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Grateful Dead 01/24/71
Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary SBD> MR> C> DAT> CDR; Truckin? is missing the opening notes, Good Lovin? reprise cuts at 0:24; via Mike Lai with thanks to Paul B. 
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Grateful Dead  1-24-71
Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington

1) Truckin
2) China Cat Sunflower >
3) I Know You Rider
4) It Hurts Me Too
5) Cumberland Blues
6) Casey Jones
7) Sugar Magnolia

1) Hard to Handle
2) Love Light >
3) Not Fade Away>
5) Love Light >
6) Drumz>
7) Good Lovin'(cut )

Truckin? is missing the opening notes, Good Lovin? reprise cuts at 0:24

Thanks to Paul B. for hooking me up with these fine shows.
Seeded to etree by Mike Lai.
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f59d0594937203da636ee2f099096525 *gd71-01-24d1t104.shn
aff2531deabaaac22b5535bdda74e97d *gd71-01-24d1t105.shn
8b69533c5160178db6428fb237476a52 *gd71-01-24d1t106.shn
aaf6082bf730149ed32c1e1d0914b220 *gd71-01-24d1t107.shn
6184a6afea84cf3f08c17a681710e25d *gd71-01-24d2t201.shn
9c294d23ac216794133c095b100c7ac4 *gd71-01-24d2t202.shn
f0de582c289f2b43060498146f483584 *gd71-01-24d2t203.shn
f6e0bf139c1da0bb6b640770625f0095 *gd71-01-24d2t204.shn
674cca698eb6e42cd0fe8fc86cba5db9 *gd71-01-24d2t205.shn
70203fa8707253e1ffdb5b7181e50e1f *gd71-01-24d2t206.shn
419d7ca653945dc63aab3a0a910f77c1 *gd71-01-24d2t207.shn
5adb704b9a915af8d804bb526c679850 [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t101.shn
20b2f90d5bbacce2a35de47da8037aba [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t102.shn
192ed4390efd99597a46f47e416c0bc9 [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t103.shn
9c127545a72271b017e4a041be05fb65 [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t104.shn
de9415653c1b382e44d62d228ccf970d [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t105.shn
51e2c569711b3c710e95872f153e8c7b [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t106.shn
85905d44a90cfe4b812e7b56f6a3eda6 [shntool] gd71-01-24d1t107.shn
d5c2ca1295740a4a954e0eb37791e22a [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t201.shn
bfbd81ccfedabb1d814d9575222f12c7 [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t202.shn
9c9864772cb246c928ad8060635878a9 [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t203.shn
e9ac971acf8d3befcb8765a9338d735d [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t204.shn
a8806d90f9f21263b1aa1ee1ad24f991 [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t205.shn
ad26100d6187fff39708911bdcd2c5ea [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t206.shn
8a945f9cf020826259f7f115e739bca1 [shntool] gd71-01-24d2t207.shn

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Date User Comment
12/12/2002 spacer89 According to Deadbase, they didn't play on the 1-24-71, but on 1-25-71. The setlist matches that which is listed on 1-25-71. Database should be changed to reflect the correct date
12/13/2002 Diana Hamilton Given that has this as 1/24/71 (one word against the other), this will stay as it is in the absence of a third, hopefully more "definitive" info source.
12/13/2002 spacer89 wherein lies the truth. One may never know. Whats a date anyway? Just found it interesting. I love 71 better than 60.
12/13/2002 spacer89 I meant: 69....better than 69
01/22/2007 charlie miller The tape in the vault says 1/24/71