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Grateful Dead 03/14/71
Camp Randall Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary SBD> MR> C> DAT> CDR; disc # 1 is 80 minutes, Truckin? fades in at "typical daydream", splice in Hard To Handle; via Mike Lai, with thanks to Paul B. 
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Grateful Dead  3-14-71
Camp Randall Field House, Madison, Wisconsin



disc # 1 is 80 minutes, Truckin? fades in at "typical daydream", splice in Hard To Handle

Thanks to Paul B. for hooking me up with these fine shows.
Seeded to etree by Mike Lai.
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e0e17dc8b96e82f255c211281b3af065 *gd71-03-14d1t103.shn
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3c700d8e1b1a080e92ddb19cbd796b48 *gd71-03-14d1t105.shn
58e25d050f73f8284506168918c02563 *gd71-03-14d1t106.shn
3cf7c68f34c43fa88625795add5c6e55 *gd71-03-14d1t107.shn
baccac4bf56970afd3f612fe4eac28a4 *gd71-03-14d1t108.shn
2d34794afe403704e499cce942fbf6e3 *gd71-03-14d2t201.shn
86eead6288d9adb39dcf9ad133d5a62a *gd71-03-14d2t202.shn
adc498d37f17ab023bf00289434e9d51 *gd71-03-14d2t203.shn
be9dbc9cae49f9825ed28f8883fa8b00 *gd71-03-14d2t204.shn
f90ee7dadae128cb528f34e18ebe8807 *gd71-03-14d2t205.shn
7edb7658f6bf59990f0fe10bd57c50e4 *gd71-03-14d2t206.shn
d061953e60350dc4813f2b53956ca4e7 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t101.shn
5fef407dedc06f760cc3066ac32c34f6 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t102.shn
0c272e1b7cfacaa4fdd8c5a26ffeb24c [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t103.shn
02480c661be31e58df1a4e052a05db89 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t104.shn
96cb4d7be46faedc4e797ecebe5535f6 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t105.shn
43e456e08a9c3f34647f840c23e478a7 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t106.shn
ee2073f20d5916dcecc26965921761d2 [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t107.shn
299df7d516941a92fe233962c505b4ce [shntool] gd71-03-14d1t108.shn
7c349779c4351132a6f5820b5ed1ab83 [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t201.shn
5d3df54d496547972548296b12992e92 [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t202.shn
fa8de2279a9eb1aed4b9bfb26c49cba7 [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t203.shn
d74fc7107e67a93490a53016e880d497 [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t204.shn
1520a316b154db3f2b4891967a086a7d [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t205.shn
fcb47f94e5dd44fc564f948129cafb37 [shntool] gd71-03-14d2t206.shn

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Sbd> MR> Dat> CD; EAC... (1) flac16; Recording... (0)
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06/30/2002 puddles I phind Phil pretty funny at this show,espescially during the opening Truckin'. He's obnoxiously loud and lets you know that he's in there as well. Great organ rhythms by Pigpen as well.
05/30/2011 SteveSw Track listing:

Set 1
d1t01 - Truckin'
d1t02 - Me And My Uncle
d1t03 - It Hurts Me Too
d1t04 - Bertha
d1t05 - Me And Bobby McGee
d1t06 - Hard To Handle
d1t07 - Loser
d1t08 - Good Lovin'

Set 2
d2t01 - Casey Jones
d2t02 - Sugar Magnolia
d2t03 - Wharf Rat
d2t04 - Greatest Story Ever Told >
d2t05 - Johnny B. Goode
d2t06 - Uncle John's Band
05/30/2011 SteveSw I mean of course "d1t101", "d1t102", and so on.

Mike was being paid by the character, back in the day....