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Phish 12/31/94
Boston Garden, Boston, MA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AKG 460's> DA-20> ZA2> Soundforge 4.0> CD Wav editor> SHN; via M. Ayers, B. Poland; dropout at 14:36 in Maze from the Master DAT 
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phish 12/31/94 Boston Garden,Boston,MA

source:AKG 460's>DA-20>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CD Wav editor>SHN

dat>hd>shn conversion: mike ayers [email protected]
shn upload:byron p.  [email protected]

**note: there is a dropout at 14:36 in Maze that occurs on the Master DAT**  -mike

thanks T.R. for the nice nice seeds

Disc 1:
1.Rock and Roll pt 2 jam (PA + Trey)
2.Golgi Apparatus
4.Run Like an Antelope
7.Peaches En Regalia
8.Divided Sky
9.Funky Bitch

Disc 2:
1.My Old Home Place
3.Bouncing Around the Room
4.Mike's Song>
5.Buffalo Bill>
6.Mike's Song>
7.Jerusalim,City of Gold>
8.Weekapaug Groove
9.Amazing Grace

Disc 3:
1.Fish's Hunger Discussion
2.My Sweet One>
3."Who ordered the hotdog?">
4. 200l>
5.James Bond Theme> *
6.NYE Countdown>
7.Auld Lang Syne>
8.Tropical Hot Dog Night>*
10.The Horse>
11.Silent in the Morning
12.Suzy Greenberg>
13.Slave to the Traffic Light

* played over the PA
Show Checksums
c6e6e908631e5f7c6bd7b03d35e4d793 *ph94-12-31D1t01.shn
9414dbec1e54106d0856bbdef011fc67 *ph94-12-31D1t02.shn
fb07776e6e790556fc5b2229aed3d378 *ph94-12-31D1t03.shn
f39e8b83ab85c1c62d2ac0458e6fdfdd *ph94-12-31D1t04.shn
b78c24c6d053d0243c6c472cd768a760 *ph94-12-31D1t05.shn
052aa79be2b57c40b326da53ac129bbb *ph94-12-31D1t06.shn
b1bb3a120b7e40b444621d3388ea13e3 *ph94-12-31D1t07.shn
980a4e6ba59bf71b01ed9ebf90d17bac *ph94-12-31D1t08.shn
1a39b2a1dae14cf00ff1cf5d01fe6c82 *ph94-12-31D1t09.shn
c34a5eaddc253af7384ced1739b6365f *ph94-12-31D2t01.shn
005192c211db8e991f4aba324e0a9499 *ph94-12-31D2t02.shn
3c12a6040877fc53f74493fc8161ccf1 *ph94-12-31D2t03.shn
c7ba53381d1c71c382fbc9a998b6ef91 *ph94-12-31D2t04.shn
4938294918126e56a63083d66e958fc5 *ph94-12-31D2t05.shn
2f13c523ea29c88f5fdadfcf2bdbf5c4 *ph94-12-31D2t06.shn
e6b6318d4de1718b2b0042484a58b3dd *ph94-12-31D2t07.shn
85542f2dbd3e38f231d45a1b2eaf4a06 *ph94-12-31D2t08.shn
be6c5cc4ce151fce882a237ebd701007 *ph94-12-31D2t09.shn
8f98b2c7221f12466e1f626a7f0ca8f2 *ph94-12-31D3t06.shn
bf8fdf2b171775b9b30552ed0204de05 *ph94-12-31D3t02.shn
4678aa8a8ee3a91f7701568e9e5fe0b7 *ph94-12-31D3t03.shn
d57637a8e0a0c9324aa4d0802758c198 *ph94-12-31D3t04.shn
f432460ffb5c2358c24d87233386b838 *ph94-12-31D3t05.shn
26779c957b0ab22d1358a3ad71380243 *ph94-12-31D3t01.shn
a0a93914194cc912865d2f2feb478cbb *ph94-12-31D3t07.shn
e60e9c62a2607c6d38eeeab5cddaaa1b *ph94-12-31D3t08.shn
8485d062f7acdd2dcf0005994bdd25d2 *ph94-12-31D3t09.shn
1414fba9f5771697f38fae11af2939ce *ph94-12-31D3t10.shn
ed66a3a60ded96970ffde3d63d761542 *ph94-12-31D3t11.shn
e6b7acab210402cea174b5a243803b36 *ph94-12-31D3t12.shn
ff0c11e9126d2b2d58faa2a05b71f328 *ph94-12-31D3t13.shn
1dd96b05cdb43be1a65cdf7f0337680d *ph94-12-31D3t14.shn

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