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Phish 12/15/95
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Source # 628 Other Sources
Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary AKG 396's> D7> ZA2> Soundforge 4.0> CD Wave Editor> SHN; d1t1 level adjustment 0:25, minor digi spot 0:56; minor digi spot d2t11 1:24; via M. Ayers, B. Poland 
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Phish 12/15/95 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
Source: AKG 396's>D7>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CD Wave Editor>SHN

DAT>HD>SHN transfer:Mike Ayers [email protected]
SHN Upload: Byron Poland [email protected]

note: level adjustment up at 0:25 during chalkdust
      one digi spot at 0:56 during chalkdust and at 1:24 during Good Times, Bad Times (both very minor and quiet).  

Disc 1:
1. Chalkdust>
2. Harry Hood>
3. Wilson>
4. Maze>
5. Ha Ha Ha>
6. Suspicious Minds>
7. HYHU>
8. Cars Trucks Buses
9. Bouncin
10. Free>
11. Possum

Disc 2:
1. Tweezer reprise>
2. Jim>
3. Ice>
4. Bathtub Gin>
5. Jam>
6. Mallory>*
7. 2001>
8. Bowie
9. Adeline
10. Tuning:"Are You Ready"
11. Good Times Bad Times>
12. Tweezer reprise reprise

*fishman solo piano
Show Checksums
eb980eeddedc64131abfd44846a37783 *ph95-12-15d106.shn
722b61d105c0165665a19cdb6fdb7bf7 *ph95-12-15d102.shn
fc2173840a32416080670d2c06026786 *ph95-12-15d103.shn
fbfd7ae30f73f207a72fb4f5d07d6a8b *ph95-12-15d104.shn
98b5393f2b1595d62d7768cc388be134 *ph95-12-15d105.shn
ae1f33169c6c34203c95a648a311d905 *ph95-12-15d101.shn
a32e9c56fc30959056cfae81418979cb *ph95-12-15d107.shn
c700ae3ad6674e7932663c61876aa330 *ph95-12-15d108.shn
fd874f5e5e28b070e1638eedc281bfca *ph95-12-15d109.shn
78e458dd0e1b8a15da964d773da8c13d *ph95-12-15d110.shn
5ffaf5d50728e16856c9e42c9c1a60c0 *ph95-12-15d111.shn
8e6bdd66f2ee159088fc47e195d26c1f *ph95-12-15d208.shn
1c10efd3d56b26099f8a4a378efa1a25 *ph95-12-15d202.shn
61126a135454d7874b1b5f68c6fc55c1 *ph95-12-15d203.shn
c7591c88c252ceedb501190a2b703591 *ph95-12-15d204.shn
89e204fc1c1246db4f4b629c0bb01897 *ph95-12-15d205.shn
128812291dd70090762ca7ec9135891f *ph95-12-15d206.shn
0070e9cd19da7df68ed35a74e03a49f6 *ph95-12-15d207.shn
f7d263062d539e07d384111535258797 *ph95-12-15d201.shn
503f2fbd18ce76f866c4da630d816495 *ph95-12-15d209.shn
f06cadd3dfdf28dd967b34f66a0f4397 *ph95-12-15d210.shn
34c7af5a5885ca4b283a40dd1aabb147 *ph95-12-15d211.shn
3df7cac1e7ad1a7b06771e683ecf7165 *ph95-12-15d212.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
06/14/2002 Roadrunner What an amazing Bowie! hear it at all costs!
02/17/2006 Hokker Van Der Heegan Great sounding recording of a spectacular show.
11/08/2010 TWATTS There is no AKG ck96 capsule. I bet this is supposed to be ck98 (akg c300b + ck98).
11/08/2010 TWATTS There is no AKG ck96 capsule. I bet this is supposed to be ck98 (akg c300b + ck98).