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Phish 10/31/94
Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
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Source # 600 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 3 / 4
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary complete except PA Goodnight; FOB Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > DAT > ZA2 > Soundforge 4.0 > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Mike Ayers; Uploaded by Jim Mann; d1t1 level adjustments; diginoise d2t1 ~10:30-11:07 from orig DAT; reportedly best copy circulating 
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Glen Falls Civic Center - Glen Falls, NY

Source: FOB:Schoeps CMC6+MK4>DAT>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CDWav Editor>.shn
DAT>ZA2>.shn transfer by Mike Ayers
upload by Jim Mann

Note: level adjustments during Frankenstein
      pre-recorded "good night" after Revolution No. 9 is missing

Disc 1:

Set 1:
1. Frankenstein
2. Sparkle>
3. Simple
4. Divided Sky
5. Harpua>
6. War Pigs>
7. Harpua
8. Julius
9. Horse>
10. Silent in the Morning

Disc 2:

Set 1 (cont.):
1. Reba
2. Golgi
Set 2:
3. Dark Side Tease>
4. Ed Sullivan intro>
5. Back in the USSR
6. Dear Prudence
7. Glass Onion
8. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
9. Wild Honey Pie
10. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
12. Happiness is a Warm Gun
13. Martha My Dear
14. I'm So Tired
15. Blackbird
16. Piggies
17. Rocky Raccoon
18. Don't Pass Me By
19. Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
20. I Will
21. Julia

Disc 3

Set 2 (cont.):
1. Birthday
2. Yer Blues
3. Mother Nature's Son
4. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
5. Sexy Sadie
6. Helter Skelter
7. Long, Long, Long
8. Revolution 1
9. Honey Pie
10. Savoy Truffle
11. Cry Baby Cry
12. Revolution 9

Disc 4

Set 3:
1. David Bowie
2. Bouncin
3. Slave
4. Rift
5. Sleeping Monkey
6. Poor Heart
7. Antelope
8. Amazing Grace
9. Costume Contest
10. Squirming Coil
Show Checksums
a1cc4d8427cd80354fc5d5ca46b5f3aa *ph94-10-31d1t02.shn
4d4ee76ead7e5fec938321d5db0b07c1 *ph94-10-31d1t03.shn
46ed98e6e83ad3a98ec3a2bc77b35b28 *ph94-10-31d1t05.shn
acd5c1f9b21fc73952229970374d0504 *ph94-10-31d1t06.shn
3aa8bcf5c9757b5e304a71a585bad0f5 *ph94-10-31d1t09.shn
a678eede80a34fc4aeedebbfa8f755fd *ph94-10-31d1t08.shn
6b232c7fbe96544e690fc734150ccd97 *ph94-10-31d1t04.shn
d25bd66d7293f67d6550bdf2a74ee629 *ph94-10-31d1t07.shn
95bc57928c077adf787c4e529b0a7f17 *ph94-10-31d1t10.shn
232d7d605c0d2f4b7608267063c288d0 *ph94-10-31d1t01.shn
a56a9de43709dc89f2d99df5dc98fee7 *ph94-10-31d2t12.shn
7f988f3041e1f9ffdf141d7873ac9005 *ph94-10-31d2t14.shn
de341022444e2665a56d58ecfa240a6f *ph94-10-31d2t15.shn
2ed8e8a8d7abb38304f3accc24e0fc92 *ph94-10-31d2t17.shn
92bb77b0546f8247b0e895c11461a88e *ph94-10-31d2t18.shn
66faa853c0ae4073c8d9ebc084e41116 *ph94-10-31d2t20.shn
ae2e7776dfd25fb74156787a4f3b2f31 *ph94-10-31d2t21.shn
9fda2102bc28c434031e997120d7d113 *ph94-10-31d2t03.shn
60321d5cda1feb0cc9556aef6b065f45 *ph94-10-31d2t04.shn
4aae90e32be9937f507838ae9afad6dc *ph94-10-31d2t06.shn
29569b080131a63992c5b5602111fb97 *ph94-10-31d2t07.shn
7452ea45dadd664c80bcbaf73f50c411 *ph94-10-31d2t09.shn
9cb5f33a576e5f1bcdd53c7fcd87846c *ph94-10-31d2t10.shn
26ed71b364048d922a45704ee51dd935 *ph94-10-31d2t11.shn
21f7906d9cceb2856580ef395b4e5312 *ph94-10-31d2t13.shn
260d2091cb25a1abe323655c03b21ea2 *ph94-10-31d2t16.shn
94e9917caa9bc6d36ff5c2ae7baf398a *ph94-10-31d2t19.shn
548898463d34405e194372a8ba03402b *ph94-10-31d2t02.shn
327d59d7204509249724144f08ca71b9 *ph94-10-31d2t05.shn
47603d043e8900b292b5e091a0c8fd30 *ph94-10-31d2t08.shn
5903b6b3f0f43a6b62d910623712a3cd *ph94-10-31d2t01.shn
4412fa42eb4e1a23845844dc608072a7 *ph94-10-31d304.shn
2b95f3ce4688ae5b53ec8850bc387660 *ph94-10-31d305.shn
2202df15f273a24e23ef446406f634de *ph94-10-31d307.shn
87e8f499c4e943802caabee84e62c3a7 *ph94-10-31d308.shn
8977004ed518e544dbd4e343f2e6ad6c *ph94-10-31d310.shn
0b3970d0d6624b78ddf5bb697e053b17 *ph94-10-31d311.shn
ddeca369e8daa93b8e6a3d84daf5acad *ph94-10-31d301.shn
4b7c92cb63aa452b374f7a86d78ee859 *ph94-10-31d302.shn
8e713837badbfa265961a2d45586d87f *ph94-10-31d303.shn
7a88558d1b207b9bfe668776e24d8006 *ph94-10-31d306.shn
d321793a1bc6b853d83bc0da906ff3b0 *ph94-10-31d309.shn
18a6f4662468d1a75b698be560598b31 *ph94-10-31d312.shn
654e1f2a84a1dca0e37723170df6e9ec *ph94-10-31d4t02.shn
3c83c949aa766e2318525d574d79799b *ph94-10-31d4t04.shn
dde3f934639674fc3d201395db3dec13 *ph94-10-31d4t05.shn
1d6339ac82922c4f15cf6ca0472c08d6 *ph94-10-31d4t07.shn
232e60ac36683f1aade25117bd664c16 *ph94-10-31d4t08.shn
7193e1825fe46299029fc148803650d7 *ph94-10-31d4t10.shn
d6e9077ae507702d7a97f15cb0448a82 *ph94-10-31d4t01.shn
eebae506309bda8450d0212e3b8917a8 *ph94-10-31d4t09.shn
3f8f5eba163af1d2eac38c6ee148b0ed *ph94-10-31d4t03.shn
14be298755f0b329654778e2d072fddd *ph94-10-31d4t06.shn

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bootleg source, 79 min;... (0) Schoeps CMC3/mk41 (aimed at... (2) AKG 460b/ck61 > custom... (0)
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