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Phish 12/02/94
Recreation Hall at UC Davis, Davis, CA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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6/14/99; 11/18/99
Source Summary Neumann KM54> DA-P20 (A. Harrison); Transfer: SonyR500> AES/EBU> ZA2 (Stewart McCloskey) 
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Recreation Hall at UC Davis
Davis, CA
December 2, 1994

Source:  Neumann KM54>DA-P20 (Andrew Harrison)

Transfer:  SonyR500>AES/EBU>ZA2 (McCloskey)

Disc 1/Set 1:
1.  Poor Heart
2.  Also Sprach Zarathustra
3.  Sparkle
4.  Simple->
5.  It's Ice
6.  Lizards
7.  Stash
8.  The Squirming Coil

Disc 2/Set 2:
1.  Chalk Dust Torture
2.  Pre David Bowie
3.  David Bowie*
4.  Buried Alive*
5.  Julius*
6.  The Landlady*
7.  Gumbo*
8.  Caravan*
9.  Suzy Greenberg*
10.  Cavern*

*With the Giant Country Horns (Dave Grippo - alto sax/percussion, Carl
Gerhard - trumpet , Michael Ray - trumpet, Peter Apfelbaum - baritone
sax/tenor sax/ flute, James Harvey - trombone), who came in at the end of
"David Bowie."
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3279ab210e0a4be0196fada1ed4f9e8f *ph94-12-02D1T02.shn
e78c50e913615b5310411f2eb10d1c42 *ph94-12-02D1T04.shn
4d84a225399703245b0f13ef40516f7d *ph94-12-02D1T05.shn
024e87ef9c0080f3f9ccfbd5b1a8465b *ph94-12-02D1T06.shn
f36a6571e916541f728fd26af5d9178a *ph94-12-02D1T07.shn
e567514240bcc781e41b9d3b5d8ae159 *ph94-12-02D1T08.shn
d518efffb37e96efdedecbf6353a556c *ph94-12-02D1T03.shn
ebb7ca8ee04ea8986eb00214e7d293a9 *ph94-12-02D1T01.shn
7976e34fe4c7be8526a7529714f75e0b *ph94-12-02D2T01.shn
984e57f58baf044a5f703537d731180a *ph94-12-02d2T02.shn
ef790226419c1869e13baed9c24a1858 *ph94-12-02D2T03.shn
f1d9e97ff83c2901497262ed9fb36527 *ph94-12-02D2T04.shn
8214038b1da6bb0fd3a95a011ef42678 *ph94-12-02D2T05.shn
dda8b6e0450a1c8901f5f2cc824ac7ea *ph94-12-02D2T06.shn
01ab749849e8cf3158cf0f1dca857f91 *ph94-12-02D2T07.shn
28b03123fe321fe14ccc8a8b61bcd4c2 *ph94-12-02D2T08.shn
ce79732dcbd320f1f791b540e07a2df8 *ph94-12-02D2T09.shn
6d2f6137c9516ae46c0642c6314ad962 *ph94-12-02D2T10.shn

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