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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/31/01
The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5 , shn-st5 , t-flac-md5 , t-flac-ffp , t-flac-st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 878.79 MB (921478326 bytes)
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Source Summary shn; Source: Schoeps CMC 64> Lunatec 316> Sonic AD-2000> D8> Waveterminal 2496> CD Wav Ed> Soundforge 4.5 (fades only)> .shn (ORTF, FOB, 4th Row Aisle, Left of Center); taped/transferred/.shn: Mike Ayers; thanks to Eric McRoberts for setting up and running this nice rig 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY

Source: Schoeps CMC 64>Lunatec 316>Sonic AD-2000>D8>Waveterminal 2496>
CD Wav Ed>Soundforge 4.5 (fades only)>.shn (ORTF, FOB, 4th Row Aisle, Left of Center)

taped/transferred/.shn: Mike Ayers [email protected]
thanks to eric mcroberts for setting up and running this nice rig

Disc 1 (Set 1)
01.  [04:32] - Open Improv >
02.  [09:38] - Improv > Open Improv [@7:43] >
03.  [07:09] - Improv >
04.  [06:37] - Improv
05.  [12:57] - Think# > Bass Improv# >
06.  [10:17] - Shacklyn Knights# >
07.  [08:02] - Blue Pepper# >
08.  [03:50] - Open Improv#

Disc 2 (Set 2)
01.  [05:39] - Percussion Procession*
02.  [01:52] - Percussion Improv*
03.  [13:04] - Dracula#*+
04.  [10:43] - Improv#+ > Improv#+ [@6:25] >
05.  [05:15] - We Are Rolling#+ >
06.  [03:12] - Fire#+ >
07.  [10:45] - Smoke#+^ > Drum Solo [@6:29] >
08.  [08:23] - Big Time#+ >
09.  [11:02] - Jelly Belly#+%
Disc 3 (Encore)
01.  [13:02] - Bass Solo > Gonzo [@2:13]
02.  [09:12] - Bubblehouse#+

# w/ Marc Ribot
* w/ Whirly Gig Percussion Ensemble (The band and the drummers walked through the crowd and on stage while playing like at last years 10/31 show. They walked right next to my mics on the right side of us then around the front to the left and out the side door onto the stage.)
+ w/ Kid Koala and DJ P Love
^ begins in the previous track
% w/ Going Home quotes at the start

[This fileset is a FLAC encoded and ID3 tagged version of]

Traders Little Helper used for FLAC encoding & creating checksums:
- SHN ST5 generated
- SHN > FLAC Level 8
- FLAC ST5 generated and matched to SHN ST5

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP shows the same checksum values.)
FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
SHN MD5 & ST5 included for reference
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2012-10-31

shn-st5 will verify pre-tagged files
shn-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
t-flac-md5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-st5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-ffp will verify post-tagged files

The st5s contain the same checksum values for both SHN & FLAC
(the only difference being the file extension of .shn or .flac)

shntool report:
     4:31.66      47959676     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t01.shn
     9:36.74     101780492     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t02.shn
     7:08.42      75598028     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t03.shn
     6:36.10      69877964     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t04.shn
    12:56.35     136968764     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t05.shn
    10:16.29     108730652     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t06.shn
     8:01.49      84963692     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t07.shn
     3:49.63      40544384     -b-   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D1t08.shn
    62:57.68        635.55 MB                     (totals for 8 files)

     5:38.22      59674988     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t01.shn
     1:51.57      19714508     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t02.shn
    13:03.16     138158876     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t03.shn
    10:42.19     113293532     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t04.shn
     5:14.46      55497836     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t05.shn
     3:11.27      33755948     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t06.shn
    10:43.58     113561660     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t07.shn
     8:22.54      88679852     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t08.shn
    11:00.73     116595424     -b-   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D2t09.shn
    69:48.72        704.70 MB                     (totals for 9 files)

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    13:00.54     137719052     ---   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D3t01.shn
     9:11.25      97255692     -b-   --    -xx    mmw01-10-31D3t02.shn
    22:12.04        224.09 MB                     (totals for 2 files)
Show Checksums
d95f6e033062bfe98e46594b9b6d3404 *MMW2001-10-31D1T01.SHN
6c095b6f7e9cbdf5d33b7d3733beef89 *MMW2001-10-31D1T02.SHN
bac11560b5187054fafa196558fc3d5a *MMW2001-10-31D1T03.SHN
818347e728c471090e915a922ee181cc *MMW2001-10-31D1T04.SHN
c8970d272f2cbeeeb0c752a1b63dcd7f *MMW2001-10-31D1T05.SHN
dcc63d7d3fea761c46a6f32a2a1c5e59 *MMW2001-10-31D1T06.SHN
165b69d62ca2c7d33dae54959db73fe3 *MMW2001-10-31D1T07.SHN
d3d46accd887b3b51e8612734be9cd16 *MMW2001-10-31D1T08.SHN
6634ecd96e5a63e5ec6a56029a6142c8 *MMW2001-10-31D2T01.SHN
65f59c5957e326a93703ca9ef56b102c *MMW2001-10-31D2T02.SHN
2c0e6265c1431e04c558c0d957df0ef2 *MMW2001-10-31D2T03.SHN
cbde9aab64913f9c2fd8754f0196fc9d *MMW2001-10-31D2T04.SHN
a83fabc36c337b20f2b093a159743b2e *MMW2001-10-31D2T05.SHN
07ee41ce6f03d9d4f7f01327f3c5d942 *MMW2001-10-31D2T06.SHN
f6fc615ac134081dbc618081f792cc71 *MMW2001-10-31D2T07.SHN
1c4f9f0f5cd4f425c4eacce01073eb31 *MMW2001-10-31D2T08.SHN
f19a73fff68aa0b0119b068879f35c39 *MMW2001-10-31D2T09.SHN
a74b6856cee5fd1d8f91faf21abaddfd *MMW2001-10-31D3T01.SHN
61d3699665b450a8fbac982ce73c57fc *MMW2001-10-31D3T02.SHN
4da858d10a347f9d75ccffe402ecdcdb [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T01.SHN
77ad78621b86f96e90e862eeacf76a58 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T02.SHN
467dd63208fee505b9ff2737f4b7360b [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T03.SHN
f5ed10aa4435ac59373297973ed6a036 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T04.SHN
86da700731ddd34bc5dcb5a38810a9d9 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T05.SHN
38027a244dfcbb601d09536034c1d7e0 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T06.SHN
0697d34a46ec9a8520687463b7c32b92 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T07.SHN
39f8bb39c160c8da236e5c2d709931c3 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T08.SHN
25c57a133ad300738fd9746c1f77f0c4 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T01.SHN
3ecf490ab602ae472aa9f3d1be67f324 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T02.SHN
959925641746088f46c64db07e71fee7 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T03.SHN
9ca40994b8a9c43f6a3e45ab47c8b70e [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T04.SHN
32bcca7649c9a9ea6bcdf3bd8c1f5353 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T05.SHN
91518ffd1d30417fd0ac5001f4c87e3d [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T06.SHN
35793e1df87661e80c39bc62d36523f9 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T07.SHN
75dd890ce177a4766bf0c05ec91b4ce3 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T08.SHN
710a10d8e9ca0d0e1c8149c2d6728b66 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T09.SHN
cf85dc0e8bb3fedd3256d9b12708f7bd [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D3T01.SHN
12a252112e03245c055680feb587d923 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D3T02.SHN
84aafca874b4652e375047774d324537 *MMW2001-10-31D1T01.flac
24d9da4de644d4d0c1f2ff2a7fa7b958 *MMW2001-10-31D1T02.flac
acfd11523b125489126e2fb48352e646 *MMW2001-10-31D1T03.flac
0a1a1cba4ba00ea80f03e5584b8a0d43 *MMW2001-10-31D1T04.flac
5bf2bb090c677920b9672974bcd82ceb *MMW2001-10-31D1T05.flac
18e897bef6025d07cbe24d83fd790146 *MMW2001-10-31D1T06.flac
d21af9faff4d7c0990545dc3787a1511 *MMW2001-10-31D1T07.flac
5350561bbe79c0ed9f9d5c17eec839d2 *MMW2001-10-31D1T08.flac
1432a7b2bac057b13c7dceff8da9f729 *MMW2001-10-31D2T01.flac
24f51fba891270c3f4a5fc8cfcae5960 *MMW2001-10-31D2T02.flac
a64f864525866eff6b491f52289c84bd *MMW2001-10-31D2T03.flac
78523b64d582128834d90a108b700cbd *MMW2001-10-31D2T04.flac
5022b00ca6e8f4e5046d3f6a78b1f02b *MMW2001-10-31D2T05.flac
d38b72de1e9c5c3c4c254dc7f37beda9 *MMW2001-10-31D2T06.flac
3bf8eaaa028054fcd0cf96a82e43b086 *MMW2001-10-31D2T07.flac
00011286a2424fdea50711c60963cdbd *MMW2001-10-31D2T08.flac
8ab35b07baedd6b4c4e56b99f1ed93d4 *MMW2001-10-31D2T09.flac
c9065bdd15c6c18c15cbf48e2b6e3a7d *MMW2001-10-31D3T01.flac
908a02e644ae67efd4f4f4735c817664 *MMW2001-10-31D3T02.flac
4da858d10a347f9d75ccffe402ecdcdb [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T01.flac
77ad78621b86f96e90e862eeacf76a58 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T02.flac
467dd63208fee505b9ff2737f4b7360b [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T03.flac
f5ed10aa4435ac59373297973ed6a036 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T04.flac
86da700731ddd34bc5dcb5a38810a9d9 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T05.flac
38027a244dfcbb601d09536034c1d7e0 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T06.flac
0697d34a46ec9a8520687463b7c32b92 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T07.flac
39f8bb39c160c8da236e5c2d709931c3 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D1T08.flac
25c57a133ad300738fd9746c1f77f0c4 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T01.flac
3ecf490ab602ae472aa9f3d1be67f324 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T02.flac
959925641746088f46c64db07e71fee7 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T03.flac
9ca40994b8a9c43f6a3e45ab47c8b70e [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T04.flac
32bcca7649c9a9ea6bcdf3bd8c1f5353 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T05.flac
91518ffd1d30417fd0ac5001f4c87e3d [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T06.flac
35793e1df87661e80c39bc62d36523f9 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T07.flac
75dd890ce177a4766bf0c05ec91b4ce3 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T08.flac
710a10d8e9ca0d0e1c8149c2d6728b66 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D2T09.flac
cf85dc0e8bb3fedd3256d9b12708f7bd [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D3T01.flac
12a252112e03245c055680feb587d923 [shntool] MMW2001-10-31D3T02.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
(fob, 4th row @ left PA)... (1)
Date User Comment
11/28/2001 darryl all i have to say is - OH LA LA!!!! thank you eric for making such an amazing recording. i highly recommend this source and encourage you all to get this outrageous show!
12/01/2001 shortround alright i found a minor problem... or its just me. but when i burn the first disc everytime on track 5 from 9:20-9:40 (not straight through, but just periodically) there is what sounds like digital clipping or pops from skips. i listened to the shns and its not there when in shn or wav form, but when on disc it appears. has anybody had this happen before? its quite odd... -darryl.
12/09/2001 Eric McRoberts I think a thanks is also in order to Theo F. who has afforded me the opportunity to run such top notch gear at so may amazing shows. Thanks also goes out to Steve G. this night and the previous night for the AD2K.
02/03/2002 guyutrey I have a copy of these shn's but disc 1 only has 5 tracks. The transfer was done by the taper, McRoberts, so it seems there were 2 different conversions done to this show, and both are tracked differently.
02/22/2002 Diana Hamilton Eric's alternate seed is listed here.
10/30/2009 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Most of the Improvs had been assigned temporary names, but I have removed these from the setlist since they are slightly misleading -- they are indeed all Improvs, so there's no reason to name them.
10/31/2012 duggy A FLAC encoded ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.