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Phish 07/24/98
Cynthia Woods Pavillion, Houston, TX
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Lunatec V2 > DA-P1; DA-20 > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Brandon Johnston 
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Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion (Woodlands Center for the Performing Arts)
Houston, TX

Source: Schoeps CMC64->Lunatec V2->DA-P1
Transfer: DA-20->Delta Dio 2496->Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1 resampling on highest accuracy setting w/anti alias filter)->CDWAV->SHN

Set I
Disc I (80 minute disc)
1.The Moma Dance
2.Runaway Jim
3.Bouncing Around The Room
5.My Soul
7.Golgi Apparatus
8.Loving Cup

Set 2
Disc 2
1.Wolfman's Brother ->
2.Also Sprach Zarathustra ->
3.Scent of a Mule* ->
4.Ha Ha Ha** ->
5.Scent of a Mule
6.Slave to the Traffic Light
7.Chalkdust Torture
8.crowd noise
9.E: Character Zero

*After Page finishes a lengthy and beautiful piano solo, Trey begins his part of the "muel duel" by playing a nice
classical riff (20 seconds or so). He then pauses and plays a few heavy metal licks that then go into "Ha Ha Ha"
(the band follows).

**After "Ha Ha Ha," Trey does a bit more of his guitar solo, which is followed by the "Russian" dance segment.

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59bb84f35e289c6c1ee30ceb0e60f227 *ph98-07-24s1t08.shn
cf8f61fca1318a238d0f17fc30a3978a *ph98-07-24s1t02.shn
a276f23d694151f941cd38757956e4a4 *ph98-07-24s1t03.shn
f123ba78b2c45d2cd64b014069efe32a *ph98-07-24s1t04.shn
fc65118294d2573a543b7eb138d90881 *ph98-07-24s1t05.shn
92353f6e23401b574f9144d347f8df96 *ph98-07-24s1t06.shn
1f1dae04a21310b4d57df2cf9779265f *ph98-07-24s1t07.shn
4d418109ab7f866bc4ebccf6ca26fddf *ph98-07-24s1t01.shn
2effd6db0c831e55cf4ea20fa51d5308 *ph98-07-24s2t09.shn
4631615c2b8e95b0d3863c190fc53ae0 *ph98-07-24s2t02.shn
5e37bc3233d2a85099855ef9931e4adc *ph98-07-24s2t03.shn
fcc70036b9b3f4cde5650b50409446fb *ph98-07-24s2t04.shn
ac4bd3dcb5bbdbbb3172ec6e8d2f3df3 *ph98-07-24s2t05.shn
05399ffe43b64e7d39c5e1c98b4434ff *ph98-07-24s2t06.shn
1a7ad5cff4dfa75c05e78fa9bdc64dc7 *ph98-07-24s2t07.shn
cbb0953bc7b67611af5eff89b742320a *ph98-07-24s2t08.shn
5556f3d55c75356320d944144a41ee40 *ph98-07-24s2t01.shn

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