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Grateful Dead 12/01/79
Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
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Source # 6022 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary mixed source: set 1: SBD> Rm> Cass> Dat> CD> EAC> SHN, Set 2: SBD> Rm> Dat> CD> EAC> SHN; via Skip Jenkins vine, from Charlie Miller seed; EAC>SHN by Steve Barbella; missing Easy to Love You, Splice in LLR, otherwise complete : upgrade now in circulation  
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The Grateful Dead


Stanley Theater
Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1: SBD>Rm>Cass>Dat>CD>EAC>SHN
Set 2: SBD>Rm>Dat>CD>EAC>SHN

Set 1
/Jack Straw >
Me & My Uncle >
Big River
Easy To Love You
Minglewood Blues
Music Never Stopped

Set 2
Chinacat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone> Gloria Jam>
CC Rider  >

Not Fade Away >
Black Peter>
Sugar Magnolia
One More Saturday Night


missing easy to love you
Looks Like Rain-open splice for about 10 seconds

These are the shns for Skip Jenkin's vine (launched Oct. '01)

EAC and SHN transfer by Steve Barbella
EAC v.9 secure test and copy extraction-no errors reported
SHN via MKW v.97 (seekable)

Skip's Notes:
I've always been frustrated that certain shows don't circulate in their
entirety.  At the top of the list was 12/1/79 until yesterday when, through
the generosity of Charlie Miller, I received a very nice copy of the
complete show including the elusive first set.  It was always my
understanding that a soundboard of the first set did not exist but . . .
here it is.

Show Checksums
a66972e22c0e4428efac673ea3c076e2 *gd79-12-01d2t03.shn
be7a90d7ca48fa6a6708aeb1f1c4fbd1 *gd79-12-01d2t02.shn
923fb58c4f0ef36865ed9b74cbdd173c *gd79-12-01d2t01.shn
65c272991aba87577d5ac7af30a0e698 *gd79-12-01d2t04.shn
ff0267b2d20326cf80ef878e0d3a872c *gd79-12-01d2t05.shn
87edfb7cf8e512ddf4def3746cfadbae *gd79-12-01d2t06.shn
9084c192f5d75868db8c1b10064f84af *gd79-12-01d1t05.shn
3503a9529e8bdeba22ee0ad7a2044682 *gd79-12-01d1t02.shn
9f478537231db2325d8b7b886738d341 *gd79-12-01d1t03.shn
f5ec4916387783ca10a7f939c39099e5 *gd79-12-01d1t04.shn
db386350e97d010a792a8d8a752c855f *gd79-12-01d1t01.shn
8542ecb406ef837040706cec5c9d39ab *gd79-12-01d1t06.shn
093f90eb97e6badf8a744e420bab1097 *gd79-12-01d1t07.shn
6c8a062b631a6a63518319343346c73d *gd79-12-01d1t08.shn
7adea85b8c58a2a28bd20fff5d80867c *gd79-12-01d3t05.shn
79b76fb0556dfce7cd7dd805e28a0fe6 *gd79-12-01d3t02.shn
1cd4dbe1cb8f370acbf36abf7ffd791d *gd79-12-01d3t03.shn
c96be7325d55ba4ce0e888021e0967eb *gd79-12-01d3t04.shn
36b924ba909e08b78219e4e9ec7565cc *gd79-12-01d3t01.shn
412bb85c2f6e6459da1eb9a6261bc983 [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t01.shn
0c707699070f58c2c15522287370fb55 [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t02.shn
f430e390526e9066669519f19db49604 [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t03.shn
a159e966d58de624d6e7a50d66881fce [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t04.shn
c1a8304aba571ab3a018a5f6be53d6b6 [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t05.shn
6d499324d5a14ff49c63aafebe972aef [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t06.shn
61c4605519099818c0e0096dcd24b09c [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t07.shn
e37bebc4840bb10933498eb1892b8352 [shntool] gd79-12-01d1t08.shn
9c273a0d9680ad9a4b1a2f2f213d4fe4 [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t01.shn
5f63b71152ff3fe4f0020ae25b19b00f [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t02.shn
ddbeeea02819e5dd8a9d046ca48b9ed0 [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t03.shn
94de033415fe1e62f874cef0e253d921 [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t04.shn
ff6d0dde0b66ed60923858e14629da70 [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t05.shn
5b12ff651b952d0004dd0736420cf595 [shntool] gd79-12-01d2t06.shn
8c43c5898ff89ec9586e9dea0c1edafb [shntool] gd79-12-01d3t01.shn
7be3b37ec0ddf0b58ccfe9911acab469 [shntool] gd79-12-01d3t02.shn
c86236b07d44fe7893fa327c6d7eb6b2 [shntool] gd79-12-01d3t03.shn
6c56201b4dc42429f67ca43fbe6915c8 [shntool] gd79-12-01d3t04.shn
0498572c32d19ed4fa3bf09e8de72c17 [shntool] gd79-12-01d3t05.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
set 2; MSR > Cassette > DAT... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac16; AUD (unknown... (0) flac16; Sick Bits... (3) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Recording by... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Low-gen... (0)
Date User Comment
10/16/2003 Sean Cribbs Disc 2 and disc 3 appear to be from different sources. Comparing the (mostly redundant) Drums track from each disc, the Drums on disc 3 has much more hiss than the Drums on disc 2. In addition, there is an open splice at the end of the Drums on disc 2, but this splice is closed (at about 8:52) in the Drums on disc 3.
12/11/2007 charlie miller Set 2 has a cass gen in it.