 *gd79-12-11d1t09.shn
ae5fe347932d29e41e4657cc8ae86b0e *gd79-12-11d2t01.shn
65a5c0044e01b553e497cd5a771cb466 *gd79-12-11d2t02.shn
41b559c7aa64b3518404988ad2675398 *gd79-12-11d2t03.shn
c3c521cdf068f4a1d23bc9b96a1604c8 *gd79-12-11d2t04.shn
920025c26d065c1c6e89d4ad77c9e25d *gd79-12-11d2t05.shn
e986141f85232cfad59da89172a2a2e0 *gd79-12-11d2t06.shn
d37b49f8b72daaa6e74b1339d206b3fe *gd79-12-11d2t07.shn
72403868d3e1034748e58cf8457299bb *gd79-12-11d2t08.shn
845b837557dfd70ce6341e23709c9f22 *gd79-12-11d2t09.shn
1b9bbb4ee2cdae0eac76d6c79363a426 *gd79-12-11d3t01.shn
0b5e6639f8f1a144ae48c35c09dae3f8 *gd79-12-11d3t02.shn
5392abd91dba5503263cea30279ea621 *gd79-12-11d3t03.shn
085d47830aa70bef5a85fa66ebe0c100 *gd79-12-11d3t04.shn
ccd2f8ec5544b9d7d2d4c46563782976 *gd79-12-11d3t05.shn
9e3f7d639beaa6b040fecc7ec9e76b50 *gd79-12-11d3t06.shn
ff0117a6311c5cd42b47355f2590add1 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t01.shn
6abd7e0e757f5285574c21a85ca7e342 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t02.shn
3d7b20e3a70c4fd23ffd22226ff15ddb [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t03.shn
f2e3c141dd184a1e595763db51c68d12 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t04.shn
b47b605af1f35367052e1b9953824577 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t05.shn
12df7aa8aa71ace58d82dbbfa5a62787 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t06.shn
54e2e8c0f64efb00d277731d216ec680 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t07.shn
eef38237f863a769c985c6e9f17696f6 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t08.shn
d74b5159782cf3a8bb1f593bb7ee1920 [shntool] gd79-12-11d1t09.shn
d31d4628c8745954ad641f64ae71dc74 [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t01.shn
1a9b9b21f5579d861062a89066686acf [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t02.shn
11dd53fb617bb6ccd3ecb99533024b29 [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t03.shn
e9aa01a0537a2ef96bccc2cbdcbf3478 [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t04.shn
63c95ac942f39fefc4271d054683848b [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t05.shn
b51d3e2e643fc8e966562d4fb84609e7 [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t06.shn
cc8dde8cae327c9da371d6f8fabc704f [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t07.shn
28b8300963eda2908a6e0061f0c6475e [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t08.shn
8a5862942e33590c35ff0dbcc321389d [shntool] gd79-12-11d2t09.shn
497afad47f1d1cd4cd88e003ec972364 [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t01.shn
ee6ad33a93d53a926d424267a61b56a8 [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t02.shn
1d252bbf85dc80224784a6493376f4e1 [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t03.shn
24e7da163f214779c2bc4d42a8ecbcc9 [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t04.shn
4a14d8338c4962a955f36fce41ca68fb [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t05.shn
1d03655a0179804d40a2c13eb2a1c9f9 [shntool] gd79-12-11d3t06.shn

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