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Phish 10/17/95
State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann KM140> SBM-1> D7; via M. Menzel to PCP 
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10-17-95 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA

Neumann KM140>SBM-1>D7

Disc One
1   Sample in a Jar
2   Stash
3   Uncle Pen
4   AC/DC Bag
5   Maze
6   Glide
7   Sparkle
8   Free
9   Strange Design
10  Amazing Grace*

Disc Two
1  Mound->
2  Prince Caspian
3  Fog That Surrounds
4 Suzy Greenberg->
5  Keyboard Army->
6A-6E  Jam**
7  E: My Long Journey Home >
     I'm Blue I'm Lonesome

Notes: Medeski, Martin & Wood opened.
*Sung first a capella by the band;
then again by Nathan, a gospel singer, with the audience
**Martin & Wood join in the jam after Keyboard Army
   then Nathan does some scatting.

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94d4a5322e2ea1f7642edd78808dfd46 *95-10-17D1T01.shn
b191886bf835ca812190100d4417db2e *95-10-17D1T02.shn
cf69ea6719c3e14ea1bae63d67fe7930 *95-10-17D1T03.shn
be7b71b391821c42c2187b805c2c733e *95-10-17D1T04.shn
0a1a8339e0a379329c421c9741d23aaa *95-10-17D1T05.shn
47f3b3b5b6396ac91edbf79a2aa98815 *95-10-17D1T06.shn
3d79f3d1c3fad837181d9444b4f1e7cd *95-10-17D1T07.shn
b5bdc511ded3d646a39fbce4cb4794dd *95-10-17D1T08.shn
53d903a3dfe6ec6147337b4d200e6344 *95-10-17D1T09.shn
4431fe54d1bf8d4b8cf1acd260fb6441 *95-10-17D1T10.shn
0ec6a9a77373638f66377c3546490b6a *PH95-10-17D2T01.shn
9cf147d3fb81bde1eb1d28329667236e *PH95-10-17D2T02.shn
2a32e52fd3b16e5ec84c963ee5ae5987 *PH95-10-17D2T03.shn
61bf73f0648bdc3e0141f6bfca551cfc *PH95-10-17D2T04.shn
00f062e98b80c8485e7ff0ddb36965b6 *PH95-10-17D2T05.shn
855146b0fd2112979bf43673591db7d2 *PH95-10-17D2T06A.shn
35ec953e563dd2e23548130c6bd0c636 *PH95-10-17D2T06B.shn
0e8f792265d78710751648d949ef9e44 *PH95-10-17D2T06C.shn
f91c2646db745c2afa2c8c09b9c9a133 *PH95-10-17D2T06D.shn
32a7a53b55b5ddb4818d0df2ccab2e06 *PH95-10-17D2T06E.shn
be5a6835458dd60ad252004c13c62684 *PH95-10-17D2T06F.shn
8e047827daf1bf2c74c366d4d2747faa *PH95-10-17D2T07.shn

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